Indoor Basketball!
Here's a picture of Kashif, Dan, and Rock (left to right)  It looks like Dan and Rock are about to rumble.  It also looks like Kashif is sleep walking.  I thought you only slept in Solids class buddy!
Are there any NBA scouts out there cuz they might wanna take a look at this action!
Here's a little before and after shot of Kashif nailing a jumper.  He's quite the outside threat.
Ok so here's Dan, beating the crap out of me.  He was mad that I am soo good at indoor basketball.   5 years of karate training and a a black belt are no use against and enraged mexican.  Take care to notice the complete lack of any furniture in Kashif and Dan's apartment.
Here I am still wrestling with Dan.  Take care to notice the butterfly knife in his right hand.  (he fights dirty).  I brought some movies over to watch before the basketball game/knife fight broke out. Good movies eh?
Allright ladies... this one is for you.  You know you like it.  This is a picture of kashif bringing out his "secret weapon" against us.  And if there are any fine women out there who want it (I know there are), I can send you his digits.
Finally, here is a picture of a hole in the wall.  This hole was put here by Al's ass.  He put his ass through the wall!  Needless to say, this put an end to all future indoor basketball outings, and most wrestling in Kashif and Dan's apartment.