(This counselor didn't put a name, but the email is Riva83@aol.com. If you email me your name, I will gladly fix the end of the letter!-L)

Dear Mrs. Paley,

I was lucky enough to work in Camp Simcha this past summer and watch Yossi smile. He was always having fun and doing the right thing. One time we were both washing and I turned to him and told him to play a joke on his counsolor, Ari. I suggested maybe a water balloon under his pillow so when he lies down it would pop and Ari would get all wet! He gave me that "Yossi smile" and said something like this," I can't do that to Ari! He's too nice to me and i like him too much!" Even the idea of playing a trick on someone he knew would laugh at it, bothered him. Yossi is a very special boy. His midos are to perfection. He obviously observed his parents and other role models carefully to become the amazing person he is. I will continue to daven wholeheartedly for only the best for Yossi because that is what he truely deserves.

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