(This letter truly speaks for itself!-L)

Dear Leah,
I don't know you and I feel like I want to write. My name is Chaya and am living in Eretz Yisrael. I am also an oncology nurse and both my daughter and myself have been bone marrow donors. A good and special friend of mine has been asking me questions about Yossi without me knowing his name. Concurrently my next door neighbor has been sending me emails to doven for Yossi without me knowing that there was any connection between the two. Just now I discovered the connection and I began to read your website. Leah, may Hashem give you and your whole family the strength to continue on the path of chozek, chizuk and love that I see in your writings. As you so very capably said. It is not for us to understand the ways of HaKadosh Baruch Hu and may you have miracles and brachot during this difficult time , and always. You are doing an incredible and wonderful job and I wish I could meet you and help you in any way. Bracha and Hatzlocho and Refuah Shlaimo Amen

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