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Educational Television

There are many educational shows & channels on television as well as many web sites to go with them. Many of these pages have lesson plans & ideas to help you cover various topics. This page is dedicated to helping you find the programs that you can use in your curriculum & to find out when they are on.

Cable in the Classroom Online includes info on how to subscribe to this magazine, links to web sites of various educational tv channels & their shows & a search function to find out if anything is on that may tie in with your unit & when to watch it.

TV Guide Online also offers a search feature for educational programs. Just fill in your zip code & it will bring up the listings of your local cable company (even if you don't have cable). Then choose the search feature & instead of putting in a title, choose the subject Educational & hit the Execute Category Search. This will bring up a listing of educational programs. The list is by no means complete, for example, it would have to bring up just about every show on Discovery Channel, TLC, AP, PBS, & the History Channel, but will give you an idea of what is out there on the regular channels.

Clio's Eyes offers reviews & ideas for using movies in your history curriculum.

Teach With Movies offers reviews, suggestions, & learning guides for using movies in your curriculum.

Places Online to Rent Videos & DVDs

A+ Educational Video Rentals allows you to rent up to 3 videos at a time for a flat monthly fee of $23.99.

Imagine DVD Rental Store offers monthly through yearly rental plans starting at $19.77 to keep 3 out at a time.

Netflix offers DVD rentals for a flat monthly fee of $19.95 a month.

Sit n' Learn offers over 8,000 Educational DVD's for rent along with downloadable learning guides for many of the titles they offer. For $19.95 per month, subscribers can rent as many DVD's as they like (3 out at a time). There are no late or shipping fees with our service.

Video Library allows you to rent tapes for 7 days. The cost is $8.00 for one, or $6.00 each if you rent 2 or more, plus shipping.

Broadcast & Cable Channels with Home Pages

A & E offers an area for educators called A & E Classroom. The listings for each month are found here.

ABC (formerly Fox) Family Channel is offering at least 4 regular series for Cable in the Classroom.

AMC - American Movie Classics shows classic movies 24 hours a day without commercials.

Animal Planet is the channel for kids who are into animals.

Black Entertainment Network has a magazine called Emerge which has some very interesting articles.

BookTV.org is the companion site to Book TV on C-Span2.

Biography Channel offers biographies of famous people, 24 hours a day.

Bravo has an educational area called Bravo in the Classroom which includes ideas on how to use Bravo's site even if you don't have that channel in your cable area.

Cartoon Network has a few educational programs. For info on these, check out Turner Learning & choosing the Cartoon Network icon.

CNN offers the CNN Newsroom. You can also find out about upcoming shows by going to Turner Learning & choosing the CNN icon.

C-Span offers teacher's guides & information for educators at C-Span in the Classroom.

Court TV offers a program called Choices and Consequences.

The Disney Channel has several good shows & this web site also offers offline activities for kids.

The Discovery Channel has an excellent web site & lots of support materials for its shows can be found at Discovery Channel School. There is also a special & very kid-friendly section for Discovery Kids block on weekend mornings.

Discovery Health has lots of links & info for studying anatomy, health, etc.

ESPN offers a program called Sports Figures, which uses sports to help students see math and physics concepts in"real world" applications. You can get info on support materials for this program at this link.

FoodTV offers a program called Good Eats.

The Game Show Network offers Cram & Win Tuition.

Hallmark Channel offers Hallmark movies, classics, mini-series such as Roots & the Thorn Birds, & series such as The Waltons. A great family station!

HBO offers programs such as The Inventors Special & From Earth to the Moon.

The History Channel offers lots of educational support at the History Channel Classroom. The monthly calendar can be found here.

Knowledge Online offers lots of educational programming & classes, aimed mostly at high school age & up.

The Learning Channel offers loads of educational programming. For teacher support materials, go to Discovery Channel School.

Lifetime offers programs such as Intimate Portraits & Breaking Through.

