(Avraham Moshe is a friend of Yossi's from school. He is a few years older than him (14), but in our school, that doesn't make a difference.-L)

hello mrs paley,
well im probably not the one u would expect to be writing u after all i wasnt particularly close with ur son. he was a friend though and i read ur updates every day. i do appreaciate being able to see how he is doing though and on behalf of the richmond community i thank u for writing it even though im sure its very hard for u. when i think of the agony that u and the rest of ur family must be going through right now i grimace and whenever i think about the incredible amount of pain yossi must be going through right now i feel a certain anger also. the truth is ur right. y should yossi have to go through this? what DID he do in his life to deserve this? yossi was a sweet boy. i knew that ever since i by accident hit him in the face with a plastic baseball and he was still nice to me about it. i also remember how u didnt make me feel bad about it also. (dont get me wrong i still felt terrible but it could and would have been worse if u werent the paleys). but i wanted to let u know that whenever i read ur updates and see the total and utter strength that u and ur family show and when i see the total and utter bitachon ur family still shows in the Creator it inspires me. thats right. u and ur family can even inspire a 14 year old boy. well i just wanted to tell u that i really appreciate the stregth u have given me without u even realizing it. i also want u to know that its adar, a month of mazel for the jewish people. a month in which haman tried to destroy ur but we he was unsuccesful. and now the malach hamvas is knocking at the door but it will be VERY difficult for him to get in bc its adar. and bc everyone who knows about him is davening for him. yossi continues to fight and the richmond community as well as everyone else continues to help him in this battle. i still have him in my prayers. i try to have him in every shemonah esreh that i daven and i have him in mind during tehillim. mrs paley and the rest of the paley family and yossi lets keep on fighting and with the help of the ribono shel olam we will win. WE WILL WIN! yossi ur strong and i cant even imagine the pain ur going through but i want u to know u r stronger than me and that is very obvious with the way u and ur family are handling this situation. the fact is ur stronger than any of the guys i know right now. and u have already gone through more than i could even imagine going through for the rest of my life. u radiate inspiration for everyone who knows u. keep fighting yoss man. bye bye.

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