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Michael Soft Systems

This is the Michael Soft Systems Official Web Site!!! But it's more about me Michael L. Schotborg Founder, CEO, and President of Michael Soft Systems. Also known as Tommy Flame. This site contains My Poetry, My Stories, My Wallpapers, Certain Celeb Profiles, MIDI Downloads and a bunch of random stuff. I'm basically board and wanted to display my talents.

To begin coming this site select the option you want. To navigate the pages select the menu at the top of the page. ^_^

To contact me you can AIM, MSN, or e-mail me.

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Current People on staff:

Webmaster: Michael Schotborg

Webpage Creator: Michael Schotborg & People @

Storywriters: Michael Schotborg, Peter Sanzone, & Daniela Guisado


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I also have a webjournal, blog, whatever you wanna call it. To view it or my guestbook, click one of the links below...



View past entires in the guestbook.       Enter your own entry in the guestbook . hosts my blog or webjounal and I post things alot there along with my summary of my day. For one obviously by the pic I post my friends pics, pics of myself, usually before I update this site a new wallpaper will be on there and other things happen to.

The Time is...


 The best view of this page would be to use a 1024x768 resolution.

My site is constantly changing and as the days pass I will continue to update the site not daily but regularly. But the point I'm trying to get to is there are lot of assholes in the world who like to commit the crime of "identify theft". And when I say "identify theft" I mean taking peoples work and claiming is as your own. This is also known as plagiarism but "identify theft" sounds better to me. I dunno it's me. Most of the text on here I type. It's a pain in the ass but someone has to do it. Anyway unless otherwise stated I put all the media up here. That includes pics, poems, stories, etc ok. So that means you can't steal other people's work and claim it as your own. Claiming credit for something that you didn't do is wrong. If something is on this site I didn't create, I cite where I got if from 99% of the time. Where do you think the law about plagiarism started from? People not doing this.

One thing I will state now is you don't use anything on this site for other than personal usage. So what is personal usage you ask? It means to be able to print it out for yourself, keeping it in your binder, altering it for your benefit on your own computer etc. In other words, PERSONAL USAGE. You're not allowed to post items from here it on your site, you're not allowed to use my logos which by the way took forever and a day to make, you're not allowed to print the poems and make a book, and you're not allowed to claim it as your own. However, there seem to have a number of people who don't know what "personal use" is. Hence the disclaimer:

Don't use anything on this site for other than personal usage!!!

If I came up to you and took your rhyme book or something of some type of sentimental value of yours, even though you said I couldn't have it, what would you do? Naturally, you'd hunt me down, stab me a few times, shoot me, you get the point. Why? Because those items weren't mine to begin with, and you told me that I wasn't allowed to have them. The answer should be the same with the work on my page. Don't use material that people have said that you can't use. Eventually, it will lead to more trouble for you than it's worth.

It's also just plain WRONG!!!

Thank you for your time. Now back to the OD! <insert random yelling here> Now that I got that over with...

One more thing... I failed to mention is background pics are obviously not mine so it's up to you if you want to use them.  I'm not affiliated with no one so it's up to you.

All images (except otherwise stated) are copyright to its original and respective owners and Michael Soft Systems makes no claim of its ownership. Michael Soft Systems has not intentionally infringed upon the copyright or trademark of any relevant parties, however if you believe any content appearing on the site constitutes an infringement of another parties rights, please contact either of the webmaster (ME) with the details, and the offending files shall be removed as soon as possible. Michael Soft Systems operates within the terms of 'fair use' to the best of its knowledge, and no profit is made from the running of this site.


Da update chart! My archive of updates!


What I Did


I added some wallpapers, fixed the broken links to the other wallpapers and changed the music to Exodus '04.

Fixed the My Wallpapers broken links

Added four wallpapers to My Wallpapers

Made Exodus '04 By Utada the background music.


I made quite a few changes to the website... For one I finally found a good DHTML/JavaScript applet that lets you start and stop the background music. So you can pause/stop the background music on a dime. I already mentioned the new banner but I felt it needed to be stated again. Also I made the drop down menu a bit easier to find by placing the "Home" text inside the drop down menu. Thereby making the drop down menu appear on the top of the page instead of the bottom. I finally made some new poems. I haven't updated My Poetry in five months. I made wallpapers so quickly that I can't update the site as quick. But I have 5 new Utada wallpapers. While on the subject of Utada I updated her discography with the  missing Exodus info. Soon I'm going to add more music be played in the background. And I made some changes to My Interests.

Drop Down Menu is easier to get to.

Re-configured the placement of certain items on the Drop Down Menu .

Fixed the problem with the main page. Text all on the right side.

Added Header Banner

Updated All About Utada's Discography

Updated My Interests page

Added six poems to My Poetry

Added five wallpapers to My Wallpapers


Added Header Banner

Added one wallpaper to My Wallpapers


Made Easy Breezy By Utada the background music.

Added three wallpapers to My Wallpapers.


Added one wallpaper to My Wallpapers


Fixed the problem with the main page. Text all on the right side.

Fixed problem with All About Utada link pic

Updated All About Utada

Added three wallpapers to My Wallpapers

7/2/04 & 7/3/04

Re-lanuch of my website. This was very hard to do. But I completely made most of the pages into one page. The only sections of my site what have their own dedicated page are: The "All About" Pages, The Disclamer, My Xanga, and The Time Page.

Redid Entire Site Again

Added All About Aikawa Page

Added All About Koda Page

Removed My Media Page


Sorry for the lack up updates but all the staff is busy with other shit and basically no shit can get done. But the site design is getting dumb so a change is in order.

Redid Entire Site

Added My Media Page

Added six wallpapers to My Wallpapers


Sorry for the lack up updates but all the staff is busy with other shit and basically no shit can get done. All I got for now is some new wallpapers.

Added nine wallpapers to My Wallpapers


Added an Active X component to my website to stop and pause music

Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text

Added Sweet 19 Blues to Downloads


Added Part 1 of Tales of OD to My Stories

Added two wallpapers to My Wallpapers


 I went thru my webpage's and fixed some errors.

Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text


I have a Xanga or webjournal now! And I have the late Part 8 to Record of the Robotic War. I also changed up the look of the home page. It has less text now.

Redid Home Page

Added Part 8 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories

Linked My Xanga to my main site


Did a structural update similar to the one I did to My Poetry and My Stories to My All About Pages. The Discographies and Main Artist page are no longer separated. I also added a new page on Namie Amuro. I also added My Wallpapers to the selection of sections.


Changed Background Music for Home Page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added All about Namie Page

Redid all the All About Pages and Discographies into one page respectively to each artist

Added My Wallpapers Page


Did a structural update to My Poetry and My Stories and it's all thanks to an applet called JavaScript! And no I didn't learn it! Otherwise the whole site would be pure greatness right now. I found a site that lets me copy the JavaScript for free and place it on my webpage. Oh and sorry about the late Part 7 I'm lazy and so I couldn't post it at all till today.

Updated my Interests page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Redid My Poetry

Redid My Stories

Added Part 7 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


I had to get the OK to use the new background for the Home Page... How do you like it? I think it's cool! I finally had time to write some poetry as well.

Switched up the background of the Home Page (Obvious but I want to state it.)

Hayatochi Clip (Current Home Page Music) Available To Download

Added 4 Poems to My Poetry


Added Part 6 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


The following updates are: Updated Hikki's Discography. Seeing the old music and pic was getting a little old so I switched it up, a slight update to my Interests, some links added, and Part 5 of Record of the Robotic War is in My Stories.

Updated Hikki's Discography

Switched up the background of the Home Page (Obvious but I want to state it.)

Changed Background Music for Home Page

Added Translation ability to Home Page

Updated my Interests page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added Part 5 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


Added Time and Date to my site

Added a few links to the Links Page


Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added Part 4 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


"All About" updates and an update to Hikki's Discography is the summary for this update.

Added 2 articles to the All About Utada Page

Updated Hikki's Discography


Very Big Update! My stupid PC is functional again! I have Part 3 of Record of the Robotic War, more poetry by me, Discographies for all the lovely female artists I decided to make a page on are up, new midi's are present as well. There will be more new "All About Pages" and "All About" updates on the way too.

Added a few Midi's To Download

Added Discography Index

Added Discography For Alicia Keys

Added Discography For Beyonce

Added Discography For Boa

Added Discography For Jade

New MIDI for Home Page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added 5 Poems to My Poetry

Added Part 3 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


My site is dealing with a problem my actual PC is messed up and therefore I can't update anything. So there will be no new stuff until I get my PC fixed. Sorry for the few who visit this site. But my PC is f'd up and I can't do anything about it right now.


Not much too report I have Part 2 of Record of the Robotic War, more poetry by me, a new "All About Page" this time on the cute as hell K-pop (Korean Pop) singer Boa. Yeah I know I'm too much into Asians but I could care less. There is more new "All About Pages" and "All About" updates on the way too.

Added All About Boa Page

Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text

Added one Midi To Download

New Pic for Home Page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added 2 Poems to My Poetry

Added Part 2 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories


I saw some errors so I decided to fix them, update my interests page, give some new line and a new look to the links page, and put a new article on the All About Utada page.

Added an article to the All About Utada Page

Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text

Updated My Interests page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Redid the Links Page


Not much too report I have a new story, one new poem for the Urban Poetry Club page, and plenty of stress.

Added Part 1 of Record of the Robotic War to My Stories

Added 1 Poem to Urban Poetry Club Page


I'm sick of PC problems they set me off schedule too much. Big update! I got structural updates and content updates I'm switching up the homepage look to something a little more less clogged up. The old home page had too much text. And the disclaimer didn't go away. It has it's own page now which I'm sure no one will go to... but hey you wanna be criminals go right ahead. And just about every page has a new look to them.

Redid the Entire Website

Added Disclaimer Page

Added 2 Poems to My Poetry

Added Part 4 of The Ninja Card Deaders to My Stories

Added a few links to the Links Page



Not too much to report. I'm off from school, I have some time to do shit now. Big Update! So big that it took a while to get all of this up. I started late on the 25th and finished early on the 26th.

Added All About Alicia Keys Page

Added more Midi's To Download

Added 4 Poems to My Poetry

Added Part 3 of The Ninja Card Deaders to My Stories

Added a few links to the Links Page


Not too much to report. Since I'm back in school, I can't do as much stuff as I want to in terms of artist research and poem writing. I did update My Stories though...

Added Part 2 of The Ninja Card Deaders to My Stories


Happy New Year! That statement should have been up here seven days ago but my computer became very messed up I couldn't go on the internet. That problem is fixed however so I must post new stuff to try to keep the site somewhat fresh. Big thank you to P-51 Baby! This person helped out with alot of the recent amount of Midi's that are on this site! I' m adding one more column to the ever growing stuff on the site and that is My Stories where I make up a story into parts and post the parts weekly on the site. As opposed to My Poetry were I'll post periodically.

Added more Midi's To Download

Added 2 poems to My Poetry

Added My Stories and Part 1 of The Ninja Card Deaders


Half of this stuff should have went up yesterday but I got sidetracked by other stuff... Oh well I should have one of the more better Discographies on Hikaru Utada on the Net hopefully... You can access it thru the Drop Down Menu. This site was suppose to have random stuff but day by day I seem to add one more Hikaru thing to it oh well... There are also Midi's available for download which is Utada dominated. New Home background music! Yay! Time to OD! <insert random yelling here> Now that I got that over with...

Added Hikaru's Discography

Changed Background Music for Home Page

Added Download Page

Added more Midi's To Download


Yay!!! I mastered the Drop Down Menu! I replaced the one line menu with it and the midi selections with the Drop Down Menu.

Added Drop Down Menu for the Midi's

Added Drop Down Menu for the Web Pages


It seems yahoo is gay when it comes to storage. They switched the URL of my demo. I fixed my hyperlink but know knows when they will change it again so it you get an error when downloading any game uploaded to the site it's Yahoo's fault.. I'll fix the link but I didn't cause the disruption. I also added a guestbook I'm board and I want know what you think. Try not to be vulgar. I do that enough in my poems don't need that $#!+ anywhere else on the site.

Fixed Hyperlink for RM2k3 Presentation

Added the Guestbook


Merry late ass Christmas and a early ass New Year! I meant to update Christmas Day but I'm lazy and plus I was "Utadaing' myself out trying to find stuff to update that part of my site. I found a great site for those who actually heard of this wonderful Jap-American singer. It's in the Links. I'm scrapping the "listen to any midi you want" and just letting you download them yourself.

Added legal copyright stuff

Added disclaimer to hopefully to protect the UPC and My Poetry

Fixed some misspellings and incorrect text

Switched up the background of the Home Page (Obvious but I want to state it.)

Added Menu for Midi's

Added an article to the All About Utada Page

Added 5 Poems to My Poetry

Added a few links to the Links Page


I'm trying to make a function so you can listen to any midi on any page but its not working. I'll see if I can fix it. For now don't click the submit and reset buttons above this stuff. Also the one line menu is back for those that had a tacky two line menu due to different font sizes. Also demos for my games will be accessible above. I've been nominated as the one of the Middle 5% of The Web! Yay! Time to OD! <insert random yelling here> Now that I got that over with...

Added Yahoo Searchability at the bottom of the home page

Added "All About" Index

Added 1 Poem to My Poetry

Added 1 Poem to Urban Poetry Club Page


I plan on making alot of "All About" type pages so soon I might create an index for them. For now you can access them from the main menu on the bottom of each page.

Added All About Beyonce Page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added 1 Poem to My Poetry

Added 1 Poem to Urban Poetry Club Page

Uploaded a demo some random game I'm making for a project to download click here. It is called forget the name it's just a demo. Meaning not finished. If you can't figure out the controls e-mail me.


Added 2 Poems to My Poetry

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added Urban Poetry Club Page and 5 Poems to it


Added All About Jade Page

Added a few links to the Links Page


Video games take too much of my time and I really didn't have anything to post until now so here are some long awaited updates.

Fixed picture problem on Screenshots Page

Added an article to the All About Utada Page

Added a few links to the Links Page

Added 9 poems to the My Poetry Page


Redid the entire website

Added All About Utada Page

Added Interests Page

Added Links Page

Added My Poetry Page and 5 Poems to it

Added Screenshots Page

All About Index

This is basically an index to the all about pages and an index to the Discographies.



   All About Utada     All About Namie    All About Koda   All About Jade   

All About Utada All About Namie All About Koda All About Jade


 All About BoA     All About Beyonce     All About Alicia     All About Aikawa

  All About Boa All About Beyonce All About Alicia All About Aikawa


To download right click and select "Save Target As".


1000 Words


Addicted To You

Amai Wana (Paint It Black)


Automatic Johnny Vicious Mix

A Woman's Worth


Crazy In Love


Final Distance

First Love

Got Some Teeth


In My Room

Jumpin' Jumpin'

Never Let Go

Night Of Fate

No. 1


Pumpkin Hill

Real Emotion

Say My Name

Simple And Clean

Smooth Criminal


Sweet 19 Blues

Time Will Tell

Uso Mitainai (I Love You)


Wait And See

Coming Soon...

More Tracks Period

More Video Game Tracks

Demo's for Games...

Game downloads are sketchy at the moment. I need a reliable host.

Coming Soon...

Game creation is sketchy at the moment. I'm lazy!

Loss Of Innocence 80%

Michael's Seventh Fantasy Canceled Source code has been corrupted... >_<

Ninja Card Stealers 10%

RM2k3 Presentation 90%

My Interests

is a bunch of random stuff I like. This changes periodically but the more things change, the more stay the same.

I love video games especially RPG's because you get to witness an epic story. It's almost like watching a movie or reading a book but you control the hero's fate. I love that. Final Fantasy 7 to me is the best RPG probably next to X-2 it was done pretty good as well. A lot of people may disagree with me but this is my opinion to don't get your panties in a twist you want to say what you think make your own web page.

Anyway I'm also into card games... 3 at the moment Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, Duelmasters & (yes it's true the same person who started me in Magic is bringing this back this dreaded game to the forefront) Pokemon! It's not that bad as people think though. It plays almost like Magic there is some obvious differences which I'm not going to get into right now. I'm just naming what my interests are.

When it comes to music I like everything except Country and the Indian crap that Rappers are trying to pull it doesn't work. I even like J-Pop. Note the pic of Hikaru Utada and a few others for the background. If you don't know who she is there is a great Bio on her here. I also have links on the links page to other Utada related sites. My favorite genre is Jazz though Rap being right behind it. I like Jazz/Classical because of Video Games. To tell your the truth alot of the instrumentals within games are very pleasing to the ear. Jazz/Classical has that same sound I like. Rap is obvious the lyricism brought when rappers rap and how funny their rhymes are.

Current Favorites:

Favorite Singer: Hikaru Utada___Favorite Song: Easy Breezy

Favorite Rapper: Busta Rhymes___Favorite Song: Gimme Some More

Favorite Band: Disturbed___Favorite Song: Fear

I love poetry although I don't catch it much I like Def Poetry Jam. I find it releases stress and deep emotion being held back. Speaking of shows I don't watch too many. My list:

 1) Rurouni Kenshin

2) Naruto
3) Hellsing
4) Raw (wrestling)

5) Smackdown (wrestling)

 6) Def Poetry

7) <insert random show here for about 5 seconds>

 I also like comedies, parodies, and spoofs. I tend to be easily amused.

My forte is computers I love using them it gives me a sense of clarity for some reason. Just watching a streaming video or listening to a CD makes me happy. What pisses me off more than anything else is when I can't use my PC due to some bullshit. So my focus is to become a technician so I can solve that problem quickly, effortlessly and hopefully painlessly.


AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service

A translation service that allows you to translate a foreign language webpage.

Amine Wallpapers

These dudes want me to link them if I use any of their shit. I'm just putting it here, but otherwise this is a great site for wallpaper for your desktop. They span many Amines and the have a few video game wallpapers too.

At first I didn't have a "b" for my links so this phrase came to mind and I didn't think this site would exist... I was right.

A "B" site worth recognition. Pretty good Fan site for the K-Pop/J-Pop/English Singer.

Card Websites

A good site for card lookups.

Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh Page
Edo's is the defacto authority on Duel Monsters. Need help with a ruling incongruity? (Don't know what the heck to do when you have Lord of D. out 3 dragons andsomeone plays Raigeki?) He can help your cause tremendously.

Find Magic Cards
Not the official site but good none the less.

Magic the Gathering
The Official site for all things Magic whether the Card game or the PC version.

Play more than one card game? Well this dude covers alot of them.

Toy Wiz
They show alot of card related stuff.

A bunch of random stuff read everything very confusing but
once u catch the hang of it you'll find a PC Yu-Gi-Oh game, a FREE PC Magic Game, & other random stuff.

Yu-Gi-Oh Realms
You have to Sign-up. It's free trust me I wouldn't put it up here if it wasn't good. Then enjoy what the site has to offer.

