(Lisa has got to be one of the most selfless people I know. She gives of herself, and has become a good friend. I am truly privledged to have met her. -L)

Dear Leah,

There was once a Rabbi (it could have been the Chofetz Chaim... but I don't recall from when I first heard this story), anyway-This Rebbi was in his study meeting with a woman. One of his students came in the study, and told the Rebbi he was needed in the Bais Hamidrash. The Talmid noticed that the Rebbi was crying, although he could not see the face of the woman he was meeting with. The Rebbi shooshed the Talmid away and the student left. A while later, the Talmid came back and again the Rebbi, still crying, motioned for him to leave.

After a long while, the Rebbi and this woman came out of the study, and the woman thanked the Rebbi profusely for all he had done for her. She was overflowing with gratitude and appreciation. The Rebbi then went to give his shiur to his Talmidim. On the way, he ran into the one student who had interrupted his meeting with the woman. The student asked his Rebbi, "What was the problem that the Rebbi meeting with this woman about that made him so upset?" The Rebbi simply said he did not know. The student asked again why she was so distraught. And again, the Rebbi said he did not know what her exact issue was about. Then, he explained, that this woman came to him for advice and consolation for a problem. But, she was so overcome with emotion from the moment she entered his study, that the only thing she could do was cry. She never did say one word about the actual problem. He continued to explain that seeing her like that simply made him cry with her. And so, together, they both cried. The Rebbi's empathy and sense of compassion was all she needed at that moment. And for that, she was thankful.

Leah, my heart and my eyes cry with you, and your husband, and family. There are no words.


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