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Mr. Zivago. Biography.
Mr. Zivago - Massimo RastrelliHe's Italian and his real name is Massimo Rastrelli.

His career in show business started in 1987, when he worked in Marco Masini's group. Masini was engaged as songwriter/arranger by Italian label BMS. The first success under nick Mr. Zivago came with songs "Little Russian" and "Tell By Your Eyes".

In 1989 Marco Masini participated in famous Italian song festival in San Remo, after that he became very popular. He asked Mr. Zivago to continue his co-operation with group as guitar player.

In 1991 Mr. Zivago recorded the next hit "Love In Moscow", followed by the only one album "Tell By Your Eyes" (1993). He participated in San Remo festival as back vocalist of Italian pop singers Umberto Tozzi and Leandro Baldi.

According to Mr. Zivago, his passion is music. He loves to sing, to play, to meet friends. But he does not write songs, preferring that it should be done by professional composers.

The most loving person of his life is 12 y.o. daughter Julia.

Mr. Zivago on Avtoradio's gig "Diskoteka 80-h" ("Disco of the 80s"), Moscow, Russia, 25.11.2005

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