Have a website? Want as clock on it? Here you go.
Are you a tech person? Don't like paying for software? (Who does? >_<) This is the place for you. Freeware and Shareware.

(Shareware is extremely homo! And trials are worse!)

Friend's Websites

Art Of Death.The Junkyard
This is my friends Halo PC Clan and Call of Duty PC Clan site.

Havokio's Hell
One of my friend's websites... it has a bunch of stuff.

Hikkiandnamiestyle's Xanga
This is my friends Xanga site.

This is another one of my friend's website he said he's gonna switch it up only time will tell...

Stringyrurouni's Xanga
This is my friends Xanga site.


Fresh Midi's
Like a songs instrumental this site will bring you one step closer to your instrumental bliss.

Funny Stuff Sites

Funny Junk
A collection pictures and parodies and spoofs on random stuff that is funny as hell

A collection of parodies and spoofs on random stuff that is funny as my reaction to a question on me seeing any movie by Hillary Duff.

This site has a funny ass huge amount of funny stufff. But I think these
people need Jesus.


Wanna make your own website here you go!

This site is crazy! In terms of the amount of different shit going on. Have a field day combing this site.

The best search engine hands-down.

Hikaru Utada Sites

Hikaru Utada's Official Site
If you know Japanese your good if not it may take a little patience with this one...

An Unofficial Site
A good Bio is here on her.

A very professionally made Hikki fan site. This site gives the main one a run for it's money.

Utada-Online Forums
The message boards/forums for the site above. I kinda hate forums in general though, but I love Utada so I figured why not. The people are so nice. I've had bad experences with others (forums that is) but I like this one. It's cool! I'm glad I joined it. Kinda wish I'd joined sooner.

Hikaru Utada Lyrics
Lyrics to most of her songs.

Hikki Addicted of North America
Tons of Hikki related stuff.

Sammi's Unofffical Hikaru Utada (Cubic U) Site
A good Bio is here on her, a great discography and a few links.

The Utada Hikaru English Lyrics Project!
This lyric site invalidates the above.


A cool site for those who like to share pics with people. You have to Sign-up though. It's free trust me I wouldn't put it up here if it wasn't good.

JavaScript Source
This site is a life saver for me. One of the JavaScripts I used made My Poetry  and My Stories easier to navigate!

Videos, Videos, and more Videos!

Pink Monkey
Hate Reading Books? Need Summaries? Nuff Said.
Like poetry? Have a field day with this site.

Sweetbox's Official Site
Like Jade Villalon? Want to know more about her? Here is the official site.

Sweetbox Fansite
A lot of info for those who want to know more on the group and Jade Villalon.

Well this site is for the technology connoisseur or the technology unincline.

Video Game Sites
Having trouble with it... This is a good site for you and it has lyrics to Koda Kumi's and Jade's versions to Real Emotion and 1000 Words among other random stuff.

Final Fantasy Online
Are you a Final Fantasy Fan? If your into RPG's you better be! This is a good site for the Hardcore fan.

A very good site for FAQ's and Strategies.

Good resource for games that are out and are coming out.

I call these dudes the cheat masters they are gangster with it. Name a system they just might have codes for it. There are winners and losers in every game... Which side are you on?

The Videogame Music Archive because we all have at least
one game we loved the music from...


Yahoo Mail
If you have yahoo you can go directly to Mail from here.


My Poetry
My family, friends, a few handfuls of students, four English Teachers, one Social Studies Teacher and one Assistant Principal think my rhymes are very good. You see if they are right drop a message to me. (My e-mail is on the homepage. Or sign the guestbook.) Use a little discretion when judging my work. For instance if you try to cruse me out I'll just do the same and then block you from my mailbox. Don't OD! I do that enough myself. Just say your not feeling the rhyme if what you have to say is negative.


|| What Poem I Added ||


|| Emotion Overhaul || Hypocritical Me || Lean Back || Random Me || Truly Happy || You Just Don't Know ||


|| As I Walk || I Can't || I Wanna Do Some Video Game Shit || What's Wrong with Females ||


|| I'm A Be Up Front || Happy Birthday Hikki || Prove Illness || She Went And Kissed Me || To Love Or Not ||


|| Gemini ODB || I Woke Up In A Dream Today ||


|| I Wanna Be With This Chick || Unrequited Love ||


|| 1000 Years || Back || Ms. Fadul || Who Am I? ||


|| It's Tommy || To Rush? ||


|| Fascinated With A Chick I Can't Get With || I Don't Do Nothin' || Silly Rabbit || Simply Smacked || Whoa TF Version


|| You'll Be Dead ||


|| Love Loves Me ||


|| Desire To Aspire || Songs Speak To Me ||


|| Annoyed || Harsh Females Clean Version || I'm Hungry || I'm Sick Of Niggas || I'm Tired || I Need A Girl ||
|| I Tried To Save Myself But Myself Keeps Slipping || Tommy Flame Is The Illest || Your Shit Garbage Like Sanitation ||


|| Bullshit 101 || Harsh Females || Hate Of The Masses || Love Upon The Midst Of Chaos And Dishonesty || Your Rhymes Are Type Wack ||



Emotion Overhaul By Tommy Flame
Back To Top
I have something to tell you
I do it this way cause itís my best outlet
Itís not too successful this is true
But I hope to shine this time like an amulet
Iím putting this on paper
So you can ponder it later
I feel beyond depressed sometimes
Iím just not appealing at all to the designs
Of these girls and what they think beauty is
And I feel pissed cause all I really want is a miss
I see beautiful girls all day
I see them move and sway
But all I seem to think of is you
So soft sounded as chimes
You stick out like billboard signs
You can call it an infatuation or whatever
But you best believe you I would treasure
Beauty has no flaws
Your assertiveness impressed me beyond awe
I lower my head after pondering on the longhair of you
I love you not only for what you are
But for what I am when I am with you
For, you see, each day I seem love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow
But Iím shy down to the core
And hearing the word no is equal to a deathblow
My hurt heads and Iím soooo scared
Itís like a wall that comes though makes me all despaired
All frozen in place from thoughts of what ifÖ
Emotions dropping off a cliff
Of my mind and soul
Wanting you to be mine as a whole
And then I donít want to come off wrong at all
I make up these things to keep me from facing the rainfall
Of tears cause rejection isnít cool like a death brawl
Iím lazy to do anything I need overhaul
Shyness and lazyness may be my downfall
But you could change that
It is you I want to be with
Even if we just chat
After all the wordsmith needs an emotion lift
I wish you would be with me
I wish just us could just chill
Cause I really like you I stated it above so ill
But words really donít mean too much if no one hears them
These words aniít shit if no one reads them
So I hope you feel the same as me so we shine in twilight
And if not we still cool Iíll hope to see you later in life with delight

Hypocritical Me By Tommy Flame

Back To Top

Why do I choose to write about I
Do I want to study my faults and flaws thru my eye
Steady a hypocrite yelling peace while wishing people would die
I say Iím for God but religion I deny
Wants love but is afraid of a two letter word
Claims strength but sometimes gets herbed like a wounded bird
Bopping my head with Bone-Crusher but Iím steady scured
Condones attacks on Bush but finds hating on Hikki absurd
Tells people Iím fine while feel depressed
Loves his mother but finds her to have me stressed
Is sleepy at 12:00 but at 5:00 takes his rest
Talks smart shit but isnít the best
Lazy as hell claiming I do shit
Can write with the best of Ďem but canít spit
Wants girls to notice him but does nothing to be noticed by
Makes a lot of threats but does nothing but sigh
Hates colds but sleeps under a fan
Claims he can cook but only makes Ravioli out of a can
Hates Jay-z but bumps the Encore
Loves girls but can only sit back and adore
Writes about doing shit and has a sudden change of heart
Bashed them a lot but still misses the closed K-Mart
I seem to think one way and do another
Itís such a bother why canít I be more like my father
But I canít change a thing you see
Cause Iím a always be hypocritical me

Lean Back By Tommy Flame
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With rhymes galore
Tommy Flame da ambassador
Of da OD
Dylan rhymes with Nylon
And I love Utada-san
If you hate her you can die
Now and fast
Put yourself in your own cast
Like this bitch Iím a kill next
Sandraís a bitch man
Not straight up
What the fuck man
Bout scream spam
And I donít give flying fucks
She fucking sucks
I wanna be with her
Not sit down counting fucks
I just want love you see
But these bitches OD on me
I wanna chill with a miss
But instead Iím over here pissed
You know what I fuck that bitch
She can fuck around and die right now
Sheís a fucking slutbucket
And I aniít fucking with that
She might as well die flatline
And then this bitch showing pics all day
Of dudes that looks like chicks all day
And I donít want to see that
No way get the fuck out die now
Take 20 shotguns to it all day you see
And if this bitch comes through and tries to OD
Iím a have to take a knife to the base you see
And I had go Beow Yeow
Once in this
Cause I want you to piss
Pull a Dave Chappelle
I want to piss on you
Cause I want to pee in your food

See we donít give a fuck
We just say you suck
So Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back

See we donít give a fuck
We just say you suck
So Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back

You come into view
I always dream of you
Thoughts of love
Thoughts of a hug
Thoughts of being snug
As two hands in a glove
Two flames ignite
True love has no spite
In beyond fright
To be despised right
Thatís me in a nutshell
Infatuated by your spell
Could careless who cares
Wanting to caress your hairs
Thoughts leave me beyond despair
About what you would say right there
And how I would flutter
And I would shutter
In shock from the moment
That changed everything I sent
To thought
About how Iíd leave to naught
About the one not in my grasp
And to be proven wrong alas
Giving my heart a break
From the tragic depression I shake
The sentiment away from me
She seems to be the way to free
Me from the cycle of rejection
If I know itís no I auto-next emí
Hoping not to disappointed and then some
I prepare to pick up my ball and go home

See we donít give a fuck
We just say you suck
So Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back

See we donít give a fuck
We just say you suck
So Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back
Lean Back

And Iím done
ODB Niggas are meÖ

Random Me By Tommy Flame

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This bitch telling me she hates girls
Wants to kill every one till she her mind swirls
But she's a girl too.
So what she's gonna do?
When the leaves settle down and shit
And I dunno why but I fell like rhyming and shit
You know cause this other bitch is ODing
And I be bored hearing
A bunch of BS
And I hate BS
I'm a fuck around and OD on some godfather shit start blowing up cars
And niggas want to goto mars and shit
Thinking they gonna leave black people on earth
with their ridiculous plans
The government spends billions in space where there are no problems
And daily we crimes and murders over money we don't have
And I love being random it's me all day
And I wish I had a gun to spray
Like a fire blast on a sunny day
Or hi-pressure waves thru a waterway

Truly Happy By Tommy Flame
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I reflect on the past
These memories last
And haunt me with screams
Bother me in my dreams
These females come thru and leave me saddened
And now I meet and greet these new faces
Love the way I see them in places
Me the lyrical wordsmith that been writing for days
Got writers block in so many ways
Trying to describe their beauty
That exists on so many levels
Itís all a game
It puts my imagination to shame
Steady scheming a million ways
Steady dreaming often on future days
Steady sobbing over past events
Steady advised to the present comments
Of my sanity
For people think Iím crazy
When I know for sure Iím not
But there are those who beg to differ
Who should drink poisonous aquifer
And I just want to be happy
But Iím constantly reminded
I canít be truly happy for more than five minutes
People in the world are blinded
And Iím lost in the midst of the maggots
That run this place of corruption
Iím sick of the interruption
I want to say and do as I please
But I wonít be truly happy till IÖ

You Just Donít Know By Tommy Flame
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You just donít knowÖ
Sheís soiled like plants
Pretty flower sprouted from seeds of evil
Not even the highest steeple
Could save her nor my romance
You just donít knowÖ
Iím on some A. Keys ish
Falling in and out of love with her
Her frame instilled in my brain like a racial slur
I want it to leave but it plays over and over till I start blabbing Yiddish
You just donít knowÖ
What do you see when you look at me
Do you see a dude whoís looking?
In all the wrong places for love searchingÖ
You think you find the one and your left feeling like feces
On some toilet bowl ish
Wanting to just cry all day and night
With no one who dares to care about your plight
The type of people you want to call a son of aÖ but you perish
You just donít knowÖ
Am I really in love or am I stressed
Or am I in love with the fact I can say I love someone
And mean it every last breath unlike someone who was dear to my lung
I hate love for it comes and leaves me depressed
But you just donít knowÖ
You donít care, you just sit there, and not care
I worry and I fathom the thought of what youíd say
Damn near bout to cry, I canít deny my emotions could careless for hearsay
And Iím stuck in my chair wondering how Iíd fare asking you to be there
For me
For Iíd be there for you
And I donít care if you call me a stalker too
I know what I am and I know thatís not the definition of me
But you just donít knowÖ
You just donít careÖ
And Iím sick of wasting my time thinking Ďbout it


Rhymes Added 3/21/04


As I Walk By Tommy Flame

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I swear to god this is gay

Waiting like this a period of dismay

Disorder is rampant like growth

I wonder where are the deans now? Then she spoke

Some random Russian rich with wit

Screams and people scatter to sit

I'm listening to this wile letting some lyrics anoint

The idiots on the wall sparing and they missing the point

The bell rings and I need to get the hell out with haste

I don't want to be here any longer or feel stuck like paste

I rise and see random female derriere

Is it me or do more females have detention than the gender of the current mayor

I walk and always people are in my way

I swerve and pray the deans don't take my headphones away

Ani't that something what will make you croke

Well not really but parents might have a figurative heart attack after hearing this non-joke

You have to serve detention for listening to your MP3 player that was hidden like a kit

But if I remember correct they weren't on the list to be taken like a ball and a mitt


I Can't By Tommy Flame

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They keep telling me I can succeed and prosper

But I can't

They keep telling me I can succeed and prosper

But I can't

They keep telling me... But I say...

Life is a game, Life is a class

This stuff is stressful, This stuff is dumb

They want to mane, They want to clash

Nasty as a mess hall, Unfair is the sum

These people create these walls

These people lock the doors

I'm stuck between the calls

Everything is confusing like multi-color floors

This failure crap has to go

"I can't" must dissipate to dust

So self-confidence can flow

This event is a must

They keep telling me I can succeed and prosper

But I can't

They keep telling me I can succeed and prosper

But you can...


I Wanna Do Some Video Game Shit By Tommy Flame

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I wanna do some video game shit

Some Kingdom Hearts meets Grand Theft Auto shit

Unlocking doors with keyblades so I can jack cars

And wheelie a motorcycle while blasting fire like the planet Mars

This some crazy shit

Like some Prince of Persia on some Ninja Gadien Shit

Pause time while throwing stuff

That could kill without getting some sand stuck

Running up walls then slashing shit with a sword bigger than me

That' what you call time to OD!

Mess around with some Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid shit

Box sneaking, casing slow, and sniping every last guard in sight... Shit!

The guards spotted me and I'm out of MP

Megaelixir and now I'm at full HP

They get Rex I summon Yojimbo

Rex is dead and they running like a little ho

Then again I don't know all of this is fictional

There is no way I could do any of this so I gotta go...


What's Wrong With Females By Tommy Flame

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What's wrong with females I don't know

They act like I'm on some Casper shit

And I don't call women a ho

 Cause I don't get any play like Brick Game Boy shit

I admit my infatuations too quick I guess

But the word "no" got me stressed

I'm sick of this mess

We got wanna be pimps caressing my loves chest

But I'm love is unrequited

This wasn't something I invited

This wasn't something I had presighted

So I weep on some Cry Me A River shit I'm not inspired


Rhymes Added 2/28/04


I'm A Be Up Front By Tommy Flame

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Iím a be up front like handicap parking
You perhaps might know this but Iím feeling you like maple sap pancaking
I canít have you but to fret over this is like a tourist with a map panicking
A pointless proceeding to the point I wanna paralyze my thinking cap posthasting
Like I got down with the quickness like a sports car
I wanna put you in one so we could go far
Why? Why not? Youíre the most beautiful girl I ever saw
Itís just the way that you are
Itís just the way that you talk like it aniít no thing
You show up in my dreams and we have more than a fling
I crave each waking and resting instant I share with your frame so much I almost ponder knelling
Where you cling to my being you know hugs, kisses that type of thing
Everything is platonic and I love it
I hope our friendship will never quit
But grow strong like redwoods unbudgeable with a hit
And I know youíre busy like medics with their kit
But I would love to just chill with you one day
And none of this is on pretense okay
Maybe itís an infatuation or a lustful ambition it crosses my mind as I lay
Iím in love with you thatís all I really have to say
But itís on a deep level I canít describe
I find myself saying your name randomly like Iím at your concert live
When my internal thoughts of us begin to jive
Itís kinda like you make me feel more alive
But I donít wanna scare you with this I hope it doesnít do so
I hate friends to receive this released info and weíre not friends no moí
I hope youíre feeling me a little cause Iím feeling you so lovely an angelís halo
Cause this was eating me inside I really had to let you know
You appeal to all my senses like if you hold the key
Though your eyes youíre all I wanna see
Such a sparkle that could blind twice and not leave the prey sadly
Or have tears attempt to blind those eyes and fail miserably
Soft to the touch do I ever yearn to hold even your silhouette
Fine-looking more so than any random female Jeannette
To let go is something I donít wanna do yet
I want a duet like some non-fatal Romeo and Juliet


Happy Birthday Hikki By Tommy Flame

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Happy Birthday to the artist who's the basis
Of the amount of J-Pop I listen toward my likeness
When I'm away from home houseless
I even listen to tracks from precious
Her name Hikaru Utada with Hikki her alias
I love Hikki like devouring shellfish
I want her as my miss
The distance is too far though I don't know about this
I'm addicted to her cause she's so sexy
Cause I don't care if she's married or if I sound cheesy
Or if someone is sad cause they downloaded the music as a freebie
Import is too much doe so I agree
But this is suppose to be Happy Birthday see
But I wanna rhyme the RnB type titles made by her see
Cause the music be on some Busta Rhymes with the ODB
Do you rhyme first no you rhyme after me
But I digress from the point
Happy Birthday Hikki I blast J-Pop in a police checkpoint
Being looked at strange cause I celebrate her viewpoint
And don't understand it like a retard at gunpoint
I don't care if they don't like my standpoint
Just let her lyrics anoint
Her CD to your collection you just might appoint
Then figure out a line for me cause I can't seem to end this joint


