Ari, Yossi, and Eitan
Dear Yossi

Although to you it probably seems so long ao that this picture was taken, however to me it's as if it was just such a short time ago. The picture was taken at Lubavitch center at Purim just before your 3rd birhday. The funny thing was that neither your mom or Ari's mom and I had discussed what you guys were going to dress up so it was coincidental that you all turned up as fireman. It seems that you and all the other guys wanted to be fireman in fact Eitan still remembers the party that you and Avrummie shared when the real firemen came with their fire truck and everyone climbed all over it and had such a great time.

Yossi you are such a special guy, always polite and respectful to all adults. Even now when you are fighting to beat this terrible disease you are such a menche. I know that your Mom and Dad are so proud of you as is everyone who comes in contact with you.

My prayer for you is that you will grow to be a fine young man that I may tell you of the amazing family that you have. You will of course already have realized that for yourself by then although hopefully the specifics of these terrible days will be a faint memory.

It is not so hard for me to understand what kind of person you are becoming when I watch your Papa and the gentle caring way he takes care of you and your siblings.As for your Mom, her consuming quest to find out everything about Leukemia and all the options that are available to you is absolutly incredible. For both of them the dignity that they cloak themselves in as they cope with what is every parents nightmare makes my heart ache for the pain they are in as they watch you suffer. Your grandparents are shining examples of the best kind of bubbe and zayde a child can have. For years I have watched them and the wonderful relationship they have with you and your siblings. They are always there when ever you need them whatever the situation. Many times I have wished that my chidren would have even half the grandparents that they are.

Tomorow many members of the community will fast in your name so that Hakodesh Baruchu will grant you a complete refuah shlama. In addition people are praying and and saying tehilim on your behalf. Yossi I know you are so tired of dealing with chemo, spinal taps and the like. I know that you long for the day that you might run and play ball again with your friends, but now you must fight with everything that you have and banish Lukemia from your body once and for all.

May it be Hashem's will that you live to see 120.


Jackie Kahn & Family

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