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Homeschooling Vendors & Suppliers on the Internet

Below are links to various suppliers & vendors on the internet. Although some of these are not aimed specifically at homeschoolers, I have included any that may offer materials that may be of interest to all including video suppliers, bookstores, etc. I have tried to include brief descriptions wherever possible. Most of these companies do offer an option to order a catalog. Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for here or on the Used Curriculum page & the Educational Software on the Internet. If one of your favorites isn't listed here, please e-mail me with the URL & I will add it as soon as possible.

You may also want to check out Homeschool Resource Guide was started many years ago on Prodigy & has just grown by leaps & bounds! The information includes online & offline resources & is broken down into the following categories: Complete Curriculums and Schools, Retailers and Vendors-General, Retailers and Vendors-Misc. Curriculum Items, Art and Music, Foreign Languages, History and Geography, Language/Phonics/Reading, Math, Science, Magazines, & Used Curricula.

Vendors A - M | Vendors N - Z (below)

Nallenart Homeschool Resources is a Canadian company that has French, music, & record keeping resources.

National Center for History in the Schools specializes in units for teaching US & World History. Grade levels run from 5 - 12 and most of the lesson books seem to run between $11 & $15.

Nasco's Internet Catalog publishes catalogs for agriculture, early childhood, nutrition, family and consumer science, health, math, science, arts and crafts, and more!

National Writing Institute's Writing Strands is the place to go to check into this wonderful writing series. You can download samples of the books, get more info by level, & order from this web site.

Nature's Workshop Plus has a large selection of science supplies, books, & curriculum!

Neumann Press republishes traditional Catholic books and Catholic textbooks for Catholic schools and the homeschooler.

New Beginnings Home School Page has information on 2 books that deal with homeschooling, Home School After Public School & Home School Through High School, both written by Kay Green.

Nikki's Book Nook (formerly The World As We Knew It - Children's Books & Educational Products) offers a selection of used books, new books from Dover & Eyewitness, info on freebies, a book club, & more!

Paleoclones is THE place to check out if you have a budding paleontologist in the house! They sell real & reproduced fossils, lessons, online news about the latest discoveries, a virtual museum, tips for starting a fossil collection, & info on paleontolgy groups and fossil clubs all over the country!

Parthenon Graphics specializes in full color, laminated banner posters of history.

Pat's Preserved Specimens has a variety to choose from. Prices range from $3 to $12. She will also trade specimens for homeschool materials!

Patria Press publishes the Young Patriots series (which seems to be similiar to the Childhood of Famous American series). If you own any of these books, they feature educator's guides online at this site.

Pearson's Learning is the name of the main company that has merged Modern Curriculum Press, Celebration Press, Good Year Books, and Dale Seymour Publications® (which also includes Cuisenaire).

Powell's Books offers over a million used, new and out of print books in stock every day!

Progeny Press specializes in materials for studying literature.

Professor B's Math Program is designed for kids from pre-k through high school remediation. There has been a lot of "buzz" about this curriculum on the homeschool message boards!

Queen Homeschool Supplies specializes in Math-U-See, Eagle's Wings materials, Grammar Key Software, educational games, materials created for homeschoolers by homeschoolers as well as living books, nature books & journals, hard-to-finds,one-of-a-kinds, and other products that reflect a Charlotte Mason approach to learning!

Rainbow Educational Services offers curriculum, advice, testing & more to homeschooling parents in Canada.

Rainbow Horizons Publishing provides theme based, teacher friendly units and lesson plans for elementary teachers.

Rainbow Resource has a large selection to choose from and is now on the net.

Rascal Raccoon is a series of Christian character building books.

Recycled Math Manipulatives offers various math manipulatives that are made out of recycled materials at VG prices.

Remedia Publications publishes materials at 3 grade levels: Primary (grades K-3), Middle (grades 4-6), Upper (high interest-low skill level ideal for 7-12 remedial / special ed.)

The Riggs Institute is best known for the book Writing Road to Reading" but also has other phonics & English materials available.

Robinson Self-Teaching Homeschool Curriculum is a set of 22 cd-roms which contains a complete course of study for grades 1 - 12. The only thing left out is the math! You can also check out ROBINSON CD & Book Company to order or to get more information on this program.

R.O.C.K. Solid, subtitled "Resources of the Christian Kind" offers homeschooling & teacher's supplies.

The Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Place offers kits, software, samples, etc. for your homeschool unit.

Rockville Creative Learning is split into 4 sections: Science Kits & Robots, Parenting Guides, Activity Kits, & the Learning Library.

Rod & Staff Publishers: Unofficial Homepage publishes Christian textbooks, storybooks, tracts, & Bible studies.

Runkle Publishing specializes in geography products.

Sadlier-Oxford specializes in secular textbooks, teacher's guides, workbooks, tests, and other supplementary materials in reading, language arts, and mathematics.

Sara Jordon's Edu-mart has cassettes, software, & games.

Saterna Music Publishing offers materials to help you learn to play piano.

Saxon specializes in math texts for all grade levels & is now branching out into phonics as well.

Science Stuff specializes in science products. They will soon be offering free activity guides & links to other science pages.