Prove Illness By Tommy Flame

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Alas I say hell no

Hell to the no

No to the hell that is my life without script

Oh shit

Shit to the oh

I don't don't know why the profane catches a dark blame

And to those who rekindle its flame

To curse or not to curse

That is the question

To endure the slings and arrows that are obscene and vulgar

To paint vivid pictures with monochrome brushes

Note how quick a crowd will disperse

As soon as a curse is murmured with distinction

This non-fiction, a contraction just on what I call her

I ball like a spur, sometimes life's a blur, and if I curse I'm manure in bushes


I take it back to the past

Where I said rhymes were wack and you were comparable to sanitation

Where I could careless if I was uncivil or not to a whole nation

But wrote a verse without a

Rippin' off B.I.G. or Tupac

Shakesphere or a reformed cop

I'm a reformed poet

Writing form the heart and not the done

That's why I don't freestyle

That's why when I don't curse it puts parents in denial

That's why you can't stop me even with a trailer from 8 Mile

That's why I only cussed 5 times to wake up to my style

I don't do it cause I need to

I do it cause I want to

I wanna release my stress that hinders my progress

My stress is less important than yours I bet

But stress is still stunningly sabotaging sons lives so I

Release mine while I still can maintain my composure

As if I'm twenty years older

You may not see it but I'm more mature than meets the eye

I know looks can deceive this I can't deny

But I take it back to the past

Where I said rhymes were wack and you were comparable to sanitation

Where I could careless if I was uncivil or not to a whole nation

But wrote a verse without a cruse to prove illness without the gratification of cursin'


She Went And Kissed Me By Tommy Flame
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She went and kissed me
Got me feeling a little dizzy
Looking sexier than Lizzie
Revived my lust cause she kissed me
I wonder if it was coincidence
Or was it all pretense
Cause when it comes to girls Iím dense
And the whole situation got me stressed
Iím overzealous and shit like The Lox
Sheís taken like the last slice of pizza within the box
Got me under spells like warlocks
Emotions creating roadblocks
Yearning to posses another one I wait
For my chance to be happy and feel lightweight
Behind her Iíd tailgate so she could be my soulmate
As sweet as cake but all plans are dead and negate
Cause you are taken donít I have all the luck
Iíll just sit back stuck in my position like a overturned truck


To Love Or Not By Tommy Flame

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To love or not to love

That is the question

To endure the slings and arrows of cupid

Or to rip off Shakesphere to compose a work of art

To one who is more finer than words can speak on

Is it love of a lustful ambition

You decide, as I debate, writing this, with all shyness gone

And you reading this witnessing my lust come to fruition

But even if I can't have you it won't matter love

For its not like this my first case of unrequited love

But love, its fleeting, or so, I don't know, I'm dense

To describe your beauty I would need more than this paper I guess
But why write volumes on my opinion

Some dudes hate you so all I would write would be untrue

Like existence of a minion

A mythical, monstrous hue of terror aimed at giving the just due

I digress from my point

I think I love you but the time is out of joint

I met you too late or did I meet you too soon

All I know is my feelings are not pretense or ones of a goon

But I noticed when I say I love you to one who

Was special to me or maybe not so special they coo

Or tremble in fear like defenses broken with leer

Like I'm some crazy lunatic or one who hands out despair

I really should clear the air

I search for love not war or more despair

Images focused on random derriere

I look with sheer delight at my plight

My heart always for the taking is taken for granted by a miss

Granted I don't want to undermine the true thesis

For I'm not attacking women, I'm not one to want pity

But I think this whole game to impress a girl is silly

And I don't wanna be rude or uncivil

But my scribble is woven into a work of art that transcends any belittle

Dis, comment, negative or harsh thing... they are trivial

To me when I write on anything I feel

Like I'm feeling your sexy self... such a sight

Like I wish you to be mine to feed my appetite

Like is it all right if I spent the night

Like just hanging, chillin', speaking conversing all day

Like cause I find your fragrance so alluring yet shocking as if your a sting ray

Like alluring, I'm yearning, alerting you so your swept away

Like... like... like I want to express my deepest desire

And have it taken higher and not by this writer

But that's just another story according to the wise

They also say poems are not finished just abandoned

Maybe so as I hope to look into those pretty eyes

Maybe you'll add some lines and stanzas to this as I lie here vented with my heart crimsoned

Rhymes Added 2/13/04


Gemini ODB By Tommy Flame

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Gemini ODB cause niggas are me
To translate or transpose it signifies and insinuates crazy
Behavior upon utilizing Over Doing stuff worse than a Bastard
Most of the time this transpires via a terrible event that transpired
Mother flood pluck pluckers won't be my lovers
Frickiní botches I can't curse cause they'll give me blotches on my muscle behind covers
But my verbal irony is insinuated in the course of my lyricism
But I shouldnít leave my senses and dis my wisdom
Or my merry memo of my mellow maestro to those who donít know
Iíll alliterate to arbitrate a disregard designed for attacking the status quo
I got the biggest and baddest flow that goes a weary way to earn doe
I'll rule the world even if Bush doesn't think so
I transferred my treasured rhymes that triggered
Images of dumb imagery and my prism of the prefigured censored
Profane, obscene, blasphemous, and sacrilegious are categories for my work
Cause to tell those the truth is just as bad to be these above or be a KKK clerk
So people ODB to shine light to bring to life the truth
And are sent sighing so silenced with the quickness
Note the fact positive rap clear, concise as a canvas is comparable to clearness
These ventures verify very vividly vicious people want to hear the malicious
Nas, Mos Def, and Wyclef are those I hope arenít done yet with their positive thesis
Back to the clearness of transparency
Closed-minded people make Gangster Rap their mastery
Could careless concerning cool cats who donít mention sex, drugs, and ecstasy
Dismiss these crappy cats who would sweep positive peoples ashes under a bare-floor mat
Or leave it to rot and that would be that


I Woke Up In A Dream Today By Tommy Flame
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I woke up in a dream today

It was all surreal

And I felt that time stood still

My head hurts so I'll take a pill

To rid myself of the hell my day will put me thru

I don't know what to do

My soul is beyond repair

Life becomes despair

I wonder if anyone cares

I wonder if anyone dares

To try to understand my plight

Of unrequited love and strife

I want a love that gives me writers block so I can stop writing all night

About someone who could careless if tears blind my sight

It's all wack like bluelight

K-mart if your ignorant to the fact all right

I'm a wandering soul looking for direction

To the no longer single section

I wonder if there are any suggestions

The whole situation got me thinking in rebellions

Don't understand the plight of this day to day fight

To keep my sanity in this climate of harsh females

My poetry or rap? what is it? Am I versatile like Kells

Believin' I could fly, then feeling on the booty, giving you a woman's threat

R. Kelly is one who writes songs that last for ages even if he didn't go to jail yet

But I digress from my point

This is a Tommy Flame joint

About my beef with bitches who piss me off

I don't wanna be rude or uncivil

But these chicks think my writing is pure scribble

But I'm not a Dj

Mess with my I might cause a plane delay


Rhymes Added 2/1/04


I Wanna Be With This Chick By Tommy Flame

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I wanna be with this chick

Very badly

Enough that it makes me sick

Very sincerely

But my dreams are comparable to a myth

It leaves me very sadly

The one I love has a man of her own to lift

Her ass up and feel her madly

This makes me sore

It makes my life one big bore

And I don't want her just to score

Unlike those that treat relationships like its pimp and whore

I don't wanna sound like a fool

But I love her truly, madly, deeply too

But the problem is her man feels the same so they're stuck like glue

What is a guy to do

The love you want you never receive

I believe

This girl could relive

My state of being that's the plan I conceive

My friends think I'm insane

Boy... If I told my mother she'd act inhumane

I can't think of anyone else it's a shame

My dreams are infiltrated by her beautiful frame

My nightmare begins as soon as I awake from slumber it's all a game

All these restrains make my position stay the same

We are friends but I wanna take it higher

She's beautiful like Mariah

I do admire

Her style, her grace, her face all the object of my desire

Looking delicate as a flower

I her presence I tend not to cower

Unlike when around other females my mind personifies my fear in the form of bowser

Making me wanna jet out at a 100 miles an hour

My mental defenses block my true feelings like a tower

But when with the one I lust for

I feel different sort of an empower

Being with her feels good like vanilla I'd devour

And yet I feel she's sweet then sour

Cause stating blow up the world isn't something appealing

It kinda gets me worried and ready to cling to a ceiling

But I wish her breasts were something I'd be feeling

I don't want my tone to sound rude or uncivil

But I write how I feel even though some think its just scribble

But I'm love with her everything else is trivial

Me writing on females is somewhat typical

It ani't out of the ordinary

Player hating the boyfriend is unnecessary

Even though her voice is sweet like a canary

Her beauty radiates as if she was a fairy

Angel-like figure sending me into a trance of fantasy

As I visualize I goto another plain where I can escape hypocrisy

She's funny like Chris Rock and Jim Carrey

Having my side hurting like I got problems with a kidney

I've come a long way

But it's hard not having a girl by your side day to day

When life sometimes feels like a melee

Then these assholes make me think to say

Is it a good idea to be in a relationship

Would it turn out cool or be a better idea to skip

Others hate the idea of me to be happy to be alive

Don't know why they all in my face like Busta Rhymes live

Tempting me to become criminal like Clyde

But I just really want my love to be my Bonnie

I think she's so right for me

But people beg to differ

They can go somewhere and drink poisonous aquifer

Or drown in gravy shredded from liver

Obtain seven years of bad luck without breaking a mirror

I can't believe it's so hard top get to know a girl and make her familiar

But I can still make dudes shiver as I deliver

The rhyme caliber to shut down the opposition

As for my fantasy I might as well abort that mission

Wishing will do me no luck

And the fact of the matter is that life does suck

Girls I like might as well be ducks

This way if I shoot them I won't end up in handcuffs

I'm just pissed off but then I really don't know what I feel

I just want the world to be not so messed up with people touting steel

And my life could thrive as I feed off this chick's sex appeal

While earning a couple mill and be able to chill with friends still

And have people wonder why the hell I plan to kill

But I'm back under the influence of depression and anger churning like a windmill

And the system of the world doesn't help it makes me sick without cue

If anyone gets with someone outside their hue

It wouldn't be easily accepted it would be bashed quicker than homos promoting Nestle Quik

Next thing you know dudes start flinging stuff at people causing retaliation quick

With all that against you and me why deal with the aggravation

I wouldn't wanna see it even if it was drawn in ammunition

Silky soft skin tempting me but I'd rather not deal with that situation

This song was about my love but ended up dissing a whole nation

Of bigots, assholes, hypocrites, and others who need to seek some education


Unrequited Love By Tommy Flame

Back To Top

I've dealt with unrequited love for ages

I wish I had the power of black mages

To cast any spell I please

To obtain a chick with ease

To release my heart from the grip of sadness

The situation is driving me to pure madness

I want to be relived

Have my heart retrieved

From the shadowed depths of darkness

And rise up from the duskiness abyss

That is my life unscripted

It's like females see me as some software encrypted

I don't know what the deal is

I'm stumped like what is this

What makes it worse is girls create a ruse

That leaves me in a state of confuse

So my feelings take a backseat to questions

On why these girls commit these actions


Rhymes Added 1/25/04


1000 Years By Tommy Flame

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I couldn't get with her in a 1000 years

She wouldn't care if I took a 100 spears

Or get knocked in the abs with a bike with 10-gears

And it broke all my ribs for every one of my fears

You'd figure I'd wait till the smoke clears

But It's whatever

I could really careless about the bull forever

Cause I'm sick and tired of dudes who think their cleaver

Messing with me thinking they're gonna stop me... never

I'm living amongst the nonsense

I wanna run over people with a Benz into a fence

My mother's got me all tense

And sometimes I think she's dense

Gets on my nerves with bullshit nonsense

And she has the gull to ask me do I have common sense

And I write to escape

All this negative hate

So it doesn't entrance me

To my doom unlocking key

Of a barrel behind a door

Taking my head off down to the core

People degrade me due to the subject matter

I pull "In The End" it doesn't even matter

Listen to the Pitter to Patter

I wanna disappear like bathtub lather

I can't deal with the hypocrisy

Of this so-called democracy

I got too many people who bother me

It's sad but I'll just be in recovery

Back By Tommy Flame

Back To Top

I wrote this a while back

When my heart was pitch black

Not crimson I hate that

I like to be laid back

No one females gives me any slack

I have no mack

It's sad maybe I'll take that back

I want a chick but I get jack

Nada happening I hate that

Sometimes I just wanna smack

These chicks in their back

But I'm not rude like that

I ponder the thought... that's wack

Dudes have stuff I lack

Which brings me back

To my point I lack

The confidence to mack

So I rebuild the stack

With haste to react

But I get knocked back

Down from that

Pedestal to a bare floor mat

And that's that


Ms. Fadul By Tommy Flame

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Most teachers get on my last nerves

Especially those that think teens are nothing but perves

Not this one I love Ms. Fadul

The miss is mad cool

Practically one of the few reasons I go to school

Or even enjoy myself in this boring pool

Of empty desks and students who act a fool

The illest teacher period

Mad cool even when on the period

I probably went a little too far but fudge it

Fathom this isn't a dis or belittle this is what I spit

Fadul is one of the few who actually cares

About your future past down the stairs

She will hound you to sign the college form and succeed

Unlike some others I personally I think should bleed

They will remain nameless

As I hope to see this wonderful person again amidst

The lunacy they call life

As I try to stifle

To stay alive

Some think my life is trifle

But hey try as they might

They can die by their own plight


Who Am I? By Tommy Flame

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Who am I? Last time I checked a poet

When I write I'm like Nike... Just Do It

Yeah I can spit! I flow I like fluid

My style is mad florid

Speaks for itself

Hope it earns me wealth

My flows flow like a flood of metaphorical fantasy

But these dudes think I'm hood cause I'm dark you see

Forget that crapp I'm not one to lay low

I'm more diverse than Manhattan chopped up and divided into mini-ghettos

Last time I checked the dark ones couldn't listen to Rock

Or play a guitar even though the dark pioneers started the flock

When this joint is over y'all gonna be in shock

Cause not only do I listen to Rock

I got on some Techno, Trance, and some J-Pop

So pull a Mankind and in your mouth put in a sock

Cause we are intellectual dudes who just want to succeed

And you idiots that keep messing around y'all really should bleed

Don't mess with me I'm sicker than a terminal illness

Cause I messed around and got down with the sickness

Now I'm not Disturbed you might be herb

Pull a History X and kill idiots on the curb

I'm just sick of being thrown into a stereotype

That's what makes most teens highly steamed as a pipe

Most don't care they wanna see your sanity gone

They wanna see you play the part of loose cannon

I sigh and submit to the bull

Don't know why maybe it's a gravitational pull

Forcing me to OD

Y'all can just nevermind me

Cause to y'all I'm a teen who rants about not being somebody

That you think I am buddy


Rhymes Added 1/8/04


It's Tommy By Tommy Flame

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It's Tommy Flame rapping bout people who wanna see me out

Of the rap game

Damn its a shame

I got haters left to right

Who want to smack me without spite

But what the dilly

Some think my rhymes are silly

They don't make sense like savings and loan

Forcing me to blow up their home

Sky High but this ani't no wrestling move

Ya feel me? Well if not your bound to lose

More than your sanity and no this ani't vanity

It's Tommy

Knocking on your door with raw lyrics like a witness to Jehovah

And I'm not Hova but I still won't lose

I can't I'll OD worse than a bastard

In order to smash those who think they mastered Flame's Style

I'll switch up shit worse than Madonna sending you to denial

You couldn't stop me even if you had a trailer from 8 Mile

Talking bout blasting heat all you got is an incubator

You say you got mad chicks and your a chronic masturbator

Y'all bitches can't fool me

Trying to haggle me and get at me

It seems they don't know I'm the reason for Banned from TV

Fuck a CD I'd rather have an MP3

But y'all wanna know what I'm talking about

Y'all lost without a doubt

I ani't explaining shit like officials for the blackout

Niggas got me more pissed than a sellout

Wish I could auto-target their ass and start stomping niggas out

Backhand smack these bitches in their mouth

As I flameout you get wornout

Making this shit a fight to the death final bout


To Rush By Tommy Flame

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To rush or not to rush that is the question

An even better one is why do we rush to a conclusion

The answers are we rush cause time is against us

We could die right now or later getting hit by a bus

What's with all the fuss

Well I'm paranoid enough to cuss and plus

I got a problem with lust and I must

Kinda consider myself lucky

That no one fucked me

Cause I don't have to worry

About something called an STD

So maybe I shouldn't rush

It's not like my body will turn to mush

But I have a crush

That's got me more hunger than not eating lunch

I just don't know anymore

This shit has made me become mentally sore

Without me taking anything yet

So I suspect

I'm a be real fucked up when I get my shot

To finally obtain what's at the rainbow under the pot

So I wait until the void is filled with someone in the spot

A girl who's name won't matter as long as she's hot


Rhymes Added 12/27/03


Fascinated With A Chick I Can't Get With By Tommy Flame

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I'm fascinated with a chick I can't get with... you see

Shit... I could give you 100 reasons why she should love me

She's the supposed one for me

But she doesn't agree

She drives me off the wall

It's cheesy but I want her to be my baby doll

It's crazy but hell she's all I think about

I want her without doubt

 But she looks at me like I got the gout

And that I'm not worth takeout

What the dilly is up with her

Maybe I'm insane

But last time I checked your soulmate was one who wasn't vain

Maybe I need to abstain

Away from this to regain

My composure

It's over

No point in wanting and wishing

She's not for me it's haunting and perishing

To my souls threshold

We are all made in God's image so why is she so cold

But shit... I could give you 100 reasons why she should love me

Cause I'm fascinated with a chick I can't get with... you see


I Don't Do Nothin' By Tommy Flame

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People don't you see

I'm caught up in this mystery

Why girls don't like me

And why I can't be free

I got mad problems with the opposite sex

Meanwhile guys like Rex get 50 girls by himself

I look at girls up and down and all around

While guys take that shit like damn they just want his cash and some ass

But they can't help but to touch themselves

Stating damn I'm the man repeating shit like Duran Duran

I go imagining about her damn she has sex appeal

I want her but she don't want me my body can't sit still

I close my eyes and daydream about this girl that I like the shit ani't right

Shit can't get worse or maybe it can this damn sure ani't right

I don't do nothin but still can't get the loving

This girl got me feening and leaning on the fence now

I need to decide to knock or leave

Like Christopher Reeve I'm paralyzed at the feet

So I tried to find you

I have no clue

I tried to redo

Then I found two

Him and You

What should I do?

Fuck him up or think about you?

