(I love the letters I got from the kids and counselors in Camp Simcha.-L)

Dear leah and michoel , i am writing to you as a friend and as an admirer of yossi( HASHEM SHOULD PLEASE GIVE HIM A REFUA SHELEMAH) . eventhough i only know him for a short but yet meaningful and very special amount of time he had made such a strong impact on me. i didnt have much to do with him in camp but i did have the pleasure of sharing a few days with him on the disney trip and even sharing the same cabin as him. he is such a super sweet kid and the picture you have of him smiling on the website is the same vivid picture i have of him in my head from the disney trip. he is an ever -smiling kid. i remember when ari , his counselor, gave him a little present each night of the trip how thankful he was and how much he apppreciated it and that room -filling smile he had each time he recieved a present from ari. i just wanted to let you know how much i gained from being around him those few days and how much he enjoyed the disney trip. i can vouch for him that he enjoyed the trip immensly and he didnt stop smiling that beautiful smile im sure you know a lot better than me. i remember saying goodbye to him on the bus when he got off to go to his terminal and the feeling i had inside of me that i was going to miss him so much and i remember i had a great time talking and sitting with him on the bus rideto the airport. regretably , i didnt keep up with him on the phone and didnt get a chance to speak to him since the trip but im sure his face was glowing when he got home from the trip. i really really miss him and kick myself for that wonderful oppurtunity i gave up , and now i see how important it is to do something when you still have a chance to do it however yoseif chaim will be in all my prayers for a complete recovery and with the help of hashem i wont be kicking myself for giving up such an opportunity. i hope this letter brings you some relief that so many people know yossi as i do ,as such a warm kind funloving and most of all happy kid. you should be proud to be parents of such a special child . i know these are very difficult times for you and i can never imagine being in it but i can imagine your pride of having such a GREAT KID. so stand tall ,be proud and forge ahead in these difficult times. we should only hear good news and share good times. wishing yossi a quick and comlete recovery and a refuah shelemah bkarov. im also going to try to daven and learn better in the merit of Yossi's recovery

Shmuli Unger

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