CLICK ON THE LETTER TO READ IT. Look over my shoulder, as Dear Abby would say, and see the letters people have sent me. I don't want to put a ton of them up, so please forgive me if I didn't put a letter that you sent me. My friend Judy is doing an amazing thing for me. She is putting every email I got together into a book for me to keep forever. (Please note that I did not edit any of the letters. Some of them are written by kids, so excuse the typos.)

Joan(2/28/01) Avraham Moshe(2/28/01) Camp Simcha Counselor(3/5/01) Bency(3/5/01)
Michelle(3/5/01) Jill(3/5/01) Shmuli(3/5/01) Sharon S.(3/5/01)
Diana(3/5/01) Charlotte(3/5/01) Fradi(3/5/01) Ruby(3/5/01)
Ari Hoch(3/6/01) Sharon E.(3/6/01) Irene(3/6/01) Matis(3/6/01)
Esty(3/6/01) Debbie(3/6/01) Carl(3/6/01) Tzipporah(3/6/01)
Shmully(3/6/01) Kathryn(3/6/01) Linda(3/6/01) Karen(3/7/01)
Jessica(3/7/01) Lisa(3/7/01) Sherry(3/7/01) Orly(1/10/01)(3/7/01)
Lorie(3/7/01) Yehudis(3/7/01) Anne(3/7/01) Cindy(3/7/01)
Avrumi F.(3/7/01) Mary(3/7/01) Tzipora F.(3/8/01) coming soon


Pat(3/11/01) Anna Lee(3/11/01) Doug(3/11/01) Bob(3/13/01)
Shmuely(3/13/01) Aryeh(3/14/01) Jackie(3/15/01) Sarah Devorah(3/16/01)
Susie(3/16/01) R' Zeilingold(3/18/01) Dovie(3/19/01) Simone(3/19/01)

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