Color flows

Corneli lace

buttercream icing

rolled buttercream

royal icing

I use a lot of words in describing my cakes that are "cake terms". Here is a small dictionary to help you with the terms.

Color flows – royal icing that is thinned down with water, and formed into a picture. You outline the picture with thicker icing, and then thin the icing down. It flows out of the bag filling the area. After it dries, it is lifted off the wax paper, and set down on the cake.


Corneli lace – is a thin line that curves around, up, down but never crosses over itself. It is very time-consuming to pipe it properly.


Buttercream – a soft icing made from part butter (or margarine) and shortening. I use only shortening to keep the icing pareve (not dairy).


Rolled buttercream – similar to fondant. It’s strechy so it’s rolled out. The cake is first covered with a very thin layer of buttercream icing, and the rolled buttercream is laid on top. The rolled buttercream is sweet and very pliable. You can also mold roses out of them.


Royal icing – a hard icing that keeps virtually indefinitely. It is usually made with egg whites, although meringue powder is available. It is used mostly for flowers and color flows.


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