Scholastic Place has books clubs, software clubs, and more!

School Express offers a variety of educational products.

Scripture Songs has merged biblical passages with music.

Second Harvest sells new & used curriculum.

Science Adventues offers science camps, after school clubs, a catalog of science kits, & more. They currently have programs going on in the following states/areas: Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, New York/NJ/PA, Connecticut/Massachussets/Rhode Island, Texas, & Nevada.

Shamrock Hill Books specializes in history books.

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar has a large selection at very good prices!

Shurley Grammar is a very popular grammar curriculum.

Simcoe Learning Systems produces the Great Grammar series.

Simplified Learning Products offers various resources, products, & services to homeschoolers.

Skullduggery specializes in materials for the study of archeology.

Sing 'n' Learn offers various homeschool materials, but there emphasis is on music/song combos to help in memorizing/learning (i.e. Lyrical Life Science, Musical Math Facts, etc.).

Social Studies School Service specializes in books, CD-ROMs, videos, laser discs, software, charts, and posters that relate specifically to social studies topics.

Son Light Publishers specializes in maps.

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd offers biblically based curriculum materials which are a hybrid program about halfway between a Calvert (structured, thorough teacher's manuals) and a Charlotte Mason/Ruth Beechick/Susan Schaeffer McCawley; it is literature based, and unit study (historically centered) oriented.

Standard Deviants puts out videos in various topics such as biology Spanish, math, etc. They seemed to be aimed at high school level & up. You can find sample videos to watch at this site.

Steck-Vaughn Publishing Company Online is a publisher of various educational materials.

Story House Bound Booksfeatures books, video's, software, & teacher's guides for popular childrens books.

The Story Teller carries a line of felt educational products, dress up dolls, religious sets, hand puppets, fairy tales, activity books, math sets, story boards, cassette tapes, masks, and visual aids.

The Sycamore Tree has a large selection of homeschool products.

Teacher Created Materials produces supplemental resources & unit studies.

The Teacher's Store carries supplementary school materials representing over 50 of the country's leading educational manufacturers.

Teaching Tape Technology offers video tapes to go with Saxon books from Algebra 1/2 up. It is like having a teacher to go with the books. They DO NOT supply the books themselves, just the "teacher" to go along with them!

Teaching Tools is a massive undertaking of lists, worksheets, etc. commonly used by homeschoolers.

The Thinking Cap has a wide variety of workbooks, games, & activity kits!

Third Floor Publishing is a Christian company that specializes in writing & literature curriculum.

Timberdoodle has a wide selections of materials for your homeschool.

Tobin's Lab specializes in science supplies for homeschoolers.

Tony's Terrific Book Bargains carries both used & new books for homeschoolers.

Topscience offers inexpensive booklets on various math & science topics. There is at least one sample lesson from each book that you may try with each book's description.

TRISMS Homeschool Curriculum is a research based homeschool curriculum for middle and high school ages.

Trivium Pursuit Homepage has curriculum aimed at the classical approach.

Planet Troll is the home of Troll Books. This company offers a book club similar to Scholastic's & you can purchase some of their books through this web site.

Turn of the TV features games, educational activities, puzzles, & other fun things!

The Tutor offers curriculum guides for New Jersey, Sing, Spell, Read & Write, Power Glide Language Courses, Math-U-See, & used textbooks.

Tuxedo Toys offers educational games, clubs, & workshops for learning math, vocabulary, reading, writing, & study skills.

Unico offers a variety of microscopes & spectrometers.

University Games specializes in kids board & card games such as the Where in the ..... is Carmen Sandiego & BrainQuest games. If you own these & have lost the directions, they even have an area where you can print them out from.

Utmost Enterprises puts out a free Christian home education magazine, a Christian curriculum aimed at the middle & high school grades called Life Through Literature, & handmade American Girl clothing.

Valder Learning Systems has developed an affordable program for teaching your child to read.

Veritas Press offers curriculum materials for a classical Christian education.

Vicki Cobb's Kids Science Page has sample experiments from her science books such as Science Experiments You Can Eat & Bet You Can't: Science Impossibilities To Fool You.

Video Text Interactive currently offers Algebra On Video.

Visual Manna Online is a company that specializes in art lessons.

Viv Familee Games International are the producers of Flying High, a board game for learning about geography & different cultures.

Ward Hill Press publishes books on American history and multiculturalism for readers 10 and up.

Weekly Reader Galaxy is the home of Weekly Reader. There are online issues of Weekly Reader & their publications for teens as well as an area for ordering their workbooks & other products that they offer.

What??Me Teach High School Biology?? is a homeschool program that makes it easier for non-scientific parents to teach high school level biology. It includes suggestions for lab work & dissections.

Wild Goose Company specializes in science books, kits, & posters.

Wordsmith is the company that purchases Jenson's Grammar & Journey Through Grammarland. They also publish books on writing, vocabulary, & punctuation.

World Language Resources offers books, videos, software & more used in the study of over 700 languages!

World of Reading offers foreign language materials at or below retail.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like to add, please feel free to e-mail me!


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