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last updated 07/13/2004


These are some useful and interesting links I found on the web! Check them out! I hope you enjoy them!



The Story

check out Steven's website where you can read The Story!


Nad's Pad

Check out Nadia's website!


Local Weather Forecast

Click here to find out what your forecast is for the Plano area!


Marjon's Website

Here you see lots of cool things. You can also read her diary on her website too! She's also got some really cool pages there too!


E Classroom

If you attend Plano schools on this website you will be able to print out many of the handouts that the teachers give out. So you people that loose or forget your papers a lot guess what? This is your lucky day!


Teen Ink

This website has some writings, poems, stories, etc. written by teens. There are over 16,000 pages of student writing on this site. I just found it kind of interesting.



This is my old website, I think you should check it out and see how much I learned about building websites! I think I've done a pretty good job with this site, but my current site is so much better don't you think?


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