I do not claim any of the graphics used to make these tags. I make no profit for these tags, they are free for the asking. If you own the copyright to the graphic being used and want me to remove the tag or add the copy right text to the graphic, I will immediately upon proof that you hold the copyright. I do these tags on my own time and at my own expense. The graphics are freely available on the World Wide Web and have been gathered through various resources. I gain no profit by the use of these graphics. They are for personal use. Also, please do not claim any of my tags as your own creations or alter them in any way. This does include the name, sparkles or animation. These tags are "as is" and do take hours to make.


1. If you have a request in my folder, I only ask that you would wait until I can fill the request before making another.

2. You need to tell me the head # and the hair color. Please give me the name you would like on your tag.

3. I will take special requests if there is something you have in mind that you would like made, ask and I will see if I am able.

4. Please let me know when you have picked up your tag by sending me a simple reply.

5. Keep in mind I am still very new at this, I love to make dolls but I am still learning.