College Pictures
Here is a picture of me and my friends after a long game of Ultimate Frisbee.  We are standing on virtually the only patch of grass in the entire city of Flint, Michign.  Pictured left to right: Matt (Rock), Garret, Kashif, Me, Khang, and Brad.  Shutter shy Daniel was behind the camera. 
Here's Daniel chillin' on the couch.  Probly watching a little Univision on TV.  That or BET.  When not watching crappy shows (except univision... god I love that channel, especially Sabado Gigante!) Daniel is usually the target of some new wrestling move.  Dan is always strong to wrestle with cuz he doesn't cheat by using "strong hands" or "strong foreheads".
Here's a little WWF action in your eye.  More like Brad mounted over Kashif in the missionary position.  Al (in orange) can be seen droping an elbow in the background.  That was a night full of wrestling.  "Title bout:  Rock vs. Al"  A little bit of the fine china was broken that evening. 
Here is a pic of me and Kashif standing in front of a mural painted by Dan. It is a painting of "Dragonball Z"  aka... "gayest show ever".  I wanted a painting of Batman on the wall...but no!  also.. For any gang members from Chicago that might be visiting my website.. You might want to take a look at whatever gang sign Kashif is flashing.
This picture is of Kashif (left), Khang (right), and I in Daniel's dorm room.  We look pretty scummy eh?  And yes, the dorm rooms really do look like prison cells. 
This one to the left is of me standing next to one of my famous pictures.  Most of my close friends will be able to tell what it is.  Do you know what it is??