(This woman shares many of the feelings I have been trying to convey through my writings.-L)

My son Jesse and I have been reading your heartfelt and heart wrenching words and can only thank you for allowing us to be a part of your hopes, your sorrow and to have the gift of being part of praying for the sparing of your sons life- as a mother I feel each of your words challenging me to cherish every moment of my childrens lives- I want to scream to them how lucky they are and how much they need to appreciate every breath they take- as a nurse practitioner I can only hope that all of us learn from you what the people we see really need from us past our medical knowledge- your ability to "move mountains", your tenacity your fierce belief in G-d- your courage and that of each member of your family causes me daily to thank G-d for having people like you in this world to show the rest of us how life should be lived- how love should be shared- how family is the foundation of each of us- how much value each human being has in this community- the courage of your son is incredible- the depth of your love for each other is beautiful- with deep respect, all our support - Jill and Jesse Tarr

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