MSNBC offers news & current event programming.

MSGMetro offers several channels, one of which is called MetroLearning, which is devoted to educational programming. The complete schedule & support materials can be found here.

MTV offers some educational shows. Click This link to do a search for programming & choose the "See next Episode and Air Time" link to find out what is on & when.

Nasa TV has info on their tv schedule, lesson plans, & more.

Nickelodeon has a web page just for educators with lesson plans & more called Teachers.Nick.com.

NJN is NJ's public television station. Here you will find info on programming, scheduling, order forms for the manual, lesson plans, & more!

Ovation is of particular interest to those studying the arts. You can find more about their offerings to educators at the Arts Zone.

PBS has lots of educational programming & links & you can find the teacher support info at TeacherSource.

Sci-Fi Channel offers Cable in the Classroom lesson plans for Taken, Children of Dune, & The Twilight Zone.

Showtime offers various programming including some family & educational shows.

TBS has many educational programs & documentaries such as Feed Your Mind! for kids & National Geographic Explorer.

TCM offers many classic movies. For online info on what is upcoming & teachers support materials, check out Turner Learning & choose the TCM icon.

TNT offers a lot of original programming. If you go to Turner Learning, you can find out about upcoming shows, schedules, & curriculum guides for these movies.

The Travel Channel lets you travel all over the world from your living room. For teacher support materials, check out Discovery Channel School.

The Weather Channel has lots of educational resources at The Weather Channel Education Index.

USA offers programs such as Erase the Hate an anti-racism program.

WAM! is a channel aimed at 8 - 16 year olds & provides over 60 hours of educational programming a week. It doesn't seem to have a web site, but this link will take you to info on this channel that is offered through the Cable in the Classroom website.

Educational Programs with Home Pages

Below are links to the homepages of various educational television programs. This has been a real eye opener to me since some of them I had never heard of before since they are on much earlier than I get up 8-). Thank goodness for VCR's! If you don't see a family favorite here, let me know & I will see what I can dig up or send me the URL & I'll add it!

Adventures from the Book of Virtues is a program that highlights different stories from around the world that have moral value.

Amazing Animals is a joint venture between DK & Disney.

Arthur is a series based on the popular children's books.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online is the original site from PBS.

Critter Gitters is a show for kids who love animals.

Children's Television Workshop is the official home page of Sesame Street. There are lots of activities & some information for parents of preschoolers.

Ghostwriter is has info about the show, lesson plans, information on books, & more.

Histeria! was a WB show that focused on history in an unorthodox way!

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures I think the title says it all!

Kratt's Creatures is about 2 brothers who take you to various locations around the world to learn about animals.

Magic School Bus This is the official site for all of the MSB shows, videos, books, etc.

National Geographic Explorer is a television version of the magazine.

Newton's Apple is a science show on PBS.

No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed is North America's leading philosophy television program. If you can't get it locally, there is some streaming video on the site.

Pappyland is a program that teaches children how to draw.

Reading Rainbow is a PBS program about children's books.

Reading Rainbow has been around for a long time! Here you can find info on the episodes, recommended reading, teacher guides, & more!

School House Rock ABC no longer has an official site, but this one is pretty cool!

Sports Illustrated for Kids is a kids version of the popular magazine.

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego is a game show about world history for kids.

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego is occasionally re-broadcast on the Fox Family channel & PAX. The Sandiego Manor, which is an unofficial website for the show, is very informative.

Wildlife Adventures is a monthly series which features first person accounts of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the natural world.

WWWishbone.com, includes info on the episodes, books, fun things for the kids, & lesson plans.

Zoog Disney is a 2 hour block of programming on the Disney channel. The educational programs are Going Wild with Jeff Croman & Madlibs (a game show based on the books).

Zoom has been updated for your kids. On this site, you can find info about the show & tons of activities. Zoomtoo is the site for parents & teachers to find activities, print-outs, & more!

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