No girlfriend

Sick and tired of girls

Rather have someone to talk to than to worry about buying pearls

I'd rather kiss the cheek than tongue this chick

But fuck it cause she probably got some shit that will make me sick


Silly Rabbit By Tommy Flame
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Silly rabbit rap ani't for kids are we cool
I'll make you turn whiter than Elmer's glue
Come on what's really good with you
I'll smack you in the face until you turn blue
And spellbind your ass like I'm a Black Magician
And like the police in GTA Vice City I'll terminate your mission
And throw you in the kitchen
Tell me why this nigga bitchin
It's not even worth my attention
To blast you into the D section
Blast you with out the honorable mention
These people sound like no frills generic can rap
This dude is lost and he's right in front of a map
I'll tell you this rap game is a trip man
Dudes don't even know my name anymore man
It's Tommy Flame I spit napalm
So fuck bombs I'll go and flame out Sudamm
Hussein the Dude is insane
That dude is gonna lose his life in a flash
The moment the nuke drops everything will get removed and mash
We only need one shot and the dude is dead
Well make that nigga wish he stayed in bed
But what the dilly
He can get hit with the mack milli
It's straight silly
How I can blast him and make him chilly
Rob him off shit that would make the army go mayday mayday
Ok time to throw him in the trunk like I'm Eminem
Toss him in the woods like he did Kim
My styles like NBA Street a busted rim
Go center stage against me... ha you won't win
I'll throw you into a clearance bin
In Sam Goody where you can see a record spin
And DVD's like Star Wars but fuck that empire garbage
Me Tommy Flame my empire the largest

Simply Smacked By Tommy Flame

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If you walk away
You will get smacked twice
Oh come on, don't go
Simply Smacked up is the way that you're leaving this place tonight
It's hard to be the target

You're giving me too many reasons
Lately you pissed us all off
My friends and I we said,

Don't get me wrong we hate you
But does that mean we got to beat your ass?
When your on the ground you'll understand
What I meant when I said "No,
I don't think stealing stuff is quite that simple"

If you walk away
You will get smacked twice
Oh come on, don't go
Simply Smacked up is the way that you're leaving this place tonight
It's hard to be the target

Day to day I'm growing weary of
These niggas bothering me
That's when I put my foot down and said,

Wish I could auto-target
Your head so you get Timberland up
When your on the ground you'll understand
What I meant when I said "No,
I don't think stealing stuff is quite that simple"

If you walk away
You will get smacked twice
Oh come on, don't go
Simply Smacked up is the way that you're leaving this place tonight
It's hard to be the target

Damn you
Whatever marks are left beyond this morning
It is a little later on
Regardless of warnings these deaders don't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

Whoa... TF Version By Tommy Flame

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I met this chick in my class she was whoa

I mean she had the cute ass I mean whoa

I mean that shit kinda messed up my head like whoa

You should have seen the dress it put me in Cardiac Arrest like whoa

Now money is my problem like whoa

Cause my payroll bit the dust like whoa

I floss the fossil watch because the shit is whoa

Want to own more homes than Jigga like whoa

They want to see the blueprints... yo I'm like whoa

My Dad had to hit the brakes in the car like whoa

He didn't want to scratch the Avalon like whoa

He told me to come indoors in a half in hour

I said I got the power to stay out longer

Then he went and pimp-slapped me and then cornered me

He laid the smackdown... on me that would make you say whoa

My people laughed at me constantly, wouldn't help me, they did nothing like whoa

Whitney smoke cocaine

Now they got me in these strange lanes like whoa

So I speed 150 miles switching lanes like whoa

Plus I'm  getting drained from this gold dig chick like no

I give the finger to these assholes like whoa

Teenbeat flossed these bitches like whoa

Britney, Christina, Mandy, and Jessica are rich like whoa

So is Hikaru but you don't know like whoa

How talented she can be like whoa

But these G's lined up on the block like whoa

Could care less about who's signed to Def like whoa

Forcing me to throw bricks thru your window like whoa

But hope nobody see me do that shit like whoa

These type of people will kill for that type of shit like whoa

See they don't know my toe to toe will send you blown like whoa

Then I'll rip the package

This shit inside will mess up your ribcage

You don't wanna come close to me I'm whoa

I'll blast you in the head, have you wish you stayed in bed at home instead like whoa

You won't see me doing flips like whoa

And I'm sick of seeing stripped cars on da block like whoa

You need to fully equip your escort like whoa

And stay off the court like whoa

I got this rap shit lock yo like whoa

People don't know I flow like whoa

But guys want to jump me like whoa

Bitches still hate me like whoa

Unleash the dragon like Sisqo

I cook dudes with the Crisco like whoa

People dis me like whoa

People love to dis me like whoa

I could give a fuck less

Cause y'all niggas ani't getting me stressed like whoa

And I'll rip your torso

I lead a fast life

That needs to slow down like whoa


Rhymes Added 12/24/03


You'll Be Dead By Tommy Flame

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Yo my raps like Eminem
I eat M&M's
I kill bitches like Kim on a daily venue
If you don't like it... well screw you
I move more weight than pumped up niggas on steroids
Your rhymes at the end say null & void
These people are commoners like Leroy
And make no sense saying anything like oh boy
Dudes talk about clapping hammers I clap the switchblade ok
That can switch form from 6 inches to 6 feet creating a melee
Dudes be popping guns like it ecstasy dong
And have them all in your face like this was a Busta Rhymes song
Try to fuck with a nigga twice your height
I know you ani't doubting T-Flames might
I'll pop you like you were some shit sticking out my face
There goes another nigga that gotta get hit with a briefcase
So erase your book of raps cause Flame be inferno on the mic
You can't possibly be better than me so don't try it
I may not freestyle but I write more shit than your ever comprehend in your tiny little head
But it won't even matter cause when it's all said and done... you'll be dead
What's really good with you
I'll throw volleyballs at you
What you need slugs for
Put down the 4-4
Before I have to pull out the M4
And your ass won't even make it to the door
Don't even attempt to come at me with bull or I'll make choirs sing
Cuz I cut dudes up and send 'em to Pizza-Hut or Burger King
And what's up with all these bitch nigga RnB wankstas it ani't cool
Let me catch R. Kelly in the street and he'll get hit by the best of every world stitched to my shoe
Imprinted into his face and like Nas said get Timberlanded up
Hit this nigga while my sleeve cuffed
And he will get duffed
Smacked in the face until he becomes a powerpuff
Bitch smacked until he start walking like Puff
Without the Diddy
I run the city
Without delay
I'll build a cay
And put all government officials on it till they decay

Rhymes Added 12/22/03


Love Loves Me By Tommy Flame

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These people testing me

 I'm a poet you see

They force me to OD

I'm fried constantly

It's my brain that is

I really want a miss

To comfort this

Person amidst

The lunacy

I must OD

Cause your the key

To my sea

Of the ill relief

To relax my leap

 Over unrequited emotion

That love which I can't receive

Is messing up my motion

I feel I can't breathe

I hate your boyfriend

But why? I should be grateful he landed you as his chick

 But that won't make my heart mend

I can pretend all day and in the end he makes me sick

I want to dark banish him

And fill him with terror

Lighting blast his ass while dropkicking him into a gym

Meanwhile I'll break asunder his head while hearing thunder

These people watch as I blunder

I can't seem to convince this chick to be my lover

But I never really tried you see

The fact we're even friends troubles me

Cause I want to say what's on my mind

But I find it useless like a dog chasing his behind

I'm reclined in my chair

Wondering how to win her love as at the ceiling I stare

For her I'd really care

For I would love to walk her down a flight of stair

And talk about random stuff

I love her but I guess that's not enough

So it's whatever to me you see

I'll just have to wait till love loves me


Rhymes Added 12/19/03


Desire To Aspire By Tommy Flame

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My desire to aspire is deeper than a pit

But some think I act false like a skit

That I'm not what I' say I' am

And that I don't do it for me but for my fam

That's a negative

It's for me that I live

Cause God helps those who help themselves man

So that means my desire got to scream louder than a Usher fan

Last longer than Duran Duran

And if I fail just try again like the game Stuntman


Songs Speak To Me By Tommy Flame

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Songs speak to me in ways beyond imagination
These dudes be very correct with their information
Well researched and outspoken
But some people think some dudes are just jokiní
Thatís what certain songs aim at
The people who are misinformed about things that
Happened four score and seven years ago
That still happen today on the down low
People like them try to bring stuff to the light
But get knocked back down quicker than prices at Bluelight
K-Mart if youíre ignorant to the fact
Stuff happens that you canít control
But you shouldnít lose control of your senses
Even though a song canít change the world much
Being productive can alleviate some conflict and such
People are different and react to things differently
So Iím not surprised at their blank remarks that lead them astray
Iím the wiser to see a deeper meaning while they dream away
A summation of this is problems of the world wonít go away
Unless you switch up how people act
If you can change one persons logic
Change is already occurring in the place we call earth
But all of the ignorance shouldnít have occurred in the first place so I loath

Rhymes Added 12/13/03


Annoyed By Tommy Flame

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Iím annoyed as hell
I wish I could cast a spell
To rid myself from this feeling
Of wanting to commit some killing
Of this anger I feel now
For I hate to hate these people
Like Muslims and a cow
For I hate to left in limbo
Feeling very displeased with their rule
And the way they pester me like sticky glue
Attached to my hand and some paper
Iíll know Iíll feel better later
But now Iíll practice more isolation than the United States
Did ages ago against European Nations cause of their repulsion
These people OD worse than Chinese birthrates
Like that is an ordinary fashion
But I really donít have it rough
But sometimes I just want to duff
All those around me
Cause Iím sick of the OD
Off nothiní
My animosity grows like a muffin
Add to that they make me fell like stuffiní
They fill my heart with pain
They really need to abstain
Theyíre driving me insane
My soul fells like itís about to be slain
Like if I smoked cane
Annoying me across open terrain
Who told them that was correct and humane
Causing my shirt to have a tearstain
They filling my head with stress thatís hindering my progress
Iím more pissed than when cheese busses leak out exhaust
I canít stand to be annoyed
My tolerance has been destroyed
They think annoyance will assist
My state of mind to freely exist
But their dead wrong this I try to insist
And they still persist
I just wish for my anger to dissipate like mist
And thatís pretty much the gist
The fire is slowly dying in roundabout
But that fire gets rekindled everytime they open their mouth
Like they donít know what Iím about
I want to recoup and recover like a dude with asthma
But I donít think thatís happening like Spanish people driving a Chevy Nova

Harsh Females Clean Version By Tommy Flame
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As I write this
Iím digging in my lyrical abyss
Trying to find a way to escape this
Social life depression of stuff
That makes me mad as Puff
And I get no chance and I get no brake to taste
Even if I do I waste it taking an egotrip with haste
My life ends up being a waste
Just for liking someone the color of paste
I guess I canít blame my mother
But what the dilly with this situation that can bother
As this point Iíll take just about anyone to be my lover
I figure my friends have chicks why canít I have a follower
Can my head drop any lower?
Can females be any harsher?
Iím in more anguish deeper than parents of a martyr
These girls make me wanna jump in a locker
And blot it shut and come out in a thousand years
And just maybe Iíll be appealing to a thousand female peers
This is getting old like a dude from Cheers
I donít really want a chick looking like Britney Spears
But chicks I talk to look thru me like a window
I donít even tell my true feelings anymore due to this blow
Itís got me feeling real low
Got me feeling a little slow
Got me waking up and getting myself a gun
But itís all a dream to scheme a pun
In order to trick the loners and hopeless romantics
Half of us want to live in an animated world like Animainiacs
Or to do the impossible like the Matrix galaxy
I end up taking a daytrip trying to get back to reality
But I canít help but wonder
If I could have any power
Other than what a cashier would have in a drawer
Would obtaining the Ms. Right in my life be easier?
These harsh females had to OD and kill confidence
Self or otherwise my joint is shot up like any KKK day of remembrance
Thatís my thesis
I canít get a chick even if Iím sick with the leeches
This state of affairs stinks like feces
Chicks got me counting rejections like Resses pieces
Thereís too many so I weep for a day at least
Itís real messed up in the northeast
But itís whatever at least I know these no disease in me unleashed

I'm Hungry By Tommy Flame

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I'm hungry so I think I'll eat a hot pocket that aniít tiny
I'm not talking about lint I'm talking about pepperoni
I hate mints but I like shit in good condition
Your brain must have been fishing
To you think your better than me
Thinking like that could get you banned from TV.
What the dilly
Some think that my rhymes are funny
But they dead serious so breathe easy honey
I know niggas that get higher than Mariah Careyís money
And they do it lovely
Better yet grimey
Dudes canít wait to get out of school to light they shit
And they telling me Iím wack as fuck they aniít feeling my shit
Now yíall know I be the illest writer on manuscript
Meanwhile dudes like you piss me off making me flip the script
And start aiming bombs at yíall
Blowing up more than your 4x4 car
And then cut your ass raw
This aniít wresting I will use the chainsaw
Make you caw like a rooster without the Foghorns
You & your crew are morons
Dressed up in rayons
Turn your tee more colors than Crayola Crayons
Jacked from Toys R Us
Iíll strap you to a moving bus
Waiting to bust your head open without going to court
Hit you in the head with a sledgehammer with no effort
Busted you so bad Iíll let my escort
Leave you at the Airport
Pick one JFK, LGA, or Newark dirty
If itís Jersey your gonna have to leave bang bang 187th Street early
Swing at niggas like a birdie
Or hit ya with a club
What cha gonna do bub
Iíll slash you with shit like Iím Wolverine
My lyrics obscene
Donít confuse me with Mr. Clean
Iíll curse more than a motherfucking actress who fucked up a scene
Who got yelled at by the director
Iím going to my trailer to play inspector with your girly
If I could pick one chick to bang surely
It would have to be Elizabeth Hurley
Iíd bang bang her on her street early
Fuck it late at night
That spot better be tight
Or Ill dis you like I did Bluelight
Speaking of a group of morons all right
They aniít even on level so put them out of your intellects
Before you get hit the tecks
Act like a sniper & blast a head shot like if this was Syphon Filter
Yíall seem to be drunk off some liquor
To think that store is ill
Yíall dumb like King of the Hill
Iím on the net making a mill
Downloading pictures for the mixtapes for Dj ill
Yíall steady sleeping on my skill


Iím Sick Of Niggas By Tommy Flame

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Yo Iím sick of some niggas
They like bitches
Talking mad shit annoying like a fucking itch
You canít reach
Worse than creeps eating tons of peach
I wish I could impeach these sons of a bitch
These dumbass niggers getting punched in the liver
I have bitter feelings
Like peeled of peelings
I want to peel off the rest of some hair endings
And slash the throat off the heads
What about beating these niggas down stairs
Till they need some new threads
That will be the state of affairs
Chapter 5 in the book I done read
Slashing some people like I said
Dump all the pieces in their respective beds
Before I get hunted by the feds
Then dump all lead
Tecks into the parents cabasa
Go Spanish like Christina Aguilera
Then transfer back to English Like Shakira
But back to these niggas lets get some piranha
Come back and let them tear at their medulla oblongata
Niggas like bitches wearing prada
The damn bitches
Mix up the dead body parts to sort in a ditch
Not even the best seamstress could stitch
This bitch ass niggas back together
Pull a lever
And make them quiver
And shiver
Because I just froze these niggers
Itís some bullshit
That they can be so
Damn moronic and thick
These damn rhymes are sick
Like babies that kick
Iím slick like rick
Big and quick
Bitches need to suck dick
And then I hit them with a stick
So I can knock them off his pedestal
And I act like a fucking rebel
Like talking on a cell
While driving
Iíll have their sight lying
Like they got some diabetes
Run them over with cars rented from Avis
Iíll try harder to impale their skills to the tire
But fuck it Iíll just keep ODing on them till my soul will retire


Iím Tired By Tommy Flame

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Iím tired of seeing assholes left to right
These idiots make me wanna smack emí without spite
Iím tired of seeing soda companies compete over ice cream flavors
We spend billions on war not on laborers
Iím tired of gangsters going around capping people
And people telling you sharing music isnít legal
Iím tired of people who buy cigarettes and smoke that lethal
And there is a thin line between bad and evil
Iím sick of getting fucked up teachers
And Iím sick of all these goddamn preachers
Iím tired of having the same Math Class
I wish I never had Goffner that fucking ass
Iím tired of not having a girlfriend
Iím tired of not being able of relate to songs like ďIn The EndĒ
Iím tired of seeing five year olds curse more in a second then I do in a lifetime
Iím tired of ignorant racism when Iím standing in line
At Walgreens getting dividers while security eyes my spine
Iím tired of telling my mother Iím not doing fine
Iím tired of telling my mother about white chicks Iím never gonna get
Iím tired of writing about the same chick but my life is shit
Not really but I feel bad she doesnít like me one bit
Iím tired of people who think they gonna put me in a crypt
And five minutes later they get shot in the chest
I donít believe in a vest
Thatís just another issue thatís gonna get me stressed
Like girls who want a guy that bench-pressed
I donít give a shit if you donít wanna be with me
There are more fish in the sea
Or at least thatís what they told me
I donít know anymore
Iím tired of being tired to the core
Iím tired of the nonsense
What I really want is more cents
Iím tired of people ODing
To the point they gotta go hide in Sweden
Those are the people with more cents
But running in the first place is nonsense

I Need A Girl By Tommy Flame

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I need a girl
But when I spit the rhymes they want to hurl
I like this girl but I have no self-confidence
Because girls be rejecting me over some nonsense
And this bitch got me stressed
Talking bout I want a man who bench-presses
So I be roaming like a phone
Girl donít you get it I want to bone
What noÖ Bitch will be so alone
Shit disastrous
Like sleeping on generic mattress
I want some ass to tap excuse me miss
I want to kiss your fuck lips
Ah fuck it your dismissed
I wish I could stop saying I never been kissed
Yíall know what I want to do to J-lo
With her huge fatty
Iíd spank it until it gets puffy
What u think Iím insincere
Put your hands in the air
Iíll smack that drearier
Then all doubt will be buried secretly
Bitches type greedy
Bitches saying they too pretty to be with me
See the shit I deal with mami
So kill the hard to get
Before I got to reset
My plans to be with you
These damn Jane Does and Curly Sues
Sometimes it gets me signing the blues
But fuck it I heard the news
90% boys 10% girls
I know I aniít the only one single
But I feel like fucking a bitch type illegal

I Tried To Save Myself But Myself Keeps Slipping By Tommy Flame

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I tried to save myself but my self keeps slipping
Thatís kinda like you when you fall off this building
Wear your ass out with the sink from the kitchen
Got this bitch ass teacher bitchiní
Bout some shit Iím missing
I really donít give a fuck about failing
But apparently parents do so Iím sailing
To 100 percent okay
But a 65 is putting parents in disarray
I wish passing was easy like eating a Frito-Lay
Or using some hair spray
Itís like I aniít got no say
Well fuck it Iíll go cause a plane delay
Hey yo Osama get off the plane bitch ass nigga
Iíll smack ya with my 6 figures
All right maybe 1 but still Iíll still make you ass shiver
When I pull the gat
Iíll make this dude dance worse than D-12 when I go plat plat


