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Here are sights that include lesson plans and/or are of interest to educators. Since this page just keeps on growing, please choose from the menu below:

Grade Level Curriculum Guidelines | Educational Search Engines | Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, & Other Reference Materials | Lesson Plans & Helps for Multiple Subjects

Grade-Level Curriculum Guidelines

Developing Educational Standards is a site with links to information on every states' idea of a standard curriculum.

King's Harvest Typical Course of Study offers a curriculum guide that covers the needs for homeschooling in Nebraska.

Mcrel Browse the Standards is an outline of educational goals broken down by subject.

The Mental Edge is one of the most useful & best sites on the net! Under each grade level from 3rd - high school, there is a listing of the curriculum covered at that level, written just like a typical school curriculum (for those who have to send one in each year to comply with their state standards). For each of the sub topics, there is a short test, similar to most standardized tests, to review & practice. This is excellent for those who must have their children tested each year. There is even a review area (under Other Paths) for the SAT/ACT, GED, the Stanford/Iowa/CTBS & the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) (the last 2 are under the sub topic "Proficiencies").

World Book Typical Course of Study is an outline of educational goals broken down by grade level.

Educational Search Engines

Education World is an educational sites only search engine

Pedagog.Net is an educational database that you can also either add info to or add a lesson plan or other info that you are ad.

Teachers.net Lesson Plans allows you to browse by topic or to narrow it down to a specific topic search.

WWW Virtual Library allows you to browse by topic or search for something specific.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, & Other Reference Materials

AllRefer.com allows you to browse articles in all areas of topics within Earth & Environment, History, Literature & Arts, Health & Medicine, People, Philosophy & Religion, Places, Plants & Animals, Science & Technology, Social Science, Law, Sports, Everyday Life, and more. It includes tons of articles, country studies, a fast search, & gazetteers.

Bartleby has a nice selection of reference materials including the Columbia Encyclopedia, American Heritage Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, Simpson's Quotations, Cambridge History, The King James Bible, Oxford Shakespeare, Gray's Anatomy, Farmer's Cookbook, Post's Etiquette, American Heritage English Usage, Fowler's King's English, Strunk's Style, Mencken's Language, Sapir's Language, Art of Reading, Art of Writing, Brewer's Dictionary, Bulfinch's Mythology, Frazer's Golden Bough, and Robert's Rules of Order.

Education.com's Kidspace, formerly Letsfindout.com, contains Knowledge Adventure's Online Encyclopedia for Kids & a host of other goodies!

Electric Library is a subscription based site. It offers access to magazines, news and editorial information, reputable publications (e.g. The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Collier's Encyclopedia, The World Almanac, Book of Facts, etc.), over 50,000 pictures and images, detailed maps, and thousands of transcripts from TV programs, radio shows and government sources. If you are not big on cruising for info & would like to find the answers to your questions all in one place, this site may be for you.

Encyclopedia Britanica charges for the online encyclopedia but does allow you to cruise their favorite linkis.

Encyclopedia.com is a free reference available from Electric Library. It is based on The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition.

Free Internet Encyclopedia is broken down into a MacroReference & a MicroReference.

Information Please contains almanacs, an encyclopedia, dictionary and more!

Internet Public Library contains the text of over 9000 books; everything from science to "The Wizard of Oz!"

Education.com's Kidspace, formerly Letsfindout.com, is Knowledge Adventure's Online Encyclopedia for Kids.

My Virtual Reference Desk is a list of links broken down by type of reference (i.e. encyclopedia, dictionaries, etc.).

National Geographic's Xpedition Atlas is a collection of nearly 600 maps that you can print out for home use.

Tamara's Reference Library is broken down by type of reference.

Lesson Plans & Helps for Multiple Subjects

1st Grade Backpack is broken down into the following topics: Reading, Places, Arithmetic, Animals, & More Cool Sites.

Great Sites for Great Kids (2nd & 3rd Grade) is broken down into the following topics: All About Space, NASA and Space Travel, Science on Earth, Social Studies, Stories to Read.

4th & 5th Grade Student Research Resources is broken down into the following topics: American History, Geography and Maps, News, Literature & Writing, Reference, Mathematics, Science, Music & Art, & Search Sources.

Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources is a site with links to teacher's helps in most subjects & grade levels.

Ask Jeeves for Kids is an outrageous search engine where you can ask your questions in plain English. All sites have been pre-screened to be kid friendly.

Awesome Library has links to lesson plans, web sites pertaining to every subject, worksheets, & more!

