(This is an incredible letter. I still get chills when I read it.-L)

In my place of work at IDT we have a Bais Medrash for employees to daven and learn as there are many orthodox jews working here. As I went to the Bais Medrash at 2PM to recite Tehillim Psalm 13, I encountered one of the company employees who is blind. His name is Lavi. He went blind three years ago after surgery to remove a brain tumor. He is truly a remarkable individual. I told him about Yossi Chaim and asked him to say the psalm together with me as I feel that his prayer must be very dear to Hashem. Together we recited the psalm with great fervor asking Hashem to grant Yossi a refuah sheleima.

Afterward, Lavi took out two dollars and asked me to place it in the "pushka." I took out two dollars of my own as well and walked toward the bima where several pushkas were out in advance of Purim. The very first one I chanced upon had the name of the organization written on it in large letters. It was for "Od Yosef Chai." [This means "Yosef still lives". It's a charity in Israel which helps needy children. There are big campaigns in schools around the US right before Pruim to raise money for Od Yosef Chai.-L] I was blown away by the seeming coincidence of just having prayed for Yosef Chaim and then giving tzedakah in his zechus to a charity with the very same name proclaiming that Yosef still lives!

Dear Leah and Michoel, always know that no matter what happens, "Od Yosef Chai." What you together with Yossi have done to bring people together in faith, chessed, prayer and love will live on forever and will be an everlastng zchus for Yosef Chaim ben Breindell Leah.

We all continue to pray for a "nes" and refuah sheleimah for the sweetest holiest boy in the whole world.

With love and tears,

Avrumi Farber

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