(This one is really powerful. Carl has a way with words.-L)

Dear Yossman, AMUS"H

You and I never got to meet in person because when my family came from Yerushalayim to visit your Mommy and your siblings last summer, you were off having fun at Camp Simcha. But I have heard so much about you from your Mommy that I feel like I know you anyway, and I'm pretty sure you know who I am too. You may know that I have a son who is almost the same age as you who also went through a rough period, so I understand what you and your Mommy and Poppa are going through. It's not easy....

Your Mommy wrote you a beautiful letter the other day, and I hope that BE"H one day soon you will get to read it. Your Mommy and Poppa are really worried about you, because that's what Mommies and Poppas are supposed to do. But you have something very special right by your bed, and I think you should try to get that something special to help your Mommy and Poppa out.

Do you remember learning Parshas VaYechi in school? Do you remember what was over Yaakov Avinu's bed and over the bed of every person who is not feeling so well? That's right Yossman. It's the Shchina. The Shchina is hovering over your bed as I type this letter, and It will be hovering over your bed when your Mommy reads you this letter. Hashem is so close that if you try, you can actually feel Him. You can talk to Him. You can ask Him to make you feel no pain even without all the drugs. You can ask Him to give your Mommy and Poppa strength to deal with whatever lies ahead. You can ask Him to say yes to all the tfillos that are being said for you all over the world. You can even ask Him to give you the biggest bestest Lego set anyone ever had!

You're a special kid Yossman. Because you're under Bar Mitzva, you don't have a single aveira on the books. But because so many people have said so many tfillos to Hashem for you, you have tons and tons of mitzvos, like a pomegranate has seeds. Hashem has used you to get lots and lots of people out there to daven and to daven hard. And that's why you can ask Hashem to do anything you want.

So go ahead and ask Hashem for everything your heart desires. Just make sure to remember to also ask Him to make Mommy and Poppa real strong.

Your friend in Yerushalayim,


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