Summer Communication

by Mason-Dixon


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WARNING: This story contains non-sexual, disciplinary spanking; it is slash and adult in nature.




From:††† Damien St. Clair (

To:††††††† Blair Sandburg (

†††††††††††† May 29, 1999 13:21 PST


Hi Blair!


Vin and I had the best day today. LOL We are in London right now, but are leaving tomorrow to go back home.You did know that we have a flat in London, didnít you?Anyway, we were out walking Hyde Park and it was just a perfect day, the sky was crystal clear blue and the temperature was about perfect.We bought lunch from one of the little grocery stores and had a picnic and just sat around and talked.It was really nice, sort of like we were on holiday.Weíve been getting along perfectly lately, I havenít been a brat, and Vin hasnít been a control jerk LOL Life is just good right now?


How are things with your partner and yourself?Things settled down some since we talked last?You sounded annoyed in your last note about not being able to work at the police station during finals.You know, I would be happy about that if I were

you.I remember finals and they were always busy and I never even took them that seriously.LOL I canít imagine how busy you must be with grading and writing and all that.I almost never side with the big guys, but I think on this one, Blair, Jimís

right.Go with it, enjoy not having the added pressure on yourself.You know, I think this bothers you so much because this is the first real thing you are having to do simply because Jim says so.This is the first real test of how much you want this relationship, with the rules and the consequences.I think you just have to trust Jim on this one, and you know that he has your best interest in heart.Just remember, itís a lot easier sometimes to just do what they want then to be stubborn about it.


Need to go, Vin says ďhelloĒ Ė OK, not exactly, but Iím sure thatís what he meant. LOL






From:†† Blair Sandburg (

To:†††††† Damien St. Clair (

††††††† ††††May 30, 1999 21:04 PST


Hi Day,


Ok, so what did Vin really say??I swear to you, Day, you may love him, but he scares the shit out of me. LOL


Iím glad you guys are getting along by the sound of it.It's going good enough for Jim and me.We are ok, I guess, but I miss working with him.I donít know how to explain it, man, but I feel like something is wrong, like I am letting someone down, but

Iím not sure who.Jim told Captain Banks - Simon, our boss at the station, that I wouldnít be coming in until after finals.God, I really hope that he didnít tell Simon that he wasnít allowing me to come in.That would kill the small bit of respect I get

around there.You donít think he would tell him about our relationship, do you?I canít imagine that he would, but what if he did?I would never be able to look anyone in the face again Ė knowing that they know what happens if Iím not a good little boy!Oh my godÖDo many people know about you and Vin?


You might be right when you said I am fighting this so hard because it is really the first big thing that Jim is really putting his foot down about.I mean, everything else Iíve gotten in trouble for has been for doing something.This, concentrating solely on

finals and not doing anything else, is different; this is changing something that I always do.I guess thatís what being in a discipline relationship is all about.I know you have told me this before and so has Jim, but itís just sort of now sinking in, Jim

has the ultimate control over my actions, itís not my choice anymore. But, you know at the same time itís sort of making sense to me, another part of me is yelling for me not to let it, not let myself be controlled by someone else, no matter who it is.I donít

know, Iím confused and scared and I donít know what I should do.


I should go, Jim's home and he's watching TV and curling up with him sounds really good right now.


Thanks for listening






From:†† Damien St. Clair (

To:†††††† Blair Sandburg (

††††††††††† June 2, 1999 08:47 PST


Hi B


I think Vinís exact words were, ďYou better not be picking up any bad habits from that American brat.ĒDonít worry, he said it in a very affectionate way.Thatís just him.


I really donít think you have to worry about Jim telling Simon about your arrangement.Most people wouldnít share that with their boss.As for how many people know about my type of relationship with Vin Ė outside of our normal circle of contacts and most of them know, if not all, some.My banker is under strict order to let Vin know if I overdraw on my account or donít pay a bill.I donít think anyone has come right out and told him, but when Vin and I first got together we met with him and I think it was implied that I would be Ďdealtí with if that happened.I am pretty sure our housekeeper knows and the guy who takes care of the gardens. The guy who makes my suits I am sure knows, especially after Vin basically dragged me out of the store about two years ago, and then took me back 15 minutes later after we had a discussion of my behavior.†† I donít know for sure, but the idea of a young man needing and getting discipline, spankings, from his partner is not out of the norm, I mean, I think they still use corporal punishment in schools.But, in the States, itís different.Anyway, the whole point to the above ramble is to say that I wouldnít worry about it. LOL ;-)Plus, you have to look at it this way and take the high road on the whole thing.Your relationship with Jim is fulfilling a need you have.It is not for anyone else to judge or say itís bad.YOU

have decided that you need for Jim to have some control over your life, you need a clear set of rules with a clear set of consequences.Donít be ashamed of that.Hold your head up, donít apologize and be proud that you have the insight to recognize a need in yourself and the courage to go after it.


It is perfectly normal to be scared.But, I think deep in your heart, in your soul, you know you are doing the right thing.This rule about finals is your first big leap of faith, but you trust Jim enough to know that he is going to be there, that he is only

looking out for you and your health and the health of your relationship.


Smile ? itís going to be ok.






From:†† Damien St. Clair (

To:†††††† Blair Sandburg (

††††††††††† June 5, 1999 07:56 PST




Forget all the crap I said about how wonderful Vin is!He is a controlling jerk who is too strict, blows everything out of proportion and wonít listen to reason!!


