We recieved the most beautiful letter from the donor. Here is a copy of the letter...

January 22, 1998

Dear Parents,

As a father of three and a step-father of two, I can only barely understand what you are feeling at this time. I have been very, very fortunate. My children, all teenagers, or in their early twenties, have been healthy. While I have felt the pain of a parent for a sick child, I have not had to deal with the anguish I can only imagine you feel.

I have thought about writing this letter to you for the past few weeks. I am usually able to place my thoughts on paper; and yet I do not know what to say. You and your child have been in my mind for weeks. But my mind has not been filled with words, rather I am overwhelmed with feeling. Recently my wife shared something with me. She told me that at times when words do not come easily simply say "my heart goes out to you." This is one of those times when this simple phrase will have to suffice.

Please know that your son and you are in my thoughts, my prayers, and in my heart. I only wish I could do more.

Your friend

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