(Esty is one of my friends from way back in high school. -L)


Dear Leah,

I finally found your website for the first time! I think about you everyday, and pray for the speedy and miraculous recovery of Yosef Chaim ben Breindel Leah. We daavened at the Ohel, in the Rebbes Room. The schools here in Los Angeles are all saying Tehillim. Anyone who's birthday it is - and their Mazal shines very strong - I have asked to daaven for him. We are dedicating our big Purim gathering with over 200 people to Yossi, and we'll be giving out Neshek, and shalach Monos in his merit. I will call my brothers and sister tomorrow and ask them to dedicate all their activities this week to Yossi. Tomorrow we have released time for Jewish public school children. They will give Tzedaka for him and say his kapitel Tehillim. We will do the same on Wednesday with our Hebrew school children. May Hashem answer all the thousands of prayers, and millions of good deeds that Yossi has brought about and bring him a miraculous speedy recovery in a revealed way. NOW! NOW! NOW!. May we have the Geula now and put an end to all the pain and suffering

Love, Esty Begun
Los Angeles, Calif.

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