Beat The Clock is a set of lessons about time management aimed at middle school students.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper has over 300 links to different subjects. The links are organized by subject.

Welcome to B.O.B.C.A.T. (Best Of the Best Computer-Aided Teaching) has links to online tutorials & lessons grouped by grade level & subject. Excellent collection here!

Canada's Schoolnet has a lot of resources broken down by topic.

The Core Knowledge Home Page has lesson plans & more for those of you using the Core Knowledge series of books in your homeschool.

Consumer Information Catalog - Children offers free publications on teaching your children geography, history, reading lists, & more.

Coyle's Where in the Web & Other Homeschool & Educational Stuff is an excellent resource offering educational links broken down by subject.

The Digital Education Network is broken down into 6 Dens: News, Math, Writing, Internet, Graphics, & Sky (science).

Disney's Educstation introduces a new lesson plan every month, lessons & activities for Disney programming, internet links, & more!

Edison Academy - The Fleitman Family Homeschool has curriculum guides for Pre-K through 4th grade. They expect to add more in the future.

Ed's Oasis Treasure Zone is broken down by subject matter & also lets you know about sites that are interactive or full of extensive information.

Education for Kids is a collection of online games in math, English, social studies, and science.

Education Index has a lot of educational links broken down by either subject matter or age group.

Educational Explorers includes printable worksheets & activities for teaching geography, English skills, and Math for grades 3 - 6.

The Educators Reference Desk (formerly AskEric Virtual Library) includes lesson plans, educational television companions, & more. Check this one out for sure!

Educator's Toolkit offers a wide variety of lesson plans, resources, projects, & more!

Encyberpedia has loads of links & info broken down by subject. There are lots of great links here!

Exworthy Educational Links contains links to lesson plans, resources, etc. There is a very large list of subtopics to choose from!

freeworksheets.com (formerly School Express Free Worksheets) has worksheets for math, science, language arts, phonics, geography, social studies, & preschoolers.

Frontier Public Schools has curriculum ideas on-line for elementary, middle school, & high school.

Funbrain.Com offers interactive educational games on the net for grades k - 12. They have programs covering math, English, science, geography, logic, & music skills & you can also sign up & write your own quizzes online for free.

Funschool.com is a site with interactive educational games. It is free & there is nothing to download. It covers concepts from pre-k through 6th grade.

Funschooling Units is a site that comes out with a new, free unit study each month. There are archives of units from past months.

Global SchoolNet Foundation has a few helpful areas. If you have any Microsoft products that you are using in your homeschool, make sure you check out the link for The Global Schoolhouse which includes teacher activity guides & online software guides for everything from Encarta to Creative Writer!

Houghton Mifflin Education Place has links to projects, lesson plans, & more!

Hutt's Homeschool Resource Page is broken down into the following categories: Homeschool Sites, Reference, Homeschool Research, Curriculum/Lesson Plans/Unit Studies, Language, Reading, Zoology, Horticulture, Math, Geography, History, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, Transportation, Message Boards, Web Rings, & Fun Education.

IBM Lesson Plan Index offers various lesson plans & links. All are offered in .pdf format.

The Idea Box offers preschool educational & activity resources.

Internet Resources for Educators is broken down by topic.

Interactive Assessment Worksheets contains web based programs to help your child with word problems, the systems of the body, & the concept of matter.

Just For Girls is the official site for the Girl Scouts. If you click on the badges link, you will see some pretty good ideas & outlines for unit studies.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum.

Kid's Domain Printable Worksheets has links to worksheets & worksheet creation programs.

Kids Web - The Digital Library for K - 12 is broken down into 4 sections: Arts, Sciences, Social Studies, & Miscellaneous.

Kitchen Table Classroom offers free daily activities and games for parents and children to keep the fun in learning. Based on the book by Dianne Wilton. Great for homeschools!

Knowledge Net is updated monthly. The format is similar to a magazine in that each "issue" focuses on a few topics or lessons.

LearningPage.com offers free downloadable and printable worksheets, lesson plans, activities and more designed for preschool thru 2nd grade.

Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies includes links to over 100 lesson plan sites. You can find lessons for just about any grade level here.

The Lesson Plans Page has links to over 900 lessons plans broken down by subject area & grade level.

Library in the Sky has lots of help & information.

M Tech allows you to make your own worksheets to print out online or check out that archives & use one of those!

Macmillan/Mcgraw Hill Teaching Resources has links for reading/writing, math, & social studies.

Marilee's Kid Works & Kid Pix Page has lots of ideas & links to lesson plans for using these 2 computer programs in your homeschool.

