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Homeschooling Chats on the Web

Chats give you a way to network with other homeschoolers in real-time and, in some active ones, you can find people there a lot. There are several chats on the web, that I know of, that you can access through your web browser. As I find or hear of more, I will post them. If you have a group of friends that you would like to chat with, there is at least one server, that I know of, who will allow you to start your own room.

If you do a search at Yahoo Clubs Home Page, using the search term "homeschool," you will find 122 clubs as of 3/2/00! Each club consists of a message area & chat.

Classical Christian Homeschooling Newsletter Page offers a free, online newsletter, e-mail loop, & chat room.

Eclectic Homeschool Online's Chat is brand new!

Emmanual Center Chat Room is a general homeschooling chat room.

The F.U.N. Place (Families United on the Net) is an excellent family site which offers a homeschool chat on Thursday nights from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. Just scroll down the page for more info.

Home's Cool includes a message board, general chats, scheduled chats for adults & kids, used curriculum, & more.

Homeschool Central has both a regular web chat & a Java web chat. You can go there anytime or drop in for one of the scheduled meetings.

The Homeschool Page Chat is aimed at homeschoolers of young children (younger than 7 years), language-impaired or learning-disabled children. All homeschoolers are welcome however. Check the schedule for times & dates. You will also find the times & dates in other countries available to!

Homeschool Quest has an easy-to-use interface. Just click on the chat link, enter a name, password, & e-mail & you are ready to go!

Hutt's Homeschool Resource Club is a new chat site. Just hit the enter link & register.

New Jersey Homeschoolers is a new chat aimed at those of us who are in the Garden State.

ParentsPlace.com This area is a special treat. It is aimed at all parenting issues. It has a homeschool message board & a homeschool chat! If you register for the message boards, they will let you know when there is a response to your message via e-mail. You MUST register with the board to use the chats. You can either try to connect up with homeschoolers in one of the general rooms or you can connect with them through a scheduled homeschool chat. There is even a chat area for kids!

To access the chats, choose either then General chat area or the Special chat area. There is a choice in each of these to register. Just follow the directions & they will e-mail you with the final step. Then you have access. In the general chat area, I think that most of the homeschoolers hang out in the Mom's Place Forum. The scheduled chat is on Tuesdays at 3 pm EST.

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