(Tzipora's son-in-law is a childhood cancer survivor. I have a picture of Yossi with R' Menachem in our photo gallery. This letter shows how Yossi was able to "reach out" while he was lying on his death bed.-L)

Dear Briendle Leah and Michoel,

I have just come home from praying at the Kotel. I wanted to be there when it was 9:00, our time, to say Yossi's tehillim,13. I asked several women at the Kotel to say it, as well.I felt like a "basket case", myself, running up to these women, who I did not know, to tell them about Yossi and ask them to pray. They all were very eager to say it. I went up to a young lady, who was just sitting by the Kotel, watching everyone else. I asked her if she would say the Tehillim, and she asked me, "Could you tell me what Tehillim are and why do people say it?" We got into a lengthy discussion about who wrote Tehillim and the effects it has on our lives and others. I waited while she used my Tehillim to say the pereq. She was from Scotland and was in Israel for a few weeks, and at the end of our conversation, she promised she would come for Shabbos next week. All in the merit of Yossi! She told me that at 9:00, the women in her bus had said 13 for Yossi. She remembered the name. I then saw Tziporah Heller, and she told me she had already heard about Yossi and that a whole group of women had said Tehillim for him. I know this is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the rest of the people who are davening for Yossi in all parts of the world. What a special Neshama he is!

Love, Tzipora Ferszt

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