OK Ė get this!I went out for a friendís birthday last night Ė it was a party and he was invited but did Lt. Col. Cade, ret. Want to stoop low enough to mingle with my friends, shit no!He claimed he was tired and I know he doesnít really care for them.They are very involved in the environment and sometimes they can take it a bit too far Ė but you can NEVER tell him I said that! So, I wasnít too surprised or upset when he begged off.Not a problem.I told him I was going to be late!I mean, come on!Itís a birthday party!Donít you think the fact that it was a party for a friend should have given me some leeway about my curfew?He, Mr. Control Freak, wants me in by midnight unless I clear it with him first.Thatís usually not a problem, but last night, I didnít get home until 12:30 Ė actually, 12:33 Ė according to the official timekeeper of my life.So, I get home and I am trying to be quiet so I donít wake him up since it is kind of late and ok, I knew I was way past curfew and I was hoping that he wouldnít notice ;-)Anyway, I walk in and head up tiptoeing into our bedroom and he is awake and waiting for me.NEVER a

good sign. To make a long story slightly shorter, I ended up turned over his lap while we had a long discussion about curfews and calling if I was going to be late. Not a good scene Ė have you had the pleasure yet of discussing your behavior with Jim

after he has taken down your shorts and you are lying over his knees?When Vin does that, I know I am in deep trouble.The reason I know exactly how late I was is that I got 33 swats with my paddle Ė one for every minute.I think I would have gotten

off lightly, but I made the mistake of commenting that it wasnít very long and it wasnít much past my curfew.I swear, Blair, I have been in this relationship for almost 9 years and I still sometimes can't remember not to say things and to hold my tongue

when I am in trouble.


I hope you and your official keeper ;-)are doing good.Gotten use to the restriction about no work during finals?


Later,sitting for too long is not the most comfortable ;-)






From:†† Blair Sandburg (

To:†††††† Damien St. Clair (

††††† ††††††June 5, 1999 11:13 PST


Hi Day,


I can sympathize, boy, can I sympathize.The last few days have not really been the best in the ĎBlair keeping out of troubleí Department either.I got my own butt spanked a couple of days ago for Ö well, I really donít want to tell you what for, since

Iím sure you know.Then, Jim was really cracking down the other night about going to bed and not staying up until all hours working, thatís why I hadnít answered your last e-mail.But, now I am totally free Ė at least for the next couple of days. LOL

Jim and Simon, our Captain, went on a fishing trip and I stayed home to grade. So, I basically get to keep my own schedule for the next few days.This is so nice.The other night Jim made me go to bed and I wasnít even tired.How unfair is that?†† But

now, heís gone and I can get my work done.††† Speaking of which, I need to run and finish.IF I get everything done, then I can go back to the station.With the crack down on my time that someone ;-) has, I want to get as much done will heís gone as possible.








From:†††† Blair Sandburg (

To:†††††††† Damien St. Clair (

††††††††††††† June 9, 1999 22:19 PST


OK Day Ė


Iíll see your control, anal, jerk of a lover and raise you mine!He is totally NOT listening to me.We are involved in a case right now with this rapist.He strikes on the weekends and rapes and beats these women who live by themselves Ė a real asshole if you ask me.Well, I know who it is.I know who the rapist is and NO ONE is listening to me!OK, so Iím use to sometimes getting the brush off from the guys around here, but Jim is doing it, too, and thatís what making me so MAD.I swear, he is just blowing me off and is assuming that I am trying to frame this guy because he gave me a ticket.Heís a

motorcycle cop and yes Ė he gave me a ticket, but I would never stoop so low as to try and cause problems for someone just because of that!I mean, what kind of person does he think I am? I heard from a friend of mine that she got a warning from this guy last week or so.I have to tell you, Day, I think sheís going to be the next victim.I just know it and Jim is NOT listening to me.Iím going to spend the weekend with her and try to catch the guy.I bet he tries to break in and if he does I will be there!I have to show him Iím right and I do know what Iím doing.Iíll let you know how the weekend goes.






From:†† Damien St. Clair (

To:†† ††††Blair Sandburg (

††††††††††† June 10, 1999 02:34 PST




Donít even think about following through with your plan, young man!Now see what you are making me do!I swear, you are turning me into Vin!Except he or Jim probably wouldnít tell you that, they would just turn you over and impress their opinion

of this action on your butt!Itís dangerous to do something like this by yourself and you HAVE to tell Jim what youíre planning.What is going through your head??Are you so caught up in proving Jim wrong that itís worth your life or your health?I have to tell you,I canít help but feel that this isnít so much about you being concerned about your friend, which Iím sure you are, but itís more about proving Jim wrong about this.And Ė if heís wrong about this, he might be wrong about other things, like letting you work during finals?You think that maybe that has something to do with it?Iím telling you to rethink this idea. In a discipline relationship, my friend, you donít jump foolishly into situations just to prove your disciplinarian wrong.Please tell me youíve thought about this and decided not to do this.I promise Ė this is not what you want to be doing.Itís

stupid and dangerous and the wrong way to handle your disagreement over your rules.






From:†† Blair Sandburg (

To:†††††† Damien St. Clair (

††††††††††† June 10, 1999 20:43 PST




You worry too much.And this has NOTHING to do with me wanting to prove Jim wrong or anything like that.This guy needs to be stopped.


Iíll talk to you later.






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