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God Given [Diosdado Fernandez]

[unknown published date]
This story really touched me. It's about this guy who gets really sick and he drinks and stuff and then he has this vision of heaven and he talks to God and everything. You should read it.

God Given 2 [Diosdado Fernandez]

[unknown published date]
This continues where the other story left off [God Given]. Basically it tells what happens afterwards, you'll just have to read it if you want to find out what happens.

The Cool Kid [Matheus Souza]

[unknown published date]
This story I made up. It's about a guy who wants to be cool. Schools just ended and he asks this really cool girl to help him named Mariam, hope you like it!

The Bus Ride: Part 1 [Krasimir Kaver]

[unknown published date]
Do you ever feel really down? So down that you even want to kill your self? Well this person [a real person] felt the same way, but got help by a person who he didn't know.

The Bus Ride: Part 2 [Krasimir Kaver]

[unknown published date]
Find out the end of the story Bus Ride Part I, that began yesterday. Find out what happened to the guy who wanted to commit suicide...did he really take his life away, or did he let God turn his life around?

A Horrible Day [Matheus Souza]

The day started out as a regular hot and humid summer day in June of 2001. It was a quiet day; all you could hear were the trees dancing around with the wind. But that day was about to change. An event was about to happen that shock many people, especially me!


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