Tommy Flame Is The Illest By Tommy Flame
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Tommy Flame is the illest
Tommy Tommy Tommy Flame is the illest (x2)
Live from Hollis, Queens
Where niggas is mean and got the means to turn your team to ice cream
Shit makes you want to scream
Niggas shoot guns like they were a Kamahamaya beam
And people are straight emulating like Bleem
The shitís obscene
How them niggas flash the bling-bling
And rock the 27Ē flat digital screen
Iím called Tommy Flame cuz spitting them flames is my game
But I canít write no more I just burned the paper insane
Donít make me mess up your membrane
Like if you were smoking cane
Fuck around and be on some kamikaze genocide shit
Your killing yourself worse than crashing your car into shit
Or casting auto death on yourself using a gun
Causing mass hysteria with my frenzy of a cannon
Dude thinks he can counter my shit son
Iím a make him with he was stillborn
Forcing me to pull out the ammunition
Blowing off your limbs will be the minimum ya minion
Bomb you like bomberman
Not even the entire bomb squad can stop me from hitting your man
Iíll dump tecks from a van
Your club aniít got no fans
Iíll land on you car roof from a sedan
Iíll run up on your lawn with no pants
And then piss on the plants
Come back and attack the bureaucracy
My shit will hit with pinpoint accuracy
Making your man look like a catastrophe
Listen dude Iíve got no time for moving targets
What you think this is throwing darts
Iíll hit you while sitting in go-karts
Catch you down at K-mart breaking hearts
Then in the ER
Where I sit like Iím at the bar
Come forward and test drive this car
While I serial kill shit with this 9 millimeter


Your Shit Garbage Like Sanitation By Tommy Flame
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Your shit garbage like sanitation
While me and your girl practice masturbation
Meanwhile you wack like da Kirk Franklin Nu nation
I donít practice hateration
I bomb haters listen
Wise Guy you need to smarten up
You dumb worse than that Nigga puff
Cuz how you a Senior and got Freshmen classes
How you graduating you must be kissing the guidance counselors collective asses
Them motherfuckers must be lining up in masses
I came thru da door
I said it before
Your rhymes is type wack
While mine are off the meat rack
Iíll be back to the past like Samurai Jack
You must be on some crack
Because It may sound ludacris to you but itís fabulous to me
I blaze like a dogg on a shopping spree
I be like Nelly going down down your lady
And then Smack your whole team maybe
All I know you gonna need First Aid
Blows to the head feel like breathing Raid
Mix tapes I done made
Iíve been there fucked that
Hoe there drank sprite
I be out of sight like J-lo but I aniít planning no wedding
Only shit that gets married is the paper and the wording

Rhymes Added 11/23/03


Bullshit 101 By Tommy Flame

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Welcome to class this is life son / Otherwise known as Bullshit 101

Where who you love doesnít matter / Cause they got their companionÖ doesnít love hurt like a ladder
Knocked across your skull making you look pitiful / Lifeís definition of love can do that an individual
In life everything is inverse and reverse / Like thugs praising love after shooting a hearse
Youíll find yourself immersed in awkward positions / Most created by your mind in response to embarrassment
From your mother dividing her discipline in sections / Yelling, screaming, kicking, smacking all forms of harassment
Happen once in a while / Your thoughts of suicide put in my thoughts youíre in denial
Iím not one to give up but some OD and go off and die / Just cause of the chaos coming closer towards cowards that lie
These dudes need to endure the nonsense such as I / So you can say you did it and it wasnít that hard to try

I sigh / But I canít deny
Life is like a class son / Otherwise known as Bullshit 101

Life is like a game all events on hero touch / I yearn to touch flesh of the Ms. Right of such and such
I wish in my dreams I donít wake up / Like Iím sleep in my seat trying to stay up
Trailing thru this game of lies and deceit / Cause this life is like a bunch of smelly lunch meat
You wanna getaway but youíre hungry like the wolfhound / Chasing a truckload of sheep hungrily
Fiending to satisfy your yearning only to fail because youíre spellbound / By greed and gluttony
Unfair is the summary / Of life
Sometimes you wish those close would take a hike / You wanna smack emí without spite
Come back and attack with full force to slay like your right / But your brain is out of sight
Blinded by bad judgment and decision / You donít know what your doing like youíre a surgeon doing an incision
When a patient just came for a physical / Life can mess up your mental
Youíll find yourself living a lie / People around you witness your self-esteem die

They sigh / But they canít deny
Life is like a class son / Otherwise known as Bullshit 101

You traverse this world to gain success / And you end up being held back by negative depress
From some random dude who got no affair / Saying anything to you like heís gonna fix your despair
Iíve said it makes no sense to hate / But there are a select few that incase themselves in ignorance
Making pretend barriers to arbitrate / You canít love who you want due to this pestilence
We the people need to stop this injustice / And correct the bliss of unawareness
Make everyone have common knowledge / About people so no one will have to be damaged
Put to rest the emotional baggage / That came when these thoughts of hate first had leakage
You want to get rid of hates outcry / But there are haters in mass supply

Youíll roam around and sigh / Cause you know you canít deny
Life is like a class son /And itís known as Bullshit 101


Harsh Females By Michael Schotborg
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As I write this
Iím digging in my lyrical abyss
Trying to find a way to escape this
Social life depression of stuff
That makes me mad as Puff
And I get no chance and I get no brake to taste
Even if I do I waste it taking an egotrip with haste
My life ends up being a waste
Just for liking someone the color of paste
I guess I canít blame my mother
But what the dilly with this situation that can bother
As this point Iíll take just about anyone to be my lover
I figure my friends have chicks why canít I have a follower
Can my head drop any lower?
Can females be any harsher?
Iím in more anguish deeper than a retired boxer
These girls make me wanna jump in a locker
And blot it shut and come out in a thousand years
And just maybe Iíll be appealing to a thousand female peers
This is getting old like a dude from Cheers
I donít really want a chick looking like Britney Spears
But chicks I talk to look thru me like a window
I donít even tell my true feelings anymore due to this blow
Itís got me feeling real low
Got me feeling a little slow
Got me waking up and getting myself a gun
But itís all a dream to scheme a pun
In order to trick the loners and hopeless romantics
Half of us want to live in an animated world like Animainiacs
Or to do the impossible like the Matrix galaxy
I end up taking a daytrip trying to get back to reality
But I canít help but wonder
If I could have any power
Other than what a cashier would have in a drawer
Would obtaining the Ms. Right in my life be easier?
These harsh females had to OD and kill confidence
Self or otherwise my joint is shot up like any KKK day of remembrance
Thatís my thesis
I canít get a chick even if Iím sick with the leeches
This state of affairs stinks like feces
Chicks got me counting rejections like Resses pieces
Thereís too many so I weep for a day at least
Itís real messed up in the northeast
But itís whatever at least I know these no disease in me unleashed

Love Upon The Midst Of Chaos And Dishonesty By Tommy Flame
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Love upon the midst of chaos and dishonesty
This is something you wonít find entirely
At least I havenít but Iím told
By people who are old
IĎm one doesnít look hard enough for stuff
Maybe so but my bitterness for those I want to duff
Is clouding my judgment and is making me shy
I wish for a way to wobble off this emotion that I cry
Love doesnít seem to love me so I wonder why
The way I feel for those select few I canít deny
Theyíll never know though so I should say something
Iíd rather relive myself by spending
Time with my friends doing nothing
But it would be to myself that I Ďm lying
I can only release my stress though my writing or typing
Twenty girls on my mind at once
Mind you not all guys donít always at once
Think about sex when they look at a girl more than once
But it would nice if I heard a yes to the question for once
Will you go out with me donít tell me to take a hike
Hereís how the girl would be like
No I have a boyfriend but donít worry youíll find somebody
That just makes me want to cry
But if I did Iíd be more messed with than Iíd care for
So I play it off like Iím chilled to the core
Then I go home and I bolt the door
Pop Mariah in the stereo and weep cause Iím sore
From head to toe
You would think Iíd turn to dro
My crimson heart may get broken a lot
But Iím one with a strong will to endure a lot
Ever the optimist Iíll eye random chicks till my soul retires
Ever hoping to obtain the object of my desires

Hate Of The Masses By Tommy Flame

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Hate of the masses
People hate cause of bastards
People who don't care
They catch a double snare
Like tripping off a cliff while a boulder chases your behind
People don't think of the consequences of their actions like they're blind
I bet if they did they turn chicken like their name is Perdue
But hate is nothing new
People trying to correct it ani't new either
Haters run rampant however they won't dither
It's like these people are severed from the world
Think they are superior to others ODing
When they were created by the same Supreme Being
And then it makes no sense to hate creating hostility
Because whoever you hate will end up in your family
You don't like gays you gonna have a gay son
You don't like black people you girlfriend will flip when BET comes on
And then leave you for the thug down on the bad end of the block
You'll mess around and your face will be at the end of a glock
And they'll cap you non-stop fool
Cause you get your just do
Your hate of the masses dug your own grave
Being racist makes no sense like attempting a 1000ft wave
In the end you may end up dead
Don't know why your fed up red
In the face
You may need calm down with haste
Hate is a plain waste of time
I don't know why I bothered making this rhyme
Was it to address hate... no
Claim my affiliation towards it... no
But some people are thick like pizza dough
And some people hate on the down low
Some are blatantly hating in the open
That's what causes riots and stuff among the poor
But hopefully in the future hate will non-exist like the dinosaur

Your Rhymes Is Type Wack By Tommy Flame
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Your rhymes is type wack
While mine are off the meat rack
I'll be back to the past like if I was Samurai Jack
I'll slash you with my machete
Turn your hair into gravy
I rhyme tight like a knot
I talk mad shit a lot
My shit nasty like snot
Your ass rhymes like a robot
Mad girls think they hot but yo I think not
Niggas smoke pot
Brains start to rot
While your girl give nice brain in the back of my truck
Your album got #1 status thatís pure luck
Your album got #0 status you straight suck
Knock you in the head with a hockey puck
Lay back in the X5 with my millions of bucks
Attack you like shooting ducks in a barrel
I blow niggas away with the double barrel shotgun
Get my bitch Carol to do you dirty
So unless you The Matrix you can spray raid
And it still wonít make you safe
I make niggas wanna run
What's up don
You can't touch me son
The flames be a huned and ten
Heat will burn you again and again
Nigga E-Mail to J-Lo point, click, send
You know that ass I wish she would lend
But fuck it we both know that she aniít coming near me
Fuck around and be on Henderson naked ya see
I'll whip that ass like Jet Li
But unfortunately
Bitch got security that are 10 feet big
I'm a cut em' down to size with a 10 foot saw kid
Bitch fuck around and get cut up too
Bitch done lost
But unlike me I donít lose
Your rhymes is type wack
While mine are off the meat rack
I'll be back, back to the past like Samurai Jack
I'll slash you with my machete
Turn your hair into gravy baby
Hair be wavy it ani't a joke man
Raise hell and make it a wrap like saran
Your wacker than Duran Duran
Y'all niggas don't give a shit about me
Unless I got a CD or money
Y'all mother foes act worse than Gold Diggers
As long as you got figures
They your niggas
Soon as paper get low
They out quicker than Speedy Gonzales running from el Cato
Bitch Niggas come and and ass kiss when you blow
And it's fucked up but like Janet said that’s the way love goes so

My Stories

My Stories

 Welcome to My Stories! My Stories is where myself and my good friend Peter Sanzone make up a story split it into parts and post the parts weekly on the site. Most of time I'll have it up by a Sunday this isn't concrete but hey nothin' on this site is anyway.


The stories up so far:

Ninja Card Deaders


Michael Schotborg

Peter Sanzone


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Record of the Robotic War


Michael Schotborg

Peter Sanzone


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Tales Of OD


Michael Schotborg

Daniela Guisado

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Tales of OD
Part 1


There is this famous club called Fanmatics. But there was a shooting there and now the people who go there daily have no hangout. The people who go there have now have scattered. This story begins with two friends pissed cause their favorite hangout is closed for renovations. They are now talking about a famous show named Rurouni Kenshin
Flame: You know now that think about it, I think they should have called Shishio mummy nigga. Dude is all wrapped up and shit...
Rurouni: HA HA HA!!! I would pay to hear Kenshin say mummy nigga!!!
Flame: That would be funny...
Rurouni: Oh my god! That would be funny as hell!!
Flame: I'd probably have a stroke, seisure, and a heart attack all at once from all the laughing I'd do...
Rurouni: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Now I can't stop laughing!
Flame is laughing at Rurouni.
Rurouni: You know your just like my parents
Flame: No I'm not.
Rurouni: Fine. Anyway they find my Kenshin obsession to be strange and shouldn't be encouraged.
Flame: Right... give them a big whatever...
Rurouni: I do but they are the ones with all the money so it would be best not to anger them.
Flame: HA HA HA I feel you on that one...
Rurouni: HA HA! That's why I plan to rob a bank! SO I WILL OWN KENSHIN ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
Flame: Good luck with that one... I'll visit you in jail...
Rurouni: Its funny though there is a really small bank in town and we went there when we first moved here and the vault is right in the middle for everyone to see and the door is wide open just begging someone to rob it! Being me and I'm not afraid of the cops! THEY'LL NEVER CATCH ME! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Flame: Right...
Flame gives a big thumbs up to Rurouni
Flame: Your so going to jail!
Flame: HA HA And what pray tell is this "fool-proof" plan of yours?
Rurouni: I don't know if you can be trusted with such a plan.
Flame: Like I'm gonna tell anyone about it.
Rurouni: Fine I'll tell you... First I'll go to the bank during the day when its open. Then I'll go to the bathroom and stay there till it closes and then I'll call my friend who just happens to live near the bank and tell her to casually stay outside the bank w/o looking suspicious and she'll keep watch and then I'll find the vault w/ my super cool flashlight and steal all the money (which probably isn't very much) and then I'll do some cartwheels and shit and escape magically through the back door where I'll have a getaway car (my bike) and leave before anyone could suspect me!!! ITS FOOL PROOF!!!
Flame: Yeah... I think you missed a few things one of them being security cameras...
Rurouni: They wont be able to recognize me with my ski mask
Flame: How you gonna open the vault?
Rurouni: It's always open. Its a very small town!
Flame: What's the population?
Rurouni: I don't know but the bank is really old fashioned and really small.
Flame: Do you... but I'm warning you in a small town or not robbing a bank ani't a good idea.
Rurouni: I was joking... really hehe I was...
Rurouni then tries to think of a Plan B
Flame: HA HA! Damn... I figured you were though I was playing along... or was I?
Rurouni: Dun Dun Dun!
Flame is laughing at Rurouni.
Rurouni: HA HA HA! That's right we were just joking the whole time.....
Flame and Rurouni are laughing at each other.
Flame: I need money!
Rurouni: That was random...
Flame: But I do!
Rurouni: ME TOO!!!
Flame: I'm sick of being broke...
Rurouni: ME TOO!!! Lets rob a bank!
Flame: NYPD will fuck around and pull a 41 bullet OD on me.
Rurouni: Naw... THEY'LL NEVER CATCH US!!!
Flame and Rurouni are laughing at each other.
Flame: I saw this article online it's about how new bands like Evanescence suck!
Rurouni: WHAT?
Flame I know what the hell is their problem?
Rurouni: I really hate that. I remember a while people saying evanescence were posers and I got really pissed.
Flame: They aren't posers they are they're own thing... I get pissed when people bash Linkin Park so I understand. I left that alone and didn't speak on it anymore.
Rurouni: Yeah and people say that Evanescence and Linkin park sound the same when they don't sound alike at all.
Flame: These people should get stomped out and thrown off a flight of stairs then impale their head on the last step then then have their body set on fire, have it put out with a fire extinguisher, then set on fire again for making that statement... There is no way in hell the sound alike for one Linkin Park is Rap Rock and Evanescence is alternative. Next Linkin Park OD's with screaming and rapping meanwhile Evanescence only really has that female doing most of the singing, and the most obvious reason they are different there is no chick in LP there is one in Evanescence so how could they sound the same when there are different genders lead singing the groups.
Rurouni is rolling on the floor laughing her ass off.
Flame is laughing at Rurouni.
Rurouni: I'll have to try that some time.
Rurouni thinks evil thoughts.
Flame is laughing at Rurouni.
Rurouni: I like your thinking.
Flame: Thank you.
Rurouni: While they're burning we should stab them...
Flame: Why not? But better yet stand a far distance and throw crates of gasoline at the burning body...
Flame: I see so many assholes in my travels that in my mind I think of ways to straight kill or torture their asses... Goddamn I hate bitch ass motherfuckers... I just want to do some real life video game shit to them...
Rurouni: Sometimes when I see someone I hate I can see sharp pointy objects going through their bodies!
Flame: I sometimes wanna pull a matrix on these dudes
Rurouni: Yep here's what I'd do... <insert slow-motion sounds here> I'm a smack you! SMACK! Ahhhh! Why you hit me so hard? SMACK! It was cold-blooded...
Flame: I'm Rick James BITCH!!! Enjoy Yourself cause it's only just begun...

To Be Continued...

