Nov. 3, 1997
Dear Yossi,

This page is all about YOU! I know how special you are, but now I want other people to also know. I would have loved to do this with you by my side, but right now you are in the hospital fighting off a fever!
You don't remember this story, but you have heard it so often, you think that you remember it! When you were about 2 1/2, you knocked on our bedroom door. Papa said, "Who is it?", and you answered, "Yossi." We said, "Yossi who?" and you answered, "Yossi Perry, your grandson." It was so cute, and we still tease you about that today.
I'll never forget the time after Goldie was born, and I was so tired from having a new baby. Goldie was crying, and I think that I had fallen asleep. I didn't hear her cry, so you carried her down the hall, and brought her to me! (Don't forget, you were only 2 when this happened.)
Do you remember how much you used to love policemen and firemen? You would dress up like a fireman all the time, using your raincoat, firehat, and what everelse you could find.
Hah, who will forget how "well" you performed in choir? When you were in preschool, you just layed down on the stage, and wouldn't sing. Then later, in kindergarten, you talked during the whole performance. (Whoops, was that you or Goldie?)
I would have to say that the most inspiring thing that I have ever seen you do was saying "Thank you" to the nurses after struggling to put in the IV, or to Dr. Dunn after she performed the bone marrow and spinal tap on you. I personally don't know if I could thank someone for causing me pain. And yet, there you are, showing me the right way.
I know that right now, things seem a very tough. But I hope that by sharing these happy memories, and showing you how special I feel (and know) you are, that you will continue to work on getting better. I know that it is hard, but I love you so much!

I will add more to this letter as I have time. So will Papa, and some of your friends. pps-Do you know how many people say that your smile lights up the room when you come in?

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