Nov. 3, 1997
Dear Leah,

I just read the update, and the letter to Yossi. Leah, you write very well, and I'm sure it's therapeutic to put those thoughts down.

I enjoyed your letter to Yossi. I remember best his first visit to Los Angeles when he was just a baby. He crawled around on the floor and tried to eat a Backgammon man while I was playing with Uncle Eddie.

When I came to Richmond to visit, I was driving a big rental car, and Yossi was sitting in the backseat, which was like a large couch. I could see him in the rear view mirror. He really didn't know me very well. He suddenly said, "Grandpa Franklin!"

"What, Yossi?"

"When I grow up, I'm going to have a beard!"

"That's great, Yossi!" It really made me laugh, cause I imagined this cute, sweet little boy with a long black beard.



I want to go back.