Record of the Robotic War
Part 1


In a desolate, war-torn nation by the name of Destrutopia lies a person who is chosen to become leader of Destrutopia; but he gets shot up by robots from opposing parties. A panel of the senate is currently running the nation with a leader but there is unrest. That leads to a Father and Son. The Father's name is Clayborne and the Son's name is Craig. Clayborne is a retired vet in the great Robot Wars that have etched utter destruction on Destrutopia since it has been ruled by tyrannical dictators. He is well-skilled in building things. His son shares the same passion they both are inventors. Together the two of them create new weapons for the Destrutopia royal army. Such as Mech-type robots who only know how to kill. Craig loved to build these. This story begins in their workshop in the Destrutopia capital.
Craig: Yawn... what to build today more killer Mechs!
Clayborne: All you build is these unnecessary Mechs that the Army isn't gonna use!
Craig: But I love building Mechs! They're fun!
Clayborne: Not everything in life is fun son.
Craig: [Aside] Humph... I'll show him! My Mechs will bring about a new world order! But to place the new you must first rip out the old!
Clayborne: You say something son?
Craig: No Dad.
Enter the Ruler's Ambassador.
Ambassador: Mr. Killborne...
Clayborne: Call me Clayborne...
Ambassador: Mr. Killborne our wonderful leader loves the amount of Mechs you spit out of here, but if my statistics are right we currently have five back-ups for each solder. And as you know we have the strongest and largest army in the world and with no rival in sight!
Craig: [Aside] So the government doesn't want my Mechs either? I'll show them I'll show them ALL!
Ambassador: What are you doing screaming all?
Clayborne: Nevermind him he's the one who builds all the Mechs. He takes great pride in them.
Ambassador: Fine... But Mr. Killborne your son needs to learn some self-control.
Craig: Sorry sir...
Ambassador: Humph....
Ambassador exits.
Clayborne: See what trouble you almost caused us to get in?
Craig: He's an asshole!
Clayborne back-hands Craig in the mouth and all of a sudden you see a bar of soap in Craig's mouth.
Craig: Mu Mu Mu Mu!
Clayborne: I told you about that cussin'!
Craig: Mu Mu Mu Mu!
Craig spits out the bar of soap.
Craig: That is gay!
Clayborne: Goto the junkyard and don't come out until you learn some manners!
Craig walks out to the junkyard. The junkyard is infested with any scrap part you can imagine. Craig was fascinated by this sight. He began to excavate the junkyard for parts. Over a period of days Craig made his own compound with the junkyard. He underwent a transformation in attitude somewhat. Instead of a violent resistance towards people Craig began to exhibit a more passive resistance toward people. Oh and a lot of people walked by Craig's compound. They told him to quit. They told him that he was crap. They told him this and that. But he kept building. Craig even was doing construction in the wee hours of the night.
Craig: I'm so tired...
Enter three critics.
Critic 1: You see this?
Critic 2 & 3: Yes sir!
Critic 1: This is a great example of a father who doesn't care for his kid. He's been out here for a week. A week!
No responsible father would let his son stay in a sty like this for a week!
Critic 2 & 3: Yes sir!
Craig keeps on building as the three critics continue their conversation.
Critic 1: Here watch this! [Aside to Craig] Hey! Hey Boy!
Craig doesn't answer.
Critic 1: He's rejecting to talk to me! [Aside to Craig] Hey! Hey Boy!
Craig doesn't answer.
Critic 1: I know you can hear me BOY! Quit making all that racket and go in your home!
Craig: I would prefer not to.
Critic 1: He spoke!
Critic 2 & 3: Yes he spoke sir!
Critic 1: It's late boy! Quit making all that racket and go in your home! Your father...
Craig: I would prefer not to. Now I have to get back you work. Please bid me peace.
Critic 1: Well at least he's respectful!
Critic 2 & 3: Yes very respectful!
Critics exit. A new day begins. Craig is putting the finishing touches on the compound as Clayborne walks out to his former junkyard.
Clayborne: So you think I was born yesterday huh?
Craig: I didn't say that you did.
Clayborne: Why you!
Clayborne proceeds to fight Craig. Clayborne places his fighting stance. Craig is giving Clayborne a stare as if he was looking though him. Clayborne swings his blow. It renders Craig almost lifeless. Craig lies on the ground as two police officials take Clayborne away to jail.
Clayborne: This is bullshit! What the fuck I'm doing handcuffed!?! No one has read my rights!
Police Official 1: You have the right to shut the fuck up!
Police Official 2 pistol whips Clayborne. As Craig lays on the floor lifeless...

To Be ContinuedÖ

Record of the Robotic War
Part 2


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig was laying on the floor lifeless and his father was on his way to jail. It seems the police forgot about Craig. For 4 days the boy lays on the ground in front of his yet to be finished compound. It was a desolate area during those four days. If it wasn't for one girl who happened to walk by the Claymore compound, Craig probably would be dead. Enter Rosaline.
Rosaline: So this the ever famous Claymore Compound...
Rosaline a scintillating sixteen year old girl same age as Craig who works for the local newspaper. "The Daily Who Gives A Fuck!?! All This Is About Is Murders And Deaths..." I forget the rest of the title it's long as fuck. Anyway when Rosaline walks into the Junkyard which became Craig's domain she sees his semi-lifeless body lying in a fetal position.
Rosaline: Oh my God! This is a travesty! Upon my eye that I see.
Rosaline finds a wheelbarrow and tries to get Craig in it. She succeeds and rushes him to a hospital.
Rosaline: I'll see you'll get the best medical care.
Rosaline stays by Craig's side at the hospital. The doctors diagnosis of Craig's condition is one of a critical matter. Craig is in a state of unconsciousness.
Within Craig's hospital room enter Rosaline, a doctor, and two nurses.
Rosaline: I hope he'll be alright.
Nurse 1: Are you by chance related to him?
Rosaline: No, I'm afraid not miss.
Nurse 1: Are you by chance his girlfriend?
Rosaline: No, I'm afraid not miss.
This made the doctor look up.
Doctor: Your not!
Rosaline: No, I'm afraid not sir.
Doctor: Then why did you...
Rosaline: It was the right thing to do! I saw him lying on the ground lifeless! What was I suppose to do? Leave him there to die!
Nurse 1: Calm down Ms. Thornbilly.
Rosaline: Whatever!
Rosaline exits.
Nurse 2: Well she was surely pissed.
Nurse 1: Yeah.
Nurse 2: I think she likes him.
Nurse 1: I agree. She wouldn't have made such a scene if she didn't.
Doctor: Well one thing is for sure if this dude wakes up and proves a rumor to be true, his father is going away for a long time.
Nurse 2: Yeah that's right his father is going on trial for a lot of charges! One of them is neglect and another being child abuse.
Nurse 1: Wow! I always though Claymore and Craig were the best father-son team creating the mechs for the Destrutopia army.
Nurse 2: Yeah but there is always rumors of the two fighting.
Doctor: They are airing the trail for Claymore lets watch.
Both Nurses: Ok!
The three of them sit my Craig's TV. and begin to watch Claymore's trial against the senate. Enter Rosaline.
Rosaline: What is this?
Nurse 1: Oh your back? This the Craig's father's trail against the senate.
The trial begins. Enter Judge, a eight panel jury, Claymore, his lawyer & a prosecutor.
Prosecutor: This is a case where Mr. Killborne is being charged for neglect of his 16 year old son who is currently in the hospital due to next charge child abuse. Then you have created a monopoly in your Mech business. You buy everyone out and take over the companies. Do you have anything to say on your behalf?
Clayborne: Well...
Prosecutor: It doesn't matter what you have to say we have concrete evidence that you did everything that we stated in our report. What in the hell you think your gonna say to get you out of this? Your own son tried to make his own compound to get away from you.
Clayborne [aside to his lawyer]: I thought you said you was gonna handle this!?!
Clayborne's Lawyer: This is a court of law and we have rules mister prosecutor. Put your personal animosity aside toward the wind. If I may your honor I'd like to show you something.
Clayborne's Lawyer pulls a pendant from underneath his shirt and aims it at the prosecutor, judge, and jury.
Clayborne's Lawyer: MUHAHAHAHAHA! What is the verdict?
Judge: This court rules Clayborne Killborne... Not Guilty.
Every Last Person Watching The Case On TV.: What the fuck!?!
Clayborne's Lawyer: MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Craig: Uhhh... This is bad.
Everyone In Craig's Room: Craig! Your awake!

To Be ContinuedÖ

Record of the Robotic War
Part 3


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig had just waken up from a deep coma and shocked the shit out of everyone. Clayborne just won his trail and Destrutopia is about to be in shambles. Inside Craig's room within the hospital everyone is either staring at the TV., Craig or both.
Craig: Why the fuck is everyone staring at me? It's freaking me out!
Everyone In Craig's Room: Wow! Your really awake!
Craig: Duh!
Roseline: I saved you. You looked like your life was at it's last drop.
Craig: Not to be mean but who the hell are you? I never seen you in Destrutopia before.
Doctor: He makes a good point. Who are you?
Roseline: I'm a rose without a name.
Craig: Forget the metaphors! Tell us who you are.
Roseline: Fine! I'm Roseline Thornbilly! A sweet 16-year old who just happen to pass by your dying carcass and saved your life! This is the thanks I get for doing that? Next time I see a dying person I'm not gonna do shit at all!
Craig: Damn! Sorry.
Roseline: Whatever.
Nurse 1 & 2: What are you gonna do about your father?
Craig: I don't know but he'll get his just due!
Commence a huge explosion that takes out the hospital wall leading to outside. Enter Clayborne.
Clayborne: Time to die!
Roseline: Your not gonna touch him!
Nurse 2 [Aside to Nurse 1]: See what I told you she likes him.
Nurse 1[Aside to Nurse 1]: I agree. She would not make such a scene if she didn't.
Clayborne: You can't be serious? I'll break you in half along with my son!
Roseline smacks Clayborne.
Clayborne: You bitch!
Clayborne scares Roseline and she runs Clayborne is in hot pursuit until the doctor steps in.
Doctor: Not in my hospital!
The Doctor and Clayborne fight. And the Doctor is nearly killed. As they finish Clayborne throws the Doctor into the nurses.
Doctor: Watch out!
Nurse 1 & 2: Ahhhhh!!!
Craig: What the hell are you doing?
Clayborne: You disrespectful bastard!
Craig: Well you got bastard right, you poor excuse for a father!
Clayborne: I'll kill you!
Roseline: That's something nice to say to your son lying down almost defenseless.
Clayborne pretends to swing at Craig but hits Roseline.
Craig: Roseline! That's it! You won't hurt no more people here!
Clayborne: Bring it on punk!
Enter Clayborne's Lawyer.
Craig: You will pay!
Craig attempts to swing at Clayborne but he blocks and counters Craig, and proceeds to throw him into a wall.
Clayborne's Lawyer: Good work!
Clayborne: What are you doing here?
Clayborne's Lawyer: Bid them adieu. We have more important matters to attend to.
Clayborne: You don't tell me what to do!
Clayborne's Lawyer pulls a pendant from underneath his shirt and aims it at Clayborne.
Clayborne: I will leave this place and retire with my lawyer.
Clayborne's Lawyer: Good bitch! My plan is coming to fruition. Soon I'll avenge my father and become ruler of Destrutopia. Soon... Soon...
Craig: You gotta be kidding me!
Clayborne's Lawyer: Your still alive! You got guts kid, I'll admit that. How about you join us?
Craig: Why would I join a bunch of savages like you?
Clayborne's Lawyer: You got a lot of nerve to call me out! I'll make a deal with you. Ditch Destrutopia and never come back. Now if you don't except this you will have a very painful death. So how you want to play it?
Craig: Why would I have to leave?
Clayborne's Lawyer: This isn't question and answer period for you. Now ditch Destrutopia and never come back or experience a very painful death.
Roseline eases to her feet.
Roseline: Craig...
Craig: Roseline...
Clayborne's Lawyer: How touching, but you still have to leave and the girl will not be leaving with you.
Craig: Fine! You asshole!
Two years later. Clayborne's Lawyer now the ruler of Destrutopia for over a year and has the nation on the edge of its seat. Craig never actually left Destrutopia. He escaped to his compound and fortified the internal rooms with locks and extremely heavy material to prevent entry or escape. Within Craig's compound he's watching the TV. and sees the most disturbing thing to him.
TV.: This is the Midday Destrutopia news. Our first story is the crazy idea that our leader came up with. This is a Midday Destrutopia news exclusive.
Ruler: I your Ruler of Destrutopia is declaring war on every last country in the world! MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Craig: Uhhh... This is bad. Very bad!
TV.: In other news our Ruler marries this woman named Ros...
Craig cuts the TV. off.
Craig: This motherfucker will pay a heavy price! A very heavy one!

To Be ContinuedÖ

Record of the Robotic War
Part 4


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig heard very disturbing pieces of news about his love Roseline and his country Destrutopia on the TV in his compound. But then there's a knock on the door.
Demolition King Employee 1: Demolition King, is anyone in there?
Craig: You gotta be fucking kidding me!
Demolition King Employee 1: Demolition King, is anyone in there?
Craig: Yo! You don't hear me!?!
Demolition King Employee 1: Demolition King, is anyone in there?
Craig: Damn soundproof insulation! They can't hear me, but I can hear them.
Demolition King Employee 1: Demolition King, is anyone in there?
Demolition King Employee 2: Yo! Fuck it! Lets just blow this building sky high! I wanna see the top hit Rock Bottom!
Demolition King Employee 1: You got problems.
Demolition King Employee 2: No! You got problems! Yeah!
Demolition King Employee 1: Oh my God.
Demolition King Employee 2: What?
Demolition King Employee 1: These military planes are flying above us.
Craig: Shit! I'm escaping! Good thing I made that underground passage under this place.
Craig escapes. Enter plane with Pilot.
Pilot: We are over the compound Mr. Killborne...
????: I told you don't call me that!
Demolition King Employee 1: Oh shit!
Demolition King Employee 2: We gonna catch a painful death aren't we?
Plane drops a series of bombs upon Craig's Compound. Then flies away. Craig is in an underground pathway. He is inching his way out to civilization.
Craig: This is bullshit! I must confront this asshole!
Craig after a few hours appears on the outskirts of Destrutopia. And as he rises from the depths of the underground tunnel Military Officials seize him and bring him onto a plane that is destined to goto the heart of Destrutopia the capital Chaopolis which is the only city with a name seeing the very first ruler of Destrutopia only give the Capital a name. Within the chambers of the Rulers Castle, Craig faces a mock trail and is thrown in jail.
Craig: Son of twenty fat bitches!
Warden Tybalt: Shut the fuck up you pompous ass! You should have fled like a good bitch out of the city. Now you stuck in this correctional facility.
Craig: Yo! Don't make me OD! Little botch I'll kill you and your family too.
Warden Tybalt: You ani't killing shit. Fucking bitch! How you talking shit behind a cell with a bed made to make you itch.
Craig: That explains a lot. How about you just let me out.
Warden Tybalt: Can't do it. I'll get fired like marshmallows left out at campfires near the Chaopolis Narrows. Speaking of such look at this in the paper. Our Ruler and this Roseline chick is getting married tomorrow there.
Craig: Damn him!
Warden Tybalt: What?
Craig: He stole her from me!
Warden Tybalt: Shit... oh well your fucked!
Just then the power goes out in the entire city of Chaopolis.
Warden Tybalt: Damn him! That's the fifth time this week the power went out. Yo Craig! Craig! Damn it! Damn it all to hell! I'm the prince of all you cats! You can't escape me even if you had wings like bats...
Craig [Aside]: Let me get the fuck up outta here.
Utter silence fills the city of Chaopolis. The citizens thought it as a bad omen for the ruler. If they only knew their thought wasn't too far from the truth. Craig makes his way out of the jail and down to the Chaopolis Narrows. To hide in waiting. On the way there though...
Ruler: Seize him!
Craig: The fuck!
...The ruler spots Craig walking the streets by the way of a tracing device placed in Craig when he was arrested.
Craig enter the Rulers chambers in handcuffs. Enter Craig, two guards, Roseline, Ruler, and Royal Vizier Miele.
Roseline: Craig!
Craig: Roseline!
Royal Vizier Miele: You two are pathetic!
Ruler: It's somewhat amusing Miele.
Craig: Miele! Miele my ass! That's my dad Clayborne!
Miele back-hands Craig in the mouth and all of a sudden you see a bar of soap in Craig's mouth.
Craig: Mu Mu Mu Mu!
Miele: Shut up! You speak when your spoken to. And without foul language! Didn't your parents tell you about that cussin'!
Craig: Mu Mu Mu Mu!
Craig spits out the bar of soap.
Craig: That is still gay! That's my dad alright. Ruler you trickerous bastard!
Ruler: Humph... I don't have a best man. I've killed them all. Oh well you'll do.
Craig: Fuck you!
Ruler: Ha you have no choice.
Craig: Your right.
Ruler: Vizier! Prepare him a suit. It will be the last one he'll ever wear. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Craig: Uhhh... This is bad. Very bad! [Aside] Yeah... it's my catchphrase live with it.

To Be ContinuedÖ

Record of the Robotic War
Part 5


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig was about to witness Roseline become married to the ruler. Which would mark bring about the destruction of
Vizier: Sit still! You wouldn't be in this mess if you had obeyed the Ruler's direct order!
Craig: If I make it alive out of this...
Vizier: What did the five fingers say to the face?
Craig: I dunno you motherfu...
Vizier smacks Craig.
Vizier: Smack! HA HA HA!
Craig: You motherfu...
Vizier smacks Craig.
Vizier: Smack! HA HA HA!
Vizier smacks Craig.
Vizier: Smack! HA HA HA!
Vizier smacks Craig.
Vizier: Smack! HA HA HA!
Vizier smacks Craig.
Vizier: Smack! HA HA HA! Maybe that'll smack some sense into you. You can't win you have nothing!
Craig [Aside]: Let me get the fuck up outta here before I kill this dude!
Vizier: Let me get one more in before I report to the Ruler!
Vizier goes over to smack Craig, but an explosion occurs.
Craig: The fuck!
Vizier: Noooooooo!
Bombs began to explode all over Chaopolis and the Chaopolis Narrows. The Ruler was almost killed during all of this. The Ruler left Roseline to die in her chambers.
Roseline: Where are you going without me? Can't you see I'm stuck under this rubble! Ruler! Rulllllleeeerr!!!
The city was in ruin. Craig and the Vizier were unconscious due to rubble falling on them. The Ruler had in place a intercom system so that when he speaks on a certain microphone the nation of Destrutopia can hear him.
Ruler: People of Destrutopia we are officially at war with every country in the world! If you wanna live, I suggest weather you can pilot one or not. You get in a mech and KILL EVERY LAST INVADER TRESPASSING IN OUR NATION!!!
The people responded and everyone got in a mech that didn't get killed trying to get to one.
At first the people of Destrutopia were commanding a great assault on the invaders but the fighting went for days and the Mechs were losing fuel to power up. Craig awoke and after smacking the Vizier a few times went to look for his love Roseline.
Craig: Roseline! Where are you?
Craig searched the ruined castle high and low with no hope of finding his love until he entered this one chamber...
Craig: This personifies bullshit! Where could she be? I know the dimwit Ruler doesn't care about her so she isn't with him. She's gotta be here somewhere.
Roseline [Very Faintly]: Craig...
Craig: Roseline! Where are you?
Roseline [Very Faintly]: Craig... I'm under...
Craig: Don't worry I'm here. It's my turn to save you from near-death.
Craig unearthed the rubble atop of his love Roseline and pulls her out of the rubble. Then the two escape to Craig's underground tunnel to cure Roseline of her bodily injuries.
Craig: Roseline your gonna be fine.
Roseline: What is that big thing over there? Is it a super mech or something?
Craig: Ahhh, indeed within the confides of my underground tunnel is my super Mech entitled Fenfir. I was gonna use it to defeat the Ruler but since all the other countries want to do my job I might use it to rid myself of some entrepreneuring invading assholes!
An explosion goes off.
Roseline: No more fighting! I can't stand it!
Craig: Roseline...
Roseline: I just wish our first noble Ruler wasn't assassinated.
Craig: I know what you mean.
Craig: You brought it all on yourself you asshole.
Roseline: Why did he stop?
A huge explosion goes off.
Craig: That's why.
Roseline & Craig: What the fuck!
An explosion goes off.
Ruler Clayborne: HURRY!!!
Craig: Uhhh... This is bad. Very bad!

