Kimball's trip to Taiwan 2006

Oct 31, 2006

I'm waiting for World of Warcraft servers to come back on so I decided to fix my blogs.  My blog was starting to get clogged so I decided to relocate the blog segment in this page hosted on Geocities. Hey it's free and I don't expect a lot of bandwidth use. Here are the original blogs, just copy-pasted into an HTML editor. The purpose of this blog is a personal and public photo journal of my trip to Taiwan which was absolutely fantastic. When you take a trip to a completely different world, you get a new perspective of the world. Everything you thought was right is done in different ways, and in some ways you'll realize that our way was the best, and at the same time not. So I present this blog to you, viewers as a glympse of Asia, Taiwan specifically.


            Page 1 - Flight from JFK international airport in NYC to SFO San Francisco international airport with a surprise. The plane has a mechanical problem. We are forced to perform an emergency landing.

            Page 2 - Flight from SFO San Francisco international airport to Nagoya international airport in Japan to Taipei international airport. I lose 2 things very valuable to me.

            Page 3 - Arrival in Taipei. I suddenly realize that my skills in English are of no use here. I am lost at the airport and look for ways to contact my uncle.

            Page 4 - Week 1: I visit the local famous Night Market which is an event that happens almost every night with numerous vendors selling food and assorted nonsense on the streets and I visit the famous Taipei 101, the current highest building in the world Oct, 2006.

            Page 5 - My big fat Taiwanese family; I've always known that I had a large family according to my parents whom have a plethora of siblings. I asked around and counted that I had 8 aunts, 4 uncles and 27 cousins in my family.

            Page 6 - Week 2: Keelung, the northern port city of Taiwan. It is also my father's hometown and the current residence of my eldest aunt in which I stayed. It's a beautiful city that features mountains and lots of water.

            Page 7 - Week 2.5: Traveling to Southern Taiwan, Tainan, which I discover actually means Tai(wan) South. Whereas Taipei should have been named Taibei, since bei stands for North. But I have to say that Taipei sounds more phonetically pleasing although not very accurate to the language.