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Chia - 12/20/00 06:51:57
My Email:chiapet682@yahoo.com

It is a great web-site Matt! :) I seriously think that you have more pictures of cars (or Corvettes) then people. :) Well, I finally got a chance to check out your web-site....6 months after you created it.... so I am excited to see it. I'll talk to you later buddy. ^_^ p.s. I still think you need to take that picture of me down (you know which one I am talking about). ;)

D Weis - 11/03/00 19:26:10
My Email:Dweis2@ithaca.edu

Matt you rule!

Keith - 10/13/00 01:10:43
My URL:http://home.twcny.rr.com/kar

Well, I must admit, nice site. Although it lacks in Keith pictures, it at least has the birthday pic with the bloody head wound, that and the peacock attack make up for it. Anyway, I finally finished all 95 episodes of Rurouni Kenshin, and Kenshin final y fucking proposed to Kaoru! About friggin' time. Anyway, uhhhhhhh I can't think of anything worth while to say, so Im gone.

- 10/12/00 02:49:02

Do I say luv ya to your boyfriend? No big deal...just wondering :-)

jen - 10/11/00 02:43:12
My Email:lizqueen100@hotmail.com

sleepover at jens???!!!without matt...never, its just not the same without you....this website is good....maybe you didnt use enough car pics....not! come visit the SU girls soon. luv ya

Korrie - 10/02/00 01:50:00

Matt...you are da bomb. Nice job with the site. All my friends here in VT have seen it...Talk to you soo

most beautiful girl in the world - 09/27/00 00:57:06

I love you!

liz - 09/20/00 03:37:42
My Email:emp24@cornell.edu

matt is hot! boo lookin sexy...i love the font matt someone really smart must have suggested that! all i have to say is PAP

Matt - 09/20/00 03:22:16

This site sucks you bitch

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