(Another great letter that really needs no introduction.-L)

Dear Leah,
My name is Michelle Engelhart i live in maryland, and i know Mo Sherman and i am a great family friend of the Lessons (if you know them) i heard about Yossi a little while ago and i havent been able to forget about him since, i daven for him everyday and i cry for his life.It puzzles me why things like this happen to people, let alone childern. At least he can not feel pain, which in a way is great and in another i just want him to not have any pain to feel. You and your husband should be very proud that Hashem blessed you with such a mentally strong child, he is holding on to his life with a very strong soul, that does not want to return to shamaim anytime in the near future. I would like you to know that your son, Yossi, has changed me as a person, he is my inspiration. I now see the world and life from a completely different perspective. Your letter to Yossi moved me very much, i do not beleive that i have ever cried on behalf of anyone besides my beloved grandparent ( whom have all passed on, except 1) you have opened me to emotion and love and i hope with all my heart that Yossi is able to recover. Hashem Yishmor Alaycha I'al Mishpachotaicah, Hashem should watch over and guard you and your family from any evil. I can not imagine what you are going through and I want you to know that you are one of the best role models that i have ever looked up to, you are remaining strong through all of this, and i hope Yossi has rifuah shilayma, i will continue to daven for him and say tehilim and do mitzvot for him, I am only 15 yrs old but if there is ANYTHING i can do please e mail me and let me know. Leaving you with all my luck, love and hope.


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