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This is my first attempt at building a web page so I'm sure it will be changed many times before I'm happy with it. Bear with me!

Hopefully it will have a little about us, our grandchildren, the gardens, my antiques, a dedication to "Our Little Angel" and favorite places to go on and off of the web.

We were both born and raised in the state of Washington. Bob, at the southern end and myself on the Olympic Peninsula.

We love it here and have no desire to live anywhere else in spite of the RAIN and MORE RAIN

and MORE........ well you get the picture. Maybe you'll see why when I put in pictures of our favorite places to go in Washington.

We bought our "fixer upper" eighteen years ago. A house surrounded by tall Douglas Fir trees with a view of Mt. St. Helens. Of course, all the trees across the road have grown and the view is gone. Guess we'll have to build up now.

Bob loves hunting, fishing and doing woodwork. I love anything having to do with antiques, old music and have a great classic movie collection. We both love to camp and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful state. That is when we can get away from all of the projects that we have going on.

We've heard this house had some real characters in it. And we've seen the results. The "dog people" who left cables from dog runs and chewed molding everywhere from dogs. The "Party Boys" who punched a hole in every door in the place and "The Squatters" not sure just what they did. So we have really had our work cut out for us.

We have a miniature Dachshund named Schatze. I think she has us fooled about how smart she really is. She is definitely in charge of the place. Most dachshunds live to chase after their toys but Schatze is different in that she would rather watch me chase the ball. I have learned not to throw it very far because I know who is going to go get it!
Our little Schatze is gone now - she left us last summer. Her health had been getting worse and she had so much trouble walking. I miss her so much but I know she's happier now that she isn't in pain.
We've decided not to get another dog because where we live with all of the fir trees we really battled the fleas and had to bathe the dog every couple of days and spray. We really miss not having one but will try it like this for now.

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