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Homeschooling Message Boards on the Web

For those of you coming from on-line services, you probably know what a message board is. But for you newbies, here is a simple explanation:

A message board is an area where you can post questions or reply to questions. If you don't see a topic that you need info on, you can start your own.

These are the ones I know of on the web. More are bound to crop up or I may not have one of your favorites listed. If so, please make sure to leave me a message.

If you do a search at Yahoo Groups Home Page, using the search term "homeschool," you will find 159 clubs as of 10/20/00! Each club consists of a message area & chat. If you can't find what your looking for below, you may find it here or start your own!

Bravenet offers web hosting & tons of services. I put "homeschool" in the search box at the bottom of the page under "Member Forums" & 80 hits came up!

Some other sites that allow you to start your own message boards are:

Boards2Go | Delphi Forums | EZBoard | Yahoo Groups

At-Home Education Center is aimed at advocates of at-home learning, including: Homeschooling, Online Learning, Correspondence Schools, Distance Learning, & Self-directed Learning. It is intended as an area to discuss challenges facing at-home students and educators of all ages.

Barb's Hangout for Book Worms Book Discussion Forum is a place to discuss books (other than textbooks) that one would use for educational purposes for preschool to grade twelve or that one would read aloud for family entertainment or consider giving to one's children to read.

Best of the Christian Web - Homeschooling Forum is now 2 forums: Homeschooling & Buy, Sale and Trade.

Biblical Impressions Home School Support Bulletin Board is a very active board.

Café Utne has a message area for education which includes homeschooling topics. You must register to have access to the message boards.

The Center for Educational Restoration Message Forum is for people who are using their curriculum.

Charlotte Mason Message Board is where you can connect with others who use this philosophy.

Christian Homeschool Fellowship is a general discussion of homeschooling & parenting issues for Christian parents.

CLASS Connect is a series of three message boards set up for users of the Christian Light Academy. They are the Parent Teacher Associates (PTA): Parent-teachers can get advice, share their experience, talk about current events, or share their home schooling expertise with new families, and much more, Teaching Help Wanted: Get help with specific questions about schoolwork, or help tutor a student, and CyberPals for CLASS Students: Connect with other CLASS home schooled students, no matter how far away, through this message board. You must register to use these boards.

Dear America Message Board is a discussion board for the Dear America, Royal Diaries, & My America series. Besides discussions about the books, there is also news & information about upcoming books.

Daclaren's Forums currently has 4 secular homeschooling topics: General, Curriculum Info, Parenting, & Mojo and Brags.

Ecclectic Classical Homeschool offers 13 message boards: GENERAL Discussions, Primarily TOTALLY ECLECTIC!, Primarily BIBLIOPLAN, Primarily GREENLEAF, Primarily SONLIGHT, Primarily VERITAS PRESS, Primarily TAPESTRY OF GRACE, Primarily WELL-TRAINED MIND, Focus on LANGUAGE ARTS, Focus on MATH, Focus on SCIENCE, FOR SALE/SWAP BOARD, & Classical CO-OPS/COTTAGE SCHOOLS.

Eclectic Homeschool Online currently offers 4 message boards Beginning Homeschooling, Eclectic Homeschooling, Academics, & Garage Sale.

Edgy-catin' Mamas is the place for feminist home/unschooling mamas to unite! Come armed with intelligence, honesty and a sense of humor. There are 32 separate boards aimed at everything form curriculum to parenting, ranting to money issues, & everything in between! All in all, it has the most unique flavor of all of the message boards/loops I have looked at or been a part of in the 6 years I have been on the net!

Escondido Tutorial Service - Classical Christian Education Forum is for people who are interested in the Classical Approach.

The Family Education Network A discussion area has started for homeschoolers! Just choose the Discussions link & you will see Homeschooling under Hot Topics.

FUN (Family Unschoolers Network) Message Board is the place to go if you are an unschooler.

FIAR Message Board is aimed mostly at the Five in a Row curriculum, but there are also some general homeschooling issues there.

Forums at Crosswalk.com now offers a Christian homeschooling forum. Just choose Homeschooling off of the menu bar on the left side. You must register to post messages.

Gentle Spirit Community Forum includes 30 message boards, 2 of which are aimed at homeschoolers: Unschooling & Homeschooling.

Homeschool Central now has a message board. Just follow the link in the main window.

Homeschool Christian.com (formerly PrestonSpeed Publications) offers 17 homeschooling message boards including General Homeschooling, The Reading Room, Used Curriculum, Kid's Club, & Christian Teens boards.

The Homeschooler's Swap Discussion Area has the Main Board, High School at Home, Special Needs, Home and Health , The Swap Cooks, Kid's Talk, Teen Talk, Prayers & Praises, & Personal Notes. There are also read-only message boards of past discussions with special guests including Homeschooling Preschoolers with Michele Lewis, Do You Need Help Teaching Your Children to Write? with Barb from Barb's People Builders, DON'T QUIT!--Homeschooling Grades 6-12 with Cafi Cohen, & The Mathman with Don Cohen aka The Mathman. You must register in order to post on these boards, but you can read them with out registering.

