(Sharon's kids all go to our school. You can see from her letter what stories like ours do to other cancer families. If you are lucky enough not to have been touched by cancer, you will not understand this horrible umbrella of fear that hovers over our heads at all times. It is always there, like a black cloud. Even if your child is doing well, as Yossi was last summer, that fear was in the back of our minds. And we know from the end of our story that the fear is not unfounded. If you know of a cancer mom, and she mentions this fear to you, don't ever poo-poo her. This is a part of our lives. [I don't mean to preach, just to educate.]-L)

Dear Leah,
I have been reading the site regularly and have kept positive thoughts for Yossi and your family that you will all come through this intact. I only hope that years from now you will be able to look back on this black time as just a very bad memory while you dance at Yossi's wedding. This is my hope for you. Harmony, Abbey and Ben likewise are keeping good thoughts for Yossi. There is a woman I work with, Jen Ryan whos son TJ also has Leukemia. She remembers Yossi from MCV. She is keeping close watch on Yossi's website and also hopes that everything turns out happily for you all. I know that following your journal has her scared to death that one day she could be facing this same situation....I pray for her that she never knows what you, Michoel and the children are going through. I have sooo much respect for your strength and tenacity. I don't know that I would be able to fare half as well if G-d forbid I was walking in your shoes. You are an incredible human being. Harmony wants me to send a special hello to Yossi. She knows that he may not be able to understand but she wants you to know that she's thinking of him. Abbey sends hugs out to Goldie...she really misses her "partner in crime" in the classroom. She says it's just not the same without her there....(no drama). And of course Ben, he just says hi to everyone.He's taken to remember to wear his tzitsit (spelling?) more often in hopes that his davening at school and his wishes for Yossi's recovery will be heard loud and clear. Just wanted to let you know that we're all thinking of you and wishing you all the best!
Sharon (Ellis)

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