Mcrel Educator Resources has tons of links for educators.

Microsoft Education: Lesson Plans offers a search engine by software title, topic, grade level, & theme.

Mrs. Young's Supercharged Educational Voyage has links to lots of lesson plans & information which is broken down by type & subject matter. You can either use the topic list to find something or use the search option!

My Virtual Reference Desk is huge! It has lots of links to just about any subject you can imagine!

Newspapers in Education has lesson plans for using the newspaper for various subject areas.

Online Resources for Classroom Teachers Links to various curricular areas & lesson plans

Pacific Bell Learning Applications has activities & lesson plans for various subject areas.

Peggy's Place - The School Room is aimed at Christians & is full of great links broken down by subject matter.

PinkMonkey.com is aimed at high school and college students. It includes a Digital Library of over 2,000 classic books and literary documents, literature notes, course guides, test prep for the SAT's & ACT, and a message board.

Pitsco's Launch to Educational Resources has links arranged in many different subject areas.

ProTeacher is aimed at elementary school teachers in the classroom, but most of the lessons can easily be adapted for the homeschooling environment.

Quia! allows you to create your own learning games or play some that others have already created.

Research Connections for the Iles Curriculum has some interesting math, language arts, & social studies links.

The RHL School has worksheets you can print out for practicing English Basics, mathematics computation, mathematics problem solving, reading comprehension, & reference skills.

Rivendell Educational Archive has lots of interesting links for teaching Drama, History, Literature, & Philosophy.

Science Education Software - K-12/Homeschool Page offers educational Mac programs as well as homeschooling links & educational reference links.

Scholastic.Com Classroom Activities & Reproducibles has worksheets & lesson plans for grades 1 - 6 sorted out into the following categories: reading, phonics, writing, spelling, math, science, & social studies.

Smithsonian Education has lesson plans, resource lists, and more!

Schoolwork Ugh! is a homework helper broken down into 27 sections: Art, Biography, Computers, Dictionaries, Drugs, Encyclopedia, Government, Grammar, Health, History, Issues, Languages, Law, Literature, Maps, Math, Miscellaneous, Music, Mythology, Newspapers, Philosophy, Quotations, Religion, Science, Sports, Statistics, & Writing/Citing. WHEW!

Spectrum includes lots of interactivities & printouts broken down by subject.

Stephen Carr's Education & Fun Index includes links for math, science, US facts, fun stuff, & homeschooling.

Stephanie's Lesson Plans has links to hundreds of lesson plans broken down by subject area.

Surfing the Net with Kids offers links to tons of kidsafe sites broken down by topic.

Teacher Talk Forum has lesson plans & links aimed at the high school level. It also has special links for your teenager!

Teachnet.Com Lesson Ideas has lesson plans in most major subject areas

Time For School! has worksheets you can print out in just about every subject area. These worksheets are aimed at 4 - 8 year olds.

Web Sites & Resources for Teachers includes links to lesson plans & more in all major subject areas.

Weekly Reader Galaxy is the on-line version of Weekly Reader with news, contests, & more aimed at pre-k through 10th grade. You can also order workbooks for various topics through this site!

YLP Project is full of mini-units. Just choose a year & look for a link to either Exemplary Lesson Plans, Exemplary Mini-Units, or Exemplary Curriculum Units. Next to each listing, I have added the grade level the lesson is aimed at. For 1994, they have Eating in Japan (K-1st), Insects (2nd-3rd), Dinosaurs (K-1st), Bears (K), 3 Native Americans units ( ?, 2nd, 1st), Chinese Folktales (3rd/4th), Hispanic Cultures (5th), Vertebrates (5th), & Ecosystems(?). For 1995/1996, they have 2 Weather Units (1st-2nd, 3rd), Quilts/Fibers (1st-2nd), Habitats: Deserts and Oceans (2nd-3rd), Rockology (1st), Deserts and The Southwest United States (3rd), Immigrant (4th), & Simple Machines (3rd). For 1996/1997, they have Alike and Different (K), Costa Rica (4th), Electricity (5th), The Holocaust (5th), Backpacking Through Europe (2nd), Bats (2nd), Fossils (K), Pigs (1st-2nd), Thanksgiving (3rd), & West Virginia Coal (5th). For 1997/1998, they have The Thirteen Colonies (5th), Bears (K), Book-Making & Story Writing (2nd), The Five Senses (1st-2nd), Africa (2nd-3rd), Dia de los muertos (?), Dinosaurs (K), & Thanksgiving (K).

If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like to add, please feel free to e-mail me!


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