(Pat was one of the wonderful nurses who Yossi had for dialysis. She was so kind, and came up to us on his last day here in this world to kiss him and us goodbye. G-d Bless You Pat!-L)

Hello Leah and Michoel,
First, let me tell you that I found Yossi's web site today and read your update. I am so very sorry that there was nothing more that we could do for Yossi. I never knew him as a person; I never saw him as a child, free of the encumbrances of medical care; and I never heard him laugh. I feel cheated and very sad.

I have never been so moved as I have been by observing the devotion of your family and friends to one another, to the two of you and to Yossi. Your support system is comprised of loving family, friends and acquaintances. May they be there for you all the days of your lives.

Thinking of you all,

Pat Jacobberger, R.N.
Dialysis Unit

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