(I recently recieved an update from Lorie. The little girl mentioned in the letter was able to get the same medicine that Yossi got. I hope it works for her, and Lorie promised to keep me posted. -L)

Hello Leah,

Here is an accomplishment regarding your postings on the internet....I am Justin's mom (7 year old boy, dx w/ALL in May of 2000) and I have a friend whose daughter also has ALL, but she is being treated at a different hospital here in Atlanta. At the hospital where Rachel (my friend's daughter) goes for treatment, they have become friends with another family whose daughter has ALL.

This little girl's name is Bethany. Bethany relapsed a few months ago. Her parents are rather docile about doing research, etc. and in trying to find anything that will help Bethany. Well, this week she developed a fungal infection, and the docs have given Bethany only a 10% chance of making it. I told Stacy about your postings, especially the ones regarding getting the new, anti-fungal medicine for Yossi a few days ago. Stacy has given the information to Bethany's parents, in hopes that the same medicine will help Bethany. Stacy at one point asked me why I was keeping such a close watch on your postings, given that I am dealing with a child with ALL as well, and it is hard to hear of the tough times, even for others. I said yesterday that perhaps the reason I was reading them is that in this way, we found out about the medicine that could help Bethany. So, see your postings may help another child with ALL to get through her fungal infection, or to rest a bit easier.

In another strange twist, my son Justin and Stacy's daughter, Rachel were both on the ChaiLife Disney trip this past January, when Yossi was there. It is a small world, isn't it? We have another friend Ann, whose son, Adam is 12 and was on the trip too. He would probably remember Yossi as they are the same age.

You have done a mitzvah yourself, without even realizing it. I hope the news of helping Bethany brightens your day a bit, even with all you are dealing with there. I am still praying for Yossi and your family. Take care, and don't give up hope.

Warm Regards, Lorie

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