To Be ContinuedÖ

Record of the Robotic War
Part 6


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig heard over the intercom system the plight of the City of Chaopolis. Roseline was being healed and Craig was running over to his super mech Fenfir and opened the cockpit hatch, when...
Roseline: Why do you have to go out there?
Craig: I have to save the nation despite my father, what ever his new name may be.
Roseline: But the people of Destrutopia donít give a damn weather you live or die, and IÖÖ.
Craig: Donít worry about it; I know what you want to say. But I canít stand by idly and watch these bastards try and take over what will soon be mine. Roseline, if you stay here youíll be safe; Iíll get you once itís all over.
Craig begins to start Fenfir.
Roseline: CraigÖ
Craig: Yes.
Roseline: CraigÖ I love youÖ Please come backÖ
Craig nods his head as Roseline blows a kiss to Craig. Enter two Nurses in the background.
Nurse 2: I told you she likes him!
Nurse 1: I agreed damn it. She wouldn't have made such a scene if she didn't. So stop ODing!
Craig hops inside Fenfir and closed the hatch. An elevator lifted the mech to the streets above and Craig readied himself for combat.
Roseline: CraigÖ better come back alive.
Meanwhile at the capitol building of Destrutopia Ruler Clayborne is yelling at Captain Tamsin of the palace guard.
Ruler Clayborne: Why are we being pushed back?!
Captain Tamsin: The men are tired sir; theyíve been fighting almost endlessly.
Ruler Clayborne: Your excuses are pitiful! Where is Craig, at this point heís our only chance at winning?!
Several explosions shake the building they are standing in and from a cloud of smoke in front of them four enemy mechs walk towards them.
Enemy Mech Pilot 1: This is it; weíve made it to the capitol building! NOW NOTHING CAN STOP US!
The mechs aimed there weapons at the capitol building and prepared to fire.
Ruler Clayborne: NO! THIS ISNíT HAPPENING.
Enemy Mech Pilot 1: Say goodbye jackass!
Enemy Mech Pilot 2: ARGGGGGGGGGGH!
Thereís a loud explosion as the pilot screams.
Enemy Mech Pilot 3: What the hell was thaÖ..
Another explosion goes off and now the fourth pilot is firing wildly at something in the smoke behind them.
Enemy Mech Pilot 4: Stay away you bastard!
????: Your the bastard!
The outline of a large mech can me seen behind the smoke and it raises its right arm and smashes it down on the fourth pilotís cockpit, crushing the pilot inside.
Enemy Mech Pilot 1: What kind of mech has this much power?!
The pilot fires every last weapon he has at the new enemy and watches in horror as he only scratches the mechs paint. His eyes go wide and he realizes heís about to die.
????: You fools never had a chance against me, see you in hell!
The mechís left hand folded back and a cannon extended out. The shot ripped right through the enemy mechís cockpit and killed the pilot instantly.
The mech walked towards the capitol building with loud thuds that shook the ground. The cockpit opened a Craig stepped out onto the hand of Fenfir.
Ruler Clayborne: Oh thank you lord! And Thank you Craig for saving myÖ..
Craig: Shut up! I didnít do it to save you! I did it to save the rest of the people in the building! Now, I need back up. Iím going to attack the advancing enemy and hopefully push them back.
Captain Tamsin: I volunteer myself and the men under my command for this battle.
Craig: Good, just donít get in my way, otherwise youíll end up just like the pilots I killed now.
Ruler Clayborne: Tamsin, who the hell will protect the capitol if you and your mechs are fighting the enemy away from the area?
Craig: Theyíll be focused on us stupid! With an unstoppable mech like Fenfir theyíll throw everything they have at me.
Ruler Clayborne: For my sake, and for the rest of the people in this building, I sure hope so.
After a few minutes Captain Tamsin and the five surviving pilots of his unit are following Craig in their mechs.
Captain Tamsin: Are you sure this will work? I know you slaughtered those four pilots as if they were nothing, but now weíre going up against an army.
Craig: I put everything I had into the Fenfir; it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest mechs ever made.
Captain Tamsin: For your and our sake, I hope so.
Tamsin Team Pilot 1: Sir, the enemy has been sighted up ahead.
Craig: Okay, remember to follow the plan. I fly over there and kick ass while you kill anybody who tries to get away. Got it?
Captain Tamsin: Roger that. Weíll spread out and pick off any stragglers.
Tamsin Team Pilot 1: I want my mommy!
The Fenfir jumped in the air and used its foot jets to fly over to the enemy mechs. It landed in the middle of the group and caught most of them off guard. In there panic Craig was able to kill five of them before they could even retaliate; those that didnít get off a shot didnít last much longer. In fifteen minutes he was able to kill 15 of the enemy mechs that were in the area, five more had been picked off by Captain Tamsin and his team.
Craig: Well, that takes care of those bastards. I bet their HQ was wetting there pants as they heard the pilots dieing. Fucking Bastards!
Suddenly there were three explosions in the area where some of Captain Tamsinís team were located.
Captain Tamsin: What the hell is going on?!
????: You thought your victory in that battle was so easy?! Wait till you face my elite team of pilots!
Craig: Who the hell are you?!
????: I am one of the most talented pilots of the mercenary group know as the Titans! In other words kid the man who will kill you!
Craig: I didnít ask for a damn story! What the fuck is your name fool?!
????: I am the pilot of the mech Ubermach, Jerid! And the other pilots are my teammates: Yazan, Bask, Jamitove and Isamu.
Captain Tamsin: Oh shit, Iíve heard of these guys! They arenít to be messed around with!
Craig: We need to get the hell out of here!
Jerid: There is no escape, surrender to your fate! Prepare to die!
Craig: Uhhh... This is bad. Very bad!
Meanwhile back in the underground tunnelÖ There is a noise going on in thereÖ
Roseline: AhhhhÖ Craig!!!

To Be ContinuedÖ


Record of the Robotic War
Part 7


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig was in the middle the plight of the City of Chaopolis and Roseline was in her own plight.
Roseline: Untie me!
????: Nah I'm good. I'm a have my way with your ass.
Roseline: Ahhhh!!!
The Nurses in the next room hear the ruckus.
Nurse 2 [Aside to Nurse 1]: Oh my! Look at these turn of events.
Nurse 1 [Aside to Nurse 2]: I know. We should tell Craig.
Nurse 2 [Aside to Nurse 1]: I know. Craig should told. Let me get the intercom he gave us.
The nurses get the intercom and call Craig.
Craig: Who is this?
Nurse 2: It's the nurse.
Craig: I got no time to talk later.
Craig turned the intercom off and then looked at the Ubermach that Jerid piloted, as it looked very advanced. One of the other mechs of the Titans stepped forward and pointed it large metal staff at the Fenfir.
Isamu: Iíll be the first and last to fight you boy! My mech Supermach will make quick work of that junk your piloting!
Craig: Weíll just see about that youÖ..
But before he could finish what he was saying Captain Tamsin interrupted him.
Captain Tamsin: Let me handle this guy, that way youíll only have to fight four of them once I finish this battle.
Craig: But that mech your piloting isnít as good as the one he is.
Captain Tamsin: The mech doesnít matter. The determining factor will always be the pilot.
Isamu: You sure are one arrogant Captain. No matter, Iíll kill you as well just to make things more exciting for myself.
Captain Tamsin: Youíre the arrogant one, thinking that youíre invincible.
The mech Captain Tamsinís piloting stepped in front of the Fenfir and drew its sword.
Captain Tamsin: Craig, watch as I prove that the pilot is always better then the mech.
Isamu: Yes Craig, watch as I butcher this fool.
The Supermach swung its staff at Captain Tamsin, but he dodged the strike and in turn swung his sword at Isamu. Isamu was able to bring the staff back quick enough to block the sword strike and pushed Captain Tamsin backwards with the strength of the Supermach.
Isamu: Do you see it now fool, that the mech does matter, especially when itís piloted by a superior pilot.
Instead of responding with words, Captain Tamsin fired a salvo of missiles towards the Supermach at close range. The blast sent Isamu reeling backwards and caused the Supermach to crash to the ground. Captain Tamsin rushed forward and brought the sword up for a strike at the Supermachís cockpit, but the Supermach kicked the sword from its hands.
Isamu: Hahahaha, you thought you had me there didnít you, well guess again!
The Supermach then flew to its feet and smashed its staff into the left side of Captain Tamsinís mech. The impact crushed the left arm and dented the torso area as well.
Captain Tamsin: Shit, without a weapon Iím done for!
Isamu: Start praying Captain, and donít worry, your buddy Craig will be following you shortly.
The Supermach flew a hundred feet into the air and stopped.
Isamu: Now itís time for my special attack, FLYING HARPOON!
Craig: Captain get out of there!
The Supermach then flew down at Captain Tamsin at top speed, aiming itís staff at the cockpit of the opposing mech. The Supermach kept getting larger in Captain Tamsinís view screen as it approached him at breakneck speed, the staff aiming to crush him. And then Captain Tamsin dropped his mech to its knees put it right arm forward; it was too late for Isamu to slow down the Supermach. The staff impacted on the head instead and knocked it away from the body, while the Supermach torso was impaled by the outstretched right arm of Captain Tamsinís mech. The Supermach blew up in a large explosion and smoke filled the area of the city they were fighting in.
Craig: What the hell just happened?! Captain Tamsin, are you alive?!
On the other side of the cloud of smoke Jerid and the rest of the Titans stood in silence.
Yazan: Was Isamu just killed by so petty Captain?
Jamitove: I donít know, it all happened so fast that I lost track of what happened at the very end.
Bask: He couldnít have been killed by that fool!
Jerid: Isamu got careless, it was his own fault!
The smoke started to clear and there was a lot of debris across the battlefield, most of which belonged to the Supermach. Captain Tamsinís mech was in horrible shaped, almost unidentifiable. The hatch popped open and the Captain climbed out and quickly ran towards Craigís Fenfir shooting to get his attention.
Captain Tamsin: Craig, see what I mean. He thought he was beÖÖ
And then a large explosion enveloped him right in front of the Fenfir. Craig was stunned and looked at the crater where the Captain had just stood.
Bask: Iíve avenged Isamu, that bastard did not deserve to live!
Craig: You killed him! You killed him when he couldnít fight back! Where is the honor in that?!
Meanwhile, back at the underground tunnel.
????: I'm a kill you bitches!
Nurses: Ahhhh! Help!
The Nurses run for their lives as Tybalt is chasing them around the compound.
????: I'm the prince of all you cats no one runs from me!
Roseline: Tybalt is that you!?!
Tybalt: Bitch! How do you know who I am?
Roseline: You just told me.
Tybalt: You bitch!
The nurses then snuck behind Tybalt and smashed his head with twin frying pans.
Tybalt: Awww! You bitches! I'm the prince of all you cats no one does that shit to me!
Tybalt falls to the floor and the Nurses untie Roseline from the chair she was in. The three of them were standing above Tybalt laughing.
Roseline: Ha ha ha! You were beat by two bitches! Oh Nurses listen to this... "I'm the prince of all you cats no one..." Yeah right!
Nurse 2: Yeah we did clock him pretty good. Didn't we?
Nurse 1: Yeah a mighty fine job we did! Shouldn't we go tell Craig?
Nurse 2: No we shoul...
Roseline cuts her off.
Roseline: That's a great idea! Let's go!
Nurse 1: How did you know it was him though.
Roseline: I used to hear him all the time scream that shit. "I'm the prince of all you cats no one..." ha ha ha.
Meanwhile back at the City of Chaopolis...
Bask: I Bask the next pilot you will be in combat with will eliminate your ass! Prepare to die!
Craig: You will pay for killing the Captain! Prepare to die! Charging up! Ahhhh!

To Be ContinuedÖ


Record of the Robotic War
Part 8


When we last left the son of Clayborne, Craig was in the middle the plight of the City of Chaopolis and getting ready to fight Bask the second Mech fighter pilot in the Titans!
Bask: Iím not afraid of some punk kid like you! I and Megamach have killed many pilots who tried to be heroes like you.
The Fenfirís eyes seemed to glow bright green and Craig and a look of anguish on his face. Baskís Megamach seemed to be different from Isamuís Supermach, it had more armor on it and several hatches covering its body.
Craig: Iím not a punk, nobody calls me a punk!
The Fenfir then charged at the Megamach with its fist pulled back. Bask quickly punched a few buttons and two of the hatches on the Megamach popped open and reveled several large missiles that immediately were fired at the Fenfir. Craig didnít have time to stop and the missiles slammed into Fenfir. The explosion enveloped it and the area filled with smoke.
Bask: Ha, I got him for sure with that attack.
Suddenly two green lasers shot from the smoke and into the Megamach, sending it reeling backwards. The Fenfir then flew from the smoke and tackled the Megamach.
Craig: Your hidden weapons will not be a factor in this battle; the Fenfirís armor is superior to all mechs.
Bask: Ha, then try this blast.
A section of the Megamachís chest opened up and a large mega cannon was underneath. It charged up and fired at the Fenfir at pointblank range. The blast sent the Fenfir into the air and Craig couldnít control its descent.
Craig: Oh crap, maybe I shouldnít have opened my big mouth.
Bask: Now Iíll fire everything Iíve got at you!
Every hatch on the Megamach opened up, reveling an assortment of weapons armies would kill to own. The crosshairs centered on the Fenfir and the HUD read ďROCK ON.Ē Every last weapon then fired at the Fenfir and it looked as if Craig wouldnít be able to dodge the assault, and he didnít.
Bask: Yes, I got that rat bastard with that attack! Nobody can beat my Megamachís ultimate attack. MUHAHAHAHAHA! Damn evil crushing hater of doom. Die!
As the Megamach threw it's last missile at Craig it had to power down due to the large amount of energy used to fire its main attack.
Bask: Well guys that's the end of him.
Jarid: I'll be seeing you in hell Bask.
Bask What?
As Bask said that a green aura of energy had engulfed Bask's Mech. Bask who is in pain makes agonizing screams.
Bask: You bastard! If my armor didn't power down you'd have...
Bask's Mech explodes and he dies.
Ruler Clayborne: Craig do you read me?
Craig: What the hell you want?
Ruler Clayborne: We have a situation here! Call Tamsin please I couldn't reach him!
Craig: Tamsin is dead...
Ruler Clayborne: What! Tamsin is dead?
Craig : Yes! Craig out!
Ruler Clayborne: Craig! Craig! Fuck! Raymond get over here!
Raymond: What do you want sir?
Ruler Clayborne: Craig is gonna need help! Get me Roseline!
Raymond : I was about to inform you that...
Enter Roseline and the two nurses.
Roseline: I'm here!
Raymond: Took you long enough!
Roseline: Some bastard in underground tunnel had to make a phone call .
Everyone started laughing.
Ruler Clayborne: Take em' out back and shoot the motherfucker then!
Roseline: Hmmmm, not a bad idea.
Roseline pulls out a gun and loads it. And everyone started laughing.
Roseline: I'll be back.
Roseline runs back to the underground tunnel and caps Tybalt. But she misses.
Ruler Clayborne: We hear agonizing screams thru the communicator!
Roseline: Oh, I must have missed his head! One sec.
Roseline finishes the job and everyone started laughing.
Ruler Clayborne: I guess now nobody gonna make a phone call there.
Everyone started laughing.
Roseline: Oh....shit....COPS!
Robber: Cheese It!
Roseline: The fuck? Get back here!
The Cops and Roseline chase the robber.
Robber runs, trips, lands in sewer.
Robber: OH CRAP!
Police Officer: Well it looks like this one got away... I'm not dirtying my new suit!
Roseline: You must be kidding me.
Roseline chases the robber down the sewer. Everyone back where Ruler Clayborne is can't seem to stop laughing. Meanwhile Craig comes down from the sky and asks who his next opponent is.
Craig: Who's next to die!
Yazan: I believe that's me! You Punk!
Craig: Well come on and try to beat me then. AHHHHH!

To Be ContinuedÖ


Ninja Card Deaders
Part 1


You aniít never gonna believe this shit. This story begins in the town of Hollis. The hero Michael who is taller than life and somewhat muscular is at his home playing with his two year old niece Alexandria. When all of a sudden his roof caves in and a countless amount of card deadiní ninjas come straight the fuck out of nowhere and before Michael can grab his gunblade the ninja has a katana to his neck and to Alexandriaís neck.
Michael: Who the fuck is you?
Head Ninja: You will show us respect or you will catch an auto-death. Give us your Yu-Gi-Oh Cards immediately.
Alexandria: What is death? Michael?
Michael: Something this mo foe will experience if he doesnít move this damn sword away from my neck.
Head Ninja: Your cards now! I will not ask again.
Ninja 1: You better listen to him!
Michael like a punk bitch gives up his shit and now is cardless. The ninjaís try to throw down a smoke ball to escape under a veil of darkness but without them knowing Michael switched their smoke balls with their sleep balls.
Ninja 1: What the hell?
Head Ninja: YawnÖ
Alexandria: Me tiredÖ
All Other Ninjas: AhhhhÖ
All but Michael fall out on the floor. Then Michael takes his cards back. He can barely stand but he tries to grab his belongings, one ninjaís sword and then picks up his niece and proceeds to walk out the front door of his home.
Michael: What type of homothug shit is this? These mo foes almost killed me back there.
Alexandria: YawnÖ Michael wanna see mommy!
Michael: Later we gotta get out of here first.
Alexandria: Gotta get out?
Michael pokes Alexandria in the stomach.
Alexandria: Ha ha haÖ
Michael: OD
Alexandria: OD
All of a sudden a luxury car pulls up to the two. Some well dressed Military Official rolls down the window. The official sticks his head out.
Military Official: Come here.
Alexandria: He say come here Michael.
Michael: Fuck that!
The official gets out of the car.
Military Official: How foul-mouthed you are.
Michael: YeahÖ your point?
Military Official: Ha! You could never join the Marines. No discipline.
Michael: Who said I wanted to?
Military Official: Arenít you patriotic?
Michael: I donít have to be in the armed forces to be patriotic.
Alexandria: Yeah!
Michael: You heard my niece BUZZ off!!! I want to live a few more years, call me when I'm in shape so I can tell you no with confidence.
All of a sudden one stumbling ninja comes out the house and tries to stab the shit out of the Military Official with his katana.
Military Official: Ha! You missed!
Ninja: Give us your guns!
Military Official: Fuck that you'll have to kill me!
Michael: Look whoís foul-mouthed now?
Military Official: You!
When the Military Official said that to Michael then ninja striked the Military Official with a sword strike that could awaken deaf peoples hearing.
Michael: Ahhhh my ears feel like they are gonna explode!
Military Official: AhhhhÖ You will have a shitstorm you damn ninja!
Ninja: You said you'll have to kill me. Fucking punk! Donít ask for things you donít want!
Michael and Alexandria: What a mess!
Michael: Frickiní blood everywhere! [Insert British Accent Thereó>] Bloody Hell!
Alexandria: Bloody Hell!
Michael smacks Alexandria.
Michael: What I say about cursiní?
Alexandria starts to cry so loud it wakes up he remaining ninjas in the house.
Michael: Shit! Now look what you done did!
Alexandria: SorryÖ (Sob)
All Other Ninjas: Get them!
All the ninjas swarmed around the two and it looked like all was lostÖ

