College Cars Page!
I go to a school full of car guys.  Every one of my friends at school can be described as a "car guy".  So lets face it... the only thing important to most of us. (our cars)  Is what we have taken a ton of pictures of.  And that is what is posted here.  Enjoy!
Here is a picture of Rock's Truck.  66' Chevy Pickup.  He did a complete restoration on it himself.  Looks pretty damn sweet doesn't it?  Please note the lack of a nick in the bumper where somebody hit the rocks on our narrow driveway.
Here's a picture of my car in the driveway at my new house in Flint.  Pretty eh?
This is a picutre of Daniel's Flare Side F-150.  Pretty nice ride eh?  Check out those chrome wheels... you know somebody was out shining those for a long time!  In this pic he is parked in the BEST spot in the parking lot at the dorms.  He kept his truck here for 2 weeks so he wouldn't loose the spot!  Sweet ride Daniel. 
This is Brad's Truck.  Dodge Dakota.  What kind of man buys a Mopar truck?  Needless to say, it is a very nice truck.  The cupholders are hidden, and there is absolutely NO Taco Bell smell in the cab thanks to a strict "All Taco Bell food must be hung out the window" rule. 
Here is Khang's new used Acura Integra (R type).  He just finished putting in whited out taillights.  Soon to come:  "Got Rice Bitch?"