(These are some of my friends from back in high school and seminary. Ora, Tzipporah, and Aviva all came down to be with me when Yossi passed away. [The other friends mentioned, Chani had surgery the day before the levaya; and the other two live too far away to come. They were with me in thoughts, though.-L)

I know that you don't have time to read this but I have to write anyway. We all check the site the whole day waiting for news. we called all the schools to say tehillim. I sent out letters about Yossi and pictures from the site to everyone I know. Leah your pain is our pain. every time the phone rings we all get the feeling in our stomachs. Every time I see a letter from your Mom I am scared to open it. Ora and I were on the phone the whole day with Chani, Esty, Miriam. Everyone is calling each other we all feel so much for you. I read your updates to people that don't have access to the web and they and I are in tears the whole time. We talk about flying out to be with you but Ora said you don't want that. As I said before your pain is our pain. We don't really know Yossi. You are our friend a long time and that bond will always be, no matter what ... just know that Leah. We are here for you and we share in your tzoris. May we share in Simchas. Love, Tzipporah and Ora

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