(Every time I read this letter, I cry. It's from Orly's husband, Doug.-L)

Dearest Yossi,
We just got the word, so I know you won't read this, but I know between hashem and your mom you will receive the message. Yossi, I want you to know that Ari loved you. He kept everything inside these last few weeks, but we knew he was hurting. He wasn't eating or sleeping well and you know that's not Ari. You have left us to such a tough world Yossi, and we could have faced it so much better with you. You were destined to lead us and in your brave struggle you made sure that you left us a part of you that will always lead us. As I dropped you off the night before you left Richmond you said "see you in a couple of months Mr. Lewis". I must now believe that you were already starting to be on Hashem's clock where our years are but seconds to him. And that G-d willing the lonely years with out you will pass like seconds until the coming of Moshiach when we will see you again. In your pain you made life easier for us in that you have brought us so much closer to that day...
Doug Lewis

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