(Joan is my neighbor from down the street. Her son Yonaton was Yossi's first friend here [back in '89 when we first moved to VA], and they have been best friends ever since. Top that off with a close friendship that Joan and I have for each other. We are almost like sisters in our ups an downs (seems I get more of the downs Joan! ;-) -L)

I can't begin to imagine the immense pain you and Michoel are in, and have been in for so long, even during all of those months when the threat of a relapse was hanging over your heads. Yet the two of you have held things together, have stayed a unit and have taken such good care of all of your children. All of us make mistakes as parents, but few of us, B"H go through the trials that you two have been through and are going through. And yet, again, you have shown what INCREDIBLE parents and people you are, going to unbelievable lengths to make everyone as comfortable as possible through this ordeal, giving your younger kids as normal an environment as you could and at the same time, giving 100% to Yossi in every way. He knows this, he knows that there is always some loving relative with him if he feels scared, knows that you all are doing everything possible for him, and he can see your positive attitude towards everything, and it all has a healing effect on him.

He is, as I've said so many times before, an extaordinary person, and he's been given an extraordinary test from Hashem. We will continue to daven as hard as we can for him and think about him all throughout the day. He is coloring so many peoples' lives, just as he does when he is not so sick. Not just anyone has this effect on people. Yossi is such a gift. We should all merit to have him with us and healthy for many years to come.

Speak to you soon.
Love, Joan

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