(Kathryn's son Brett was Yossi's room-mate back in October when he first relapsed. The boys hit it off since they were both the same age and had the same interests. Brett and Yossi were both dx around the same time, and they both relapsed around the same time. Thank G-d Brett is doing well [and I hope he continues to do well]. Several people have written to me that they have seen Yossi in a dream.-L)

Dear Leah,
Please know that I am with you in spirit. I feel the need to share with you a dream I had two nights ago. I actually saw Yossi, well, beautiful and happy. I woke up crying and knew that no matter how this ends here on earth Leah, God is with him and will always take care of him. His will may not be known to us in this life, but there is no doubt your wonderful son is a blessing and a gift from his beloved Creator. You are always in my prayers.

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