{A note from mommy- We originally thought that the transplant would take place on Jan. 21. It will take place, G-d willing, on Jan. 23, 1998}

**Picture to come soon.....** I will be going into the hospital this Sunday or Monday. I will start radiation and chemotherapy. The chemo is high dose, and also the radiation. My counts will begin to drop. Finally, on day 0, Jan 21, I will receive my new bone marrow, Im Yirtzah Hashem (please G-d). Hopefully my body will accept it and not get Graft Vs. Host Disease (GvHD). That is when the body fights off the new bone marrow. Gradually, my counts will start to rise, and I will get more strength. When my counts reach a thousand, I will probably be able to go home. BUT.... that could take up to around 2 months. I will have to go back to the bone marrow transplant clinic around every 3 days. I will need medicine to bring my counts up. And then hopefully, I will join you in school next Sept. (And live a more normal life!) I will have a special number that you will be able to call me at, and leave me a message. I am also trying to get a video phone, so I will be able to keep in touch with you all! I will be allowed to have visitors during the first week. After that, my counts will drop, and I could be affected my any little bug. You can also continue to get updates from my web page.
Please fast a half day fast for me on the 21st. Thank you.
Yossi Chaim Paley

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