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I started researching my family history about three years ago. Most of my information has come from family. A person who has been a big contributor for the Heisler tree is cousin William Heisler.Without his help I would not know as much as I do today. I have also received plenty of information from doing web searches. There are many great places out there with tons of information. You just have to have the patients to dig for it!!

Visit the link below for a nearly complete listing of my family tree at Family History Tree Maker. Don't be shy, if you find a link to your family here, email me to exchange more information.

To search any of my pages use the Ctrl key and the letter F(it does not have to capital). This will bring up a search box, type in what you are looking for and click find next. This will work in any web page. I find this a great time saver when searching very long documents on the web.


Other Surnames In My Family Tree
Buchanan Conner Davis Giacchi Hill Hodge
Just Malone Martin Nanney Owens Shehan
Sims Smith Tomalesky Wardle Whiston Wise

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Carlin Cemetery, Carlin, Nevada
Rebekah American Legion City Old

The Carlin Cemetery is broken down into four different sections. This is one cemetery. The land in the cemetery was purchased by different groups, American Legion, Rebekah, the City of Carlin and the original cemetery, which is called Old. By sectioning the cemetery like this, it should help in the down load time as they are rather large. I started this project this past summer with the help of a print out from the City of Carlin. Some people have their parents, and where they were born listed. This information came from the City of Carlin.

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whiteball My Family Tree at Family History Tree Maker
whiteball Hodge Family Web Site

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