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Dear Leah;

Leah, I was thinking of how strange life is and how we as humans find ways of connecting, and how we all find love at the very center of all our existence. I came to know you...and your beautiful son, through my friendship with your father. I may not have known you nor Yossi, if fate had not made that series of moments happen. All we have are moments. Moments to connect with each other. Moments to love each other. Yossi has given you and your husband and your family...and the thousands that have connected with him on his website...moments that will be permanently a part of our combined souls...forever.

Some, may live to be a hundred and not touch one other human being. Yossi has touched thousands...with his purity, with his courage, with his total love of life. With his joyous smile which is the clearest expression of the happiness that is at the center of his soul. He has touched all of us...connected all of us in prayer, in love, in the goodness that must somehow be at the beginning and end of everything. We, combined in our thoughts of him, make a strong voice. Some have names to their God, some do not. Some of us have lost our faith a long time ago...and hope to find it again. Some, never had any. But your son, and his bright spirit has connected all of us in these moments. Our combined prayers for a miracle. We have begged, and bargained, and searched our souls for an acceptable answer to such pain and loss. But maybe the miracle has already happened, maybe it...is him...his existence, his example, his heroic bright spirit which has brought all of us together in an act of love. Love for him. Yossi has become part of all of us now....

Leah take your strength from Yossi's example now...be strong and see him through these remaining moments. You, your husband, your family, your faith...must help guide him now. Keep talking to him, your voice, your husband's, your family's...all our voices of love can give him the solace and strength he needs. You must banish his fears...even if you must hide your own.

Love to all....


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