(Ruby is a wonderful woman [who is so modest she will deny this]. Her husband is the rabbi of the conservative synagogue here in Richmond. Ruby has been a friend of mine for a while.)

Dear Leahleh, Michoel, and kinderlach,
It is 1 in the morning. After reading your last entry earlier this evening, my heart filled with love and sadness for you and Yossi. Even HaShem cries for the frailty of the human body. But it is the neshama that soars to magnificent heights. With all my faith I believe that Yossi is lovingly watching over you there. He, like so many valiant fighters of devastating human diseases, is waiting and watching over you with love. My Emah, also fought a valiant fight, and when my Abba said to the four of us that "This isn't your mother, this isn't her," I wanted to argue. Then a few moments later when I heard my shtarke father say to my beloved Emah, "it's okay. You fought hard and long. It's okay, you can rest now. We understand you are weary. It's okay to let go now.", I understood what he meant and we felt her sigh, even in her coma, and she quietly passed away. This is a terrible moment for anyone losing a loved one. My mother used to visit the children's cancer ward when she was in the hospital for cancer treatments. Eventhough she was a very young mother with four very young children when she first got cancer, she always worried about the children in the hospital. She was a scrapper and a fighter. I know that heaven will be a place where my Mom, my children's Sabba,Bubby and all of our loved ones will take gentle and eternal care of Yossi. The joy and light that Yossi gave you, his siblings, his friends, and community will always shine. He is a special neshama put on this earth and touched many hearts. I will share with you an act of random kindness that occurred on behalf of Yossi. I had my kids in my youth group write a large card. I rolled it up and brought it to the shipping place in Willow Lawn. When I asked him how much it would cost to ship next day, he said $ 60.00 I didn't' have that kind of money at my disposal and disappointedly asked the other prices for different deliveries. Unbeknownst to me, a gentleman entered the store while I was talking to the shipper. He said, I'll pay for that. I was so humbled, that I couldn't' speak. He wouldn't give me his name, just his company. I copied his name off of the shipping label afterwards and will send a thank you to him and his company. I felt overwhelmed all day, and I believe the Shehinah was a bit closer to earth that day, and spilled over to all my thoughts and deeds that day. I spoke to all my children that day and told them what was in my heart. We are thinking of you, and send our love to you and the mishpacha.
Ruby & CO.

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