The text is all in Hebrew. I will try to translant line by line.

Line 1:Pay"Nun, here rests (it's on every Jewish headstone)
Line 2:Haykir yeled, dear boy
Line 3:Yosef Chaim
Line 4:ben Michoel Dovid HaLevi (hey, you can read Hebrew!)
Line 5:Nissan 27, 5748, his birthdate
Line 6:Adar 16, 5761, his death
Line 7:ben yud-bais shanah, 12 years old
Line 8:taf nun tzade bais hey (again, these letters are on every Jewish headstone) which stand for-Tehai Nishmato Tzrurah Bezror Ha Chayim, May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life
Thank Lisa Cohen who helped me with the translations. (by the way- the translater & possuk finder is my friend Daniella Topp)

I know that this shot is long, but I was trying to get a shot of the thing at his feet. I guess this is the marker the cemetary puts that says who he is. I just had his name and dates on it.