College Pictures 2
Blond Hair?
Here's Kashif doing his impersonation of Geraldo Rivera.  I think he looks just like him.
Pretty sweet picture of Khang "sleeping" on the couch in our living room.  He loves his cell phone SOOO much.
I think he looks hot!
Ok, so maybe I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm not pregnant I'm a watermelon thief.", and maybe I'm wearing a large Air Force ROTC trench coat, and maybe there's a pink flamingo sticking out of the fly of my pants.  Is there anything wrong with that!!??
My Eyes are burning!
These two pictures are from last semester.  on the far left is Eric, (covering Rock's head), khang and Trina behind him.  On the far right is Kashif, then Al obstructing a view of Dan and Juan.
ouch.. thats alot of diggin'
This is from the winter of my sophmore year.  in this picture you can see Garret's Jeep on the far left, and the back of Rock's truck on the far right.  In the center is... MY CAR!  BURRIED IN SNOW.  THANKS TO MY "FRIENDS" ON THIS ONE!
Ok, so here is Kashif.  He and I created the 15 foot long poking device pictured here to poke Dan through the keyhole in his door.  We are not cool.