(As I was looking through Yossi's email one day last week, I found this letter. It is a shame that Yossi never got to read it. Matis is someone that Yossi really adored. They met at the Disney trip in '98, and Yossi was planning on going on the Israel trip with Matis this past Feb. When Yossi relapsed, I told Ellen Weiss that one of the things that bothered me most is that Yossi wouldn't get to go on the trip. Ellen said they would make it up to Yossi, and boy did they. They took him down to Disney right before we went to MN, and truly gave him the time of his life.-L)

dear yossi,
i'm sitting hear writing this letter to you as tears come to my eyes. yossi you are without question one of the most amazing and special people i have ever known. over the last two days as i have been davening and learning with all my heart for you to have a refuah shlama. your a person with so many zchusim. i sat there amazed this summer as i watched you bring tramendous simcha to the other kids in camp. you did a better job then the counslers. with your great sesativity and understanding you gave to others who were going through simmilar experiences. yossi,your smile lights up everyones day. a smile that seems to remain no matter what path life takes you. if anyone deserves a miracle it's you. love always,
matis miller

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