Homeschoolers Networking Together Message Board is a fairly new message board. Stop by & give it a try!

Homeschooling To post a new topic here, choose Post Message at the top of the screen. To reply to something on the board, make sure that you are on the same page as what you are replying to & scroll to the bottom of the page to fill in your info. You can also add a link to your messages here. There are also 32 other boards aimed at homeschoolers: The Asylum, Breakfast Nook, Charolotte Mason, Classical Education, Controversial Issues, Encouragement, High School , Holiday Gift Ideas, HomeSchool Events, HomeSchool Humor, Homeschooling Issues, Kids Talk, Math & Reading Help, Military HomeSchoolers, Postcard Exchange, Religious (Christian) Homeschooling, Secular Homeschooling, Single Parent Homeschoolers, Special Needs, Teen Board, Unit Study Ideas,Unschooling, & Used Curriculum which is broken down into 9 boards. New ones are added regulary, so check the main link for ones that are not included here.

Homeschooling Kids With Disabilities Message Board offers help & encouragement.

Homeschooling Texas Bulletin Board is a general discussion board for Texans.

Hutt's Homeschool Resource Club is a new message board.

Kaleidoscapes had 16 topical boards. It has closed down & the forums are still available in a read-only format. You may be wondering why I still have it linked then. That is because there is still a lot of good information in the archives that you may want to check out!

LD Online's Homeschooling Students with Learning Disabilities Message Board I think the name says it all!

Louisiana Home Education Network (LAHEN) has set up a message board. Just choose the Bulletin Board link off of the sidebar menu.

Michigan Homeschool Message Board is a friendly and inclusive forum that Michigan homeschoolers use to ask questions, discuss answers, and share experiences. Serious discussions, 'off-topic' queries, humorous anecdotes, and mindless chatter are all appreciated here.

My Homeschooling Place offers 8 message boards & a swap area. Topics include Family Room, Curriculum Lounge, The Kitchen, 'Politics-for-All' room, Teens' Attic, Childrens' Playroom, Library Room, & Movies-&-Television.

New Jersey Homeschoolers is a new message board aimed at those of us who are in the Garden State.

Oro Et Laboro formerly Catholic Scholars Online Message Board is a busy board for the discussion of Catholic homeschooling and related topics.

PA Homeschoolers Message Board is aimed at Pennsylvania homeschoolers. Just choose the Message Board link off of the index on the side.

ParentsPlace.com This area is a special treat. It is aimed at all parenting issues. It has 3 homeschooling message boards (General, Used Curriculum, & Unschooling) & a homeschool chat! If you register for the message boards, they will let you know when there is a response to your message via e-mail. You MUST register with the board to use the chats & message area!

Parent's Soup is a site aimed at families. They DO have a homeschooling message board & IRC chats. To access either of these, you must join Parent's Place. Simply fill out Join Parent Soup & fill in your name, a nickname, your e-mail address, & a password. You nickname is the name you will be known as in the discussion groups & IRC chats. Then choose discussion group & scroll down to Education & choose the Homeschooling Topic.

Patchwork Primers Message Board is a message board for users of Patchwork Primers as well as other unit studies.

Precocious and Prodigious is a message board set up for parents and teachers of gifted children.

Project Teach This is another fairly new & under-utilized board! To access the board, choose Discussion & then pick from the menu. There is even a Kids Corner for your kids to post in. To post, choose the area you want to post in & then just choose Post off of the menu at the top of the page. There is also a bibliography of articles that are recommended reading, a short list of publications aimed at homeschoolers, & they are starting an e-mail newsletter.

RAS/CLE Support is aimed at those using or interested in using educational materials from Christian Light Education, Rod & Staff Publishers, Speedy Spanish, Bechtel Books, Pathway Publishers but is open to anyway.

Robinson Self Teaching Curriculum Discussion Board is a place for those who have questions about this CD Rom curriculum. Just choose the Interactive Forum link.

Seton Home Study Message Boards are broken down into 6 topics - Kids, Older Kids (teenagers), Parents, Help! (for schoolwork help), Languages, & Suggestions (for web site suggestions). Just click on the Message Board & choose a topic.

Secular Homeschooling Help is primarily to share information about available secular materials and methods. Feel free to ask questions and offer advice.

Sonlight Forums are a series of message boards aimed at homeschoolers who are using this curriculum.

Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers, Tucson, AZ is aimed at Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers group. It's here for posting discussions and announcements.

TeacherNet offers tons of resources, including a message board for homeschoolers!

Teen Homeschoolers has a message area just for teens.


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