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Hi Leah and Michaol
I just received this answer to an e-mail that I sent last night to an old family friend who is a Reverend in a church in England. I thought that you should read what he wrote to me first hand, instead of me taking little bits out and passing them on to you. Stay strong both of you...... remember.... You are NOT alone!!!!!
Much love

Dear Anna,
I have just got back from Mass where Yossi was very much in my thoughts only to find the news that you have sent in your Email. I am so sorry. Please send my deepest sympathy to Yossi's Mum and Dad.

I wish I knew how to answer your question: Why? I wouldn't want to give any slick answer to such a profound question at such a profound moment in any one's life. I know my own mother spent years trying to make sense of my younger brother's death at the age of 7 when he was riding on the crossbar of his friend's cycle only to crash into a wall where he took the full force of the impact. Even then he wasn't killed but spent several weeks in hospital while the surgeons tried to repair the damage but in the end it was the dreaded blood poisoning that killed him. Anyway one day my mother went to church which was unusual for her in her sorrow. She heard a priest talking about bereavement and he said, "Try to think of G-d gathering flowers from his garden for we are his flowers. Would you pick only the old and the mature flower heads? Wouldn't you take some of all the flowers, the young ones as well as the the more mature?"

Anna, it made sense to my mother. It doesn't satisfy me. It may help your friend or it may not.

Will write later. Love and prayers for all of you. At least Yossi will be happy and able to celebrate his Bar-mitzvah with all his family and loved ones in Heaven. We are the losers. We haven't got there yet.

With love. xxxxx

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