To Be ContinuedÖ

Ninja Card Deaders
Part 2

When we last left the hero Michael and his niece and all the ninjas swarmed around the two and it looked like all was lost but it was not to beÖ for a while anyway.
Michael: Fudge beans!
Alexandria: Iím scared!
Michael begins to have a yellow aura surrounding him and the Ninjas commit their strikes.
Ninja 1: Hyah!
Ninja 2: Hyah!
Ninja 3: Hyah!
Ninja 4: Hyah!
Ninja 5: Hyah!
Time to commence the beatdown. Michael attempts to attack 3 ninjas at once and was whippiní ass until the numbers game kicked in and Michael is getting knocked the fuck out and Alexandria gets kidnapped.
Alexandria: Ahhhhh
Michael: Alexandria!!!
Ninja: Shut up!
That Ninja kicks Michael. Then the other ninjas stomp Michael the fuck out and Michaelís sister and Alexandriaís mother Michele and her husband Alex pull up to Michaelís house. And they are witnessing the beatdown. A hour laterÖ
Michael: AhhhÖ my head.
Michele: Hyah!
Michele knocks Michael out again for losing Alexandria. Michael wakes up again.
Michael: AhhhÖ my torso.
Alex: Hyah!
Then Michael sister's husband knocks him out. Then Michael wakes up once more.
Michael: AhhhÖ my back.
Michele: Hyah!
Alex: Hyah!
They both knock Michael out, then he awakes yet again but before they knock him out again his friend Peter shows up and proceeds to knock them out.
Michael: The fuck is going on?
Peter: I saw them kicking you.
Michael: Oh... Letís leave before they awake.
Peter: Ok.
The two of them run but as they do so they notice Michaelís cards are lined up leaving a trail.
Peter: Your cards are all over the place!
Michael: I knowÖ. damn hereís Magic Cylinder, Ring of Destruction, and Mirror Force.
Peter: HummÖ all traps so far. Must mean something.
Michael: PerhapsÖ weíll follow this trail to the source, which appears to be a broken pc tower up ahead.
As Michael and Peter travel toward the broken pc tower a lost ninja attacks the duo.
Michael: What the hell?
Peter: A ninja!
Lost Ninja: Hyah!
Michael and Peter dominate the ninja but during the struggle they donít know that another lost ninja is sneaking up on the action. The lost ninja is tired so he throws a ninja star. Michael ducks and the star hits the second Lost Ninja and he dies a slow agonizing death. As the other collapses. Afterwards Michael kicks the broken PC. Somehow it starts working and brings up a hologram.
Michael: I put my hand thru and it disappears I take it out and my hand is back.
Peter: Iíll run and jump thru the hologram.
Peter completely disappears. Michael steps back.
Michael: Fuck it!
Michael jumps thru. The alternate world looks like some shit out of The Terminator mixed with Kenshin.
Peter: Took you long enough.
Michael: WhateverÖ I see my niece ahead, being taken hostage.
Peter: Is it me or did the card trail reappear?
Michael: YeahÖ The card trail has reappeared motherfucker!
Peter: You foul moutó
Michael: Don't start... lets move on.
Before they can proceed however they become apart of an explosion!
Michael: Bullshitttttttttt!
Peter: HeyÖ thatís my line. Oh well. Bullshitttttttttt!

To Be ContinuedÖ

Ninja Card Deaders
Part 3

When we last left the heroes Michael and Peter were in the middle of an explosion. By some miracle they happen to survive in one peace.
Michael: Two wordsÖ God Damn!
Peter: Is that Gil over there?
Michael: YeahÖ Damn!
Gil the annoying bastard appears with a trenchcoat filled to the brim with weapons.
Gil: How you doing?
Peter: Go away Gil!
Gil: I have weapons!
Michael: We could use that.
Gil: Here have a field day while choosing your arsenal.
Peter: I'm going to kill you whore! Leave BITCH!
Gil: Go ahead. I'll just get my army on you.
Peter: Bullshitttttttttt! How you gonna get an army when your dead!
Michael: Oh shit! Run Gil!
Peter: *BAM BAM BOOM* Muhahahahahah!
Peter snaps Gilís neck and Gil blinks away and leaves behind a turkey. Michael and Peter steal the weapons and move ahead towards the compound where Alexandria is. Enter two strangers in the area and he walks in front of Michael and Peter.
Stranger 1: Hey look at this kick ass card I found.
Michael: Give that shit back before you catch an Auto-Death!
Stranger 1: What the fuck are you talking about!
Michael: Beans! I gotta act black now!
Michael hits stranger, snaps neck, stabs him, shoots him and takes the card.
Peter: Hey, Mike I think he got that in a pack.
Michael: Oh well. None of my business...
Stranger 2: Hey you canít do that!
Peter: You want you neck snapped too?
Stranger 2: Ahhhhh!
Stranger 2 runs away like a punk bitch. Michael pokes Stranger 1's carcass with a stick to make sure Stranger 1 is dead and all of a sudden a remote falls from his pocket. Enter Josh popping out of nowhere.
Josh: Oi, who the hell carries a TV remote with them.
Michael and Peter jump a few steps back after being startled.
Peter: Where the hell did you come from!
Michael: Yeah, where the fuck you come from!
Josh: Oh, something happened at this Internet cafe when I was playing Counter Strike and next thing I know I'm here and there's a dead Gil. You sure this isn't Heaven?
Michael: It might be? I dunno.
Peter: Hey, Mike let me see the remote.
Michael hands Peter the remote. Peter grabs it and presses button, nothing happens.
Peter: Damn this crap is broken!
He suddenly realizes he's now 20 feet in the air and looking down on Michael and Josh.
Peter: Holy Hell! There's a damn giant robot under me! THIS IS HEAVEN!
Peter hops in robot and accidentally crushes Josh. Blood splatters everywhere.
Peter: Uhhhhhh, my bad.
Michael: Alright! What the fuck!?!
Peter: What!?!
Michael: Why the fuck you do that to Josh?
Peter: I thought you hated him?
Michael: I did!
Peter: Then whatís the problem?
Michael: You got his blood all over my shoes!
Peter: Damn!
Michael and Peter: Fuck it!
Enter Alexandria, Two lackeys, & Melfid.
Melfid: You should join the Marines! Theyíll pay for your college! All you have to do is kill a bunch of people. Which you seem to be good at!
Michael: Ah shit! Alexandria!
Lackey 1 rolls out a Nightmare Wheel and straps Alexandria to it. As it tortures Alexandria... Michael becomes more irate.
Alexandria: Ahhhhh!
Michael: These sons of cousins of bitch ass motherfuck fuckers!
Peter: Damn! Nice one.
Michael Thank you!
Melfid: Your foul mouth will get you nowhere!
Peter: Time to O.D.!
Michael: Thatís my line! Oh well fuck it! TIME TO OOOOO.D.!
Peter uses his robot to grab the nightmare wheel to free Alexandria. While Michael uses his Gunblade to slash the lackeys.
Lackey 1 and 2: Ahhhhh!
The Lackeys die while Melfid creates a Spellbinding Circle around Peterís robot. And Michael is trying to free Alexandria. From the Nightmare Wheel.
Peter: I might need some help!
Alexandria: Ahhhhh!
Michael: Beans! Fudge beans!
Melfid: You wanna curse donít you?
Michael: Fuck! Beans!
Alexandria & Peter: Ahhhh!
Melfid: MUHAHAHAHAHA! You all will DIE!

To Be ContinuedÖ.


Ninja Card Deaders
Part 4

When we last left our heroes Michael and Peter, Michael had finished off Melfidís lackeys trying to free Alexandria and Peter became entrapped within a Spellbinding Circle.
Melfid: MUHAHAHAHAHA! You all will DIE! There is no escape.
Michael: YeahÖ Whatever!
Melfid: Whatever the hell ever bitch!
All of a sudden a smokescreen covers the area. Enter an assortment of ninjas surrounding everybody.
Head Ninja: Give up your weapons!
All the other Ninjas: Yeah! Bitch! Give emí up!
Peter [aside to Michael]: Mike you know what this means right?
Michael [aside to Peter]: Yeah were beans!
Peter [aside to Michael]: No! If we can convince the ninjas to fight with us we can beat Melfid!
Michael [aside to Peter]: Ok. Sounds like a plan.
Peter: Ninjas! I have a proposition for you.
Head Ninja: If you want an alliance forget about it! All must perish!
Michael: Fuck that one! There aniít no one else dying today except for Melfid over there.
Melfid: How dare you disgrace my name you mongrel!
Michael charges toward Melfid but Melfid raises a shield to block Michaelís attack
Melfid: Ha! Losers! Time to die! I SUMMON LU BU!
Michael: Thatís not good!
Peter: Ya think! And Iím still spellbound!
Enter Lu Bu on a horse.
Lu Bu: Who dares challenge me?
Michael: No one in their right mind!
Lu Bu: Yes! You are right.
All the Ninjas begin to jump Lu Bu. And before they can do anything Lu Bu hits every last ninja with a striking blow with his staff. Then he hops off his horse.
Lu Bu: You werenít serious right? RIGHT?
Lu Bu picks up the Head Ninja.
Head Ninja: Put me down please. Iím sorry! Iím sorry!
Lu Bu throws the Head Ninja into Melfid.
Melfid: Nooooooo!
Melfid drops his staff and Peter is no longer spellbound. Alexandria is freed from the Nightmare Wheel as well. Lu Bu kills the Head Ninja and Melfid with cataclysmic blows to the head with his massive staff.
Lu Bu: I kicked both of your asses, is there anybody who can beat me.
Lu Bu is then crushed by Peter's robot.
Peter: My bad, did I interrupt something.
Michael: YeahÖ but I donít think it was important.
Michael and Peter were about to get jumped by the rest of the ninjas.
Michael: Ok. Yíall wanna die be my guest!
Michael begins to slash ninja after ninja. Meanwhile Peter is blasting the hell out of the other ninjas, vaporizing them rendering them beyond slain.
Michael: We kicked your motherfucking asses!
Peter: Who is that?
Michael: Who?
Peter: The dude over there with a bunch of pit bulls.
Michael: Oh shit thatís the dudes friend of the guy that I took his card.
Peter: UhÖ I think you should go.
Enter Stranger 2 with a bunch of pit bulls that start chasing the Michael all around the place.
Michael: Peter! It would be nice if you helped! Shit!
Michael shoots one of the pitís with his gunblade.
Peter: Your doing fine!
Michael: If you donít aim your shit at these motherfuckers, Iím a aim this shit at you motherfucker!
Peter: Calm down.
Peter blasts multiple missiles at the stranger and the pits.
Michael: Iím leaving this place! Itís freaking me out!
Peter: You canít leave!
Michael: Yeah! Why not?
Peter: How can you leave a place you werenít at?
Michael: What?
The area begins to dissipate into a mist and Michael canít see whatís behind or in front of him.
Michael: What is going on!
????: Wake up!
Michael: Who are you?
????: Wake up!
Michael: What is happening?
????: Wake up!
Next thing you know Michael is in his bed in his home and his niece Alexandria is trying to wake Michael.
Alexandria: Letís play!
Michael: Fine.
Michael pokes Alexandria.
Alexandria: Ha Ha Ha!
When all of a sudden his roof caves in and a countless amount of card deadiní ninjas come straight the fuck out of nowhere and before Michael can grab his gunblade the ninja has a katana to his neck and to Alexandriaís neckÖ.

The EndÖ or is it?


My Wallpapers

As you can tell I like Hikaru Utada and I OD'ed making wallpapers on her. But sometimes I do other stuff too. In any event here are My Wallpapers

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  • Urban Poetry Club

    The Urban Poetry Club was a club within my High School and these guys are good! Some are better than me. Anyway I'll try once a week to post the exploits from one of the meetings. For now I present to you some of the best heard in the meetings so far... This wonderful club even though I rarely get any poerty from the members to post is runed by Mr. Lagmay, Ms. Thacker and Mr. Clyde



    What Poem I Added


    Who Are We By Clive


    A Little Girl By Matthew Marturano


    In Love By Matthew Marturano


    Decision By Eveyana Cortez

    Scared Hearted But Still Beatin By El-Jar Ruiz
    A clip of "The Brightest Eye" By El-Jar Ruiz
    Waiting By Kerry-Ann 

    What Am I Today? By Sandra L. Colon

    Rhymes Added 12/24/03

    Who Are We By Clyde


    Who are we

    We're a group of young individuals

    Who use the format of poetry

    To express what's on our minds

    In a way that is

    Intelligent and mature

    Expressing our views articulately

    Who are we

    A collective group of minds

    Who is about using their heads

    To express what is in out hearts

    In a positive way

    Without any negative

    Who are we

    We are the ones

    Who use our words

    To inspire others

    Guiding ourselves as well

    Doing it with a little T.L.C. Thacker, Lagmay, and Clyde

    Who are we

    The Thomas Edison Urban Poetry Club


    Rhymes Added 12/24/03

    A Little Girl By Matthew Marturano


    A little girl who couldn't wait
    A little girl who didn't want to be late
    A little girl who was eager
    like everyone else who wanted to see her
    A little girl who suffered for three months
    A little girl who almost died
    A little girl that made everyone cry
    Now this little girl who was early
    has nice black hair that is curly
    This little girl now can talk
    This little girl now can walk
    This little girl is very smart
    This little girl I love with all my heart


    Rhymes Added 12/22/03

    In Love By Matthew Marturano


    I'm confused with what I should do, I just want this girl to fall in love with me
    Cause I'm hypnotized by this beautiful ebony
    And her voice, it sounds so heavenly
    And it's me that I want to caress her body gently
    It's hard to explain how I feel and I'm too scared to show my true feelings
    Don't wanna be turned down again cause I know I'm not appealing
    But I want her love to be the one that I'm stealing.


    Rhymes Added 12/19/03

    Decision By Eveyana Cortez

    I woke up knowing nothing about the world
    For I was just a little girl
    Raised around wrong
    Shown all right
    But there was fight
    That battle
    On what really mattered
    You see, society wanted me to pick up the latest kicks and clothes
    And the jewelry with the "X" and "0's"
    It all mattered on how you looked
    But I chose to pick up a book
    You see, no one is perfect
    So with very few detours
    I made it pass the drug dealers, kids that wanted to cut, and guys that wanted to
    "bag", all the way to school
    And did what I knew I had to
    You see, the documents, diplomas, are what mostly matter
    For they are the power
    They are the keys
    That I need to unlock the world's doors
    You see ten years from now, when that man interviews me for a job
    I may only get it because of my mini skirt and halter top
    But let me walk in there with a suit, I will be respected,
    And so will my work I will be given a job for who I am,
    And my work won't get me treated like dirt
    I will not be given a job
    That sends me home to sob
    Because I get someone coffee
    Or was only hired because I am a minority
    This little girl has in fact grown
    And has shown
    That good product can come from bad equations.

    Scared Hearted But Still Beatin' By El-Jar Ruiz

    I sip on Jesus bloodshed, watching Beavis & Butthead
    Using my brain to write rhymes and squeezing out what left
    Kickin' my rhymes with VJ and Galileo
    I carry the biggest cross and the grandest halo
    10 commandments and I have to obey those
    Still watch the neighborhood pass the yayo, harass the J.Lo's
    With their persuasive ways. If gray is a shade
    Then I'm the grayest gray. And you could cut me in half with a razor blade
    And when I bleed it'll bleed like Gatorade
    So make some way for the kid and his native ways
    Cuz today's the day I find the man in me
    I'm the one But I ain't no Keanu Reeves
    And my intelligence shows through my insanity
    Cut my hands & feet! I'm still gonna fight for my family!
    And I still cant rap that rapidly so I guess its just a fantasy
    But my dad you see. He works in a broke down factory!
    God Damn! He's the man to me! He never banded me!
    But you ain't see what I had to see, or had to eat what I had to eat!
    And I don't go away. I kick in like a battery
    And if this Dawson's Creek then I'm the Vanderbeek
    And I only have fans of 3, this is why they cancelled me
    Cuz my raps you see, are so God damn savagery!
    So if you could catch my words, then help me grab a beat...

    Waiting By Kerry-Ann


    You said you be here by now

    But your not here

    You told me wait till four

    Now it's five

    You told me to order your food for you

    Now it's cold

    I don't know why I'm




    And still waiting

    You told me you'll call me later

    I'm still waiting by the phone

    You told me alot of stuff

    Which never come to pass

    Now I am busy waiting here

    On someone else


    The Brightest Eye By El-Jar


    Baby... Why you shitting on me? Was it the laxatives?

    I ani't with you cuz it was an accident

    I went out with you cuz I thought it was meant to be

    You broke me down even worse but mentally

    You took the flavor than spit the sesame

    I should have listened to the shit your friends said to me

    That you was my girl and soon my ememy

    So rest in peace cuz you is just a pest to me

    I never fucked with you, why'd you go and mess with me?

    If you never liked me, why did you say yes to me?

    Now I know why you called yourself Juliet

    Cause you tried to kill Romeo, and you'll soon be dead


    What Am I Today? By Sandra L. Colon

    God, am I happy today
    It's cold outside but I can feel the heat
    Radiating from my lover's body onto mine
    The bus swaggering down the street
    Taking its damn sweet time
    Staring out the window and holding hands
    Telling him that everything's fine when-
    God, I am happy today
    Checking my watch anxiously, not because
    I am curious but because I am late
    Hoping I won't get locked out again
    For dating the man my parents hate
    Finding new ways to lie and cheat them
    Creating new plans to try and beat them
    At their own game- at least, until I'm 18
    Because by then I'll be a grown girl, you see
    Nobody will ever try to control me
    No more dirty dishes and babysitting
    No more "clean your room, Sandra!" or name-calling
    No more cursing
    Daddy hitting me.
    God, what am I today?
    How did I ever come to live life in this kind of way?
    Sure, it's cold outside but it's even colder in here
    I sleep on the floor, radio beside me
    I cry all night because there's nothing to guide me
    No ambition
    No inspiration
    No newer knowledge
    No reparation for the pain they caused me
    For the pain I caused myself
    For the way I demand a simple answer
    But can't seem to find one
    For the way I hate how people put up a wall
    And yet I hide behind one
    Who am I kidding?
    I want to be happy today. God
    I want not to pretend but to know it
    I want not to hide but to show it
    I want to smile and feel cold only outside
    And not inside where it's all warm and fuzzy
    I crave to come home to a loving family
    I'm dying for the day that I love me for me
    And not what mom says I should be
    Who am I kidding?
    I'm not happy
    God, I am miserable today.


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