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Foreign Languages | SAT & Other Testing | Art & Music

Foreign Languages

For Latin & Greek Links, please go to Classical Education Links page.

Foreign Languages for Travelers offers a very basic intro to common phrases in over 50 languages.

Languages Online features links & helps for learning the following languages: Albanian, Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, & Spanish. You can also find info on Burmese, Fijian, Hawaiian, Indian (Native American) Languages, Indonesian, Malay, Mayan, Pacific Languages, Swahili, Welsh, & the Articificial languages of Esperanto, Europanto, Interlingua, & Volapuk.

Learn Spanish is a free, online tutorial which includes audio!

Learn Spanish Today includes some free lessons & quizzes using Real Player, an area to help you find a local Spanish teacher, & a free demo CD of their program. You can also purchase one of several home programs they offer.

Optimnem offers online courses in French, Spanish, German, & English at very affordable rates!

M Tech allows you to make your own worksheets to print out online or check out that archives & use one of those! There are some ready-made worksheets in French, Spanish, & Latin available.

Quia! allows you to create your own learning games or play some that others have already created.

Sassafrass Grove Languages of the World has lots of great links broken down by subject matter & a suggested software list.

Spanish For Mission Trips takes junior high and senior high homeschoolers on an imaginary mission trip, with conversations, vocabulary, pronunciation, native speakers to imitate, culture, Scripture, grammar and exercises, and bilingual dictionary. It is equivalent approximately two years high school Spanish.

Study Spanish is a free online tutorial covering 50 topics.

Transparent Language produces language programs for the home & classroom, but at this site they also offer free dual language newsletters in the language of your choice, quizzes, puzzles, games, & other helpful resources.

SAT Helps & Other Testing

1998 Spring Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) allows you to download the tests & answer keys from 1998.

College Board Online has lots of info & helps for college bound students.

College Power Prep has an online version of the test you can take & several help areas.

The Center for Educational Restoration provides diagnostic exams from preschool age through high school.

Edutest allows you to test your child online in basic skills.

Homeschool Educational Achievement Testing offers homeschoolers the chance to have their children tested with the California Achievement Test.

The Mental Edge is one of the most useful & best sites on the net! Under each grade level from 3rd - high school, there is a listing of the curriculum covered at that level, written just like a typical school curriculum (for those who have to send one in each year to comply with their state standards). For each of the sub topics, there is a short test, similar to most standardized tests, to review & practice. This is excellent for those who must have their children tested each year. There is even a review area for the SAT/ACT, GED, the Stanford/Iowa/CTBS & the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT).

PinkMonkey.com is aimed at high school and college students. It includes a Digital Library of over 2,000 classic books and literary documents, literature notes, course guides, test prep for the SAT's & ACT, and a message board.

Study Guides and Strategies includes lots of ideas & lessons for preparing for and taking a test.

The Sycamore Tree offers a standardized test that you can give at home as well as test prep materials.

Weekly SAT Quiz and Sample SAT Analogies/Vocabulary Tests is set up so that you can practice these test taking skills.

Art & Music

If you are looking for specific arts & crafts projects to do, check out my Places for the Kids page.

The Art Learning Network offers free art classes.

Art School Online is a collection of free lessons for learning how to draw, paint, etc.

Artsedge: The National Arts & Education Network offers curriculum ideas.

Awesome Library's Worksheets for the Arts has several links to printable worksheets you can use for teaching about art & music.

Creative Art Projects has a lot of art projects listed for you to do with your kids.

Badgett's Introduction to Music Page offers resources for studying classical music.

Carol Gerton's Fine Art is a virtual art museum. You can search for paintings by artist's name, nationaility, or time period.

Donna's Home Page offers drawing practice sheets, a blank music composition sheet, Singing Bees Activity Sheet for learning to site read music, Video Project Script, & the Painting of the month which includes hot spots to learn more about it.

Eduweb Art Adventures features A. Pintura: Art Detective, an online game about art history and art composition; Arts Workshop, which allows you to create a multimedia puppet show from script to final production; Art Edventures covers everything from art history to technique, Be An Architect! where you learn about form, function, site, and materials as you design a new house; ArtEdventures teaches about color theory, portraits, the Renaissance, and more; Make Your Own Masterpieces; Art History Timeline and Glossary; Kinetosaurs explores the art and science behind kinetosaurs—mobile dinosaur sculptures featured in a new exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis; Building Surprises explores the architecture of the Weisman Art Museum; Inside Art allows you to explore a painting from the inside out; and Prang - Animations and information about Prang, maker of many art supply products including the first crayon made from a renewable resource.

ExploreArt is a free online curriculum using theme teaching/unit studies to teach about the great artists. They are aimed at elementary school aged children.

Global Access to Educational Resources Art & Music has plenty of links to sift through!

The Guitar Foundation offers virtual guitar lessons available on line. The sessions are fully animated - the students all receive an e-mail with a professional set of notes for the session taken, plus an assignment to work on. It is accelerated in that all students learn over 100 guitar chords in the first 6 sessions. The presentations are highly memorable and fun. They are playing in every key, sharp or flat across the board within the first few lessons. Accuracy is stressed, and speed will come later, once accuracy is established.Specialized finger exercises are incorporated in each session, which build strength and independence into each finger, thus making playing easier. They learn how to create strumming patterns, and the basics of all finger picking styles. It is recommend the students be at least 10 years old , as their fingers are not ready to handle it before then. There are 6 levels at the moment. Each lesson in each level costs $25. Online demos & a free downloadable tuner are available.

homeschoolarts.com offers a free, online art curriculum.

Hutt's Art & Music Page has lots of links to lesson plans & helps!

KidsArt provides art education supplies, from books and manuals to paints, clays, drawing materials and lots more! They also offer lots of free art lessons and activities for homeschoolers.

Listen To This - Piano Lessons offers a unique take on learning to play. There are sample lessons online &, if you choose to buy the course, it costs less than the price of 1 lesson in person!

Meet The Masters is a 4 year study of art for grades K - 8. This curriculum includes CD rom lessons which show a variety of each artist's work as well as art lessons to do with your child.

M Tech allows you to make your own worksheets to print out online or check out that archives & use one of those! They have a few ready-made music & art worksheets.

Music Education: Worksheets for Children has worksheets for teaching children to read music in both bass & treble clefs you can print out.

Music to Play and Sing offers sheet music & worksheets you can print out for grades k - 6 which you can use to teach children how to play songs on a keyboard.

NM's Creative Impulse offers the artist's view of World History and Western Civilization.

The Piano Education Page offers over 600 pages of free information, upgraded biweekly. You can find anything from information to choosing a piano teacher to software reviews here!

ProTeacher: Humanities has lots of lesson plans for elementary aged children.

Sassafrass Grove Artist Quest is a wonderful collection of art links!

Sassafrass Grove Music & Art has lots of great links broken down by subject matter & a suggested reading list.

Welcome to Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle offers a section on the arts.

Visual Manna Free Lessons is a collection of lessons from the curriculum put out by Visual MannaManna.

Young Minds Art features drawing practice sheets for kids.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like to add, please